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Sources of Datebooks?

First off, you can see a list of books and a list of other sources I culled the facts from at this page Datebook Sources Also check some out from the library and read more about the people and other related stuff.

Most of the sources come from many reputable sources. Not everything agrees with everything, so to make a long story short, the dates and ages are arbitarily chosen by the most sources agreeing with that particular age, which may be the wrong age in many cases. Can't we all just get along and get the facts straight?

If you have corrections to make, please tell me about it, and tell the authors who wrote some erroraneous facts to correct them.

The purpose of these DFS Today in History pages is to not only serve as an entertaining look at how history shaped up in one day, but to also encourage people to get a book and read more about it.

Reading is fundamental, so pick up one of the books I listed below and read more about the bio and achievements of the person, find out any related data for the hit that came out, and other stuff. You'll even see stuff I have no use for such as TV shows that bombed so bad nobody remembered them or unnotable events that don't ring a bell.

Nothing wrong with watching TV, mind you. TV bashers take note that TV can too make reading interesting if there are books matching the hobby of TV, movies, celebrity scoops, and music. There, the TV watcher can learn more about the people, subjects, music, and other culture involved along with TV watching. Look for related subjects according to the subject you're interested in and read more about them. Reading can be fun too, just choose the fun stuff, be it some background on a movie or the chronology of World War II.

By making reading the subject they're interested in, they can relate to what they are exposed to. Don't make a seven year old kid read in the league of William Shakespeare or Mark Twain yet, their excellent works are too dry for young developing minds yet, so let the kid read some books along the lines of what they enjoy doing or seeing on TV. Read along with the kid and discuss what the book is taking about and how it relates with the kid's interests. If a child is not interested in the subject, he won't bother to read it unless he ties it to something related to their interests.

For further reading, I recommend that you look for some of these books I listed below in your local bookstores such as Bookstar, Barnes and Noble, Waldenbooks, Crown Books, your local libraries, used paperback bookstores, and mail order. Libraries may also have them. Addresses are given below where possible, so you can ask for a catalog. Call it free PR.

Morning radio personalities often use these books for program material for their local radio programs, trivia buffs and browsers get lost in the facts flowing from year to year, librarians use them for bulletin boards and displays, game shows use them for questions and answers, etc.

If you need more facts, all you have to do is get the books. Please do not e-mail me to buy my computer database. Selling of any pages you see in most web sites such as mine are prohibited. I'd like to publish a book someday, but to clear the hurdles to get them printed is too much work for me.

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