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TV Channel Lineup

KWONN (IND) The One To Watch
KWONE (IND) The One To Watch
KZBSN (ZBS) Zubba's Broadcast System
KTIAC (IND) This is a Channel?
KYEHA (IND) Hillbilly, Cowboy and Western Channel
KTWOO (IND) Super 2 Superstation
KWWTS (IND) Why Watch This Stuff?
KJUNK (XYZ) Junk To Waste Your Time
KMBCT (MBC) Must See Network Broadcast Company
KFOUR (IND) A Channel 4 You
KBSBL (IND) Channel 4 Baseball
KWOLF (WOLF) Wolf Broadcast Company
KWYSD (IND) Just Filling Up Channel Space
KABCD (ABD) Alphabet Broadcasting Company
KTNWW (WC) TV Not Worth Watching!
KXYZN (XYZ) XYZ Broadcast Company
KQZJW (ABD) You Can't Pronounce Our Calls!
KBALL (IND) Eight Ball Corporation
KJQXZ (ZBS) Call Letters Hard To Remember
KWTSI (IND) Whatever This Stuff Is We Air
KWWGN (UPB) World's Weally Great Television
KBBNN (BBN) Baloney Broadcasting Network
KLWCW (MBC) Like We Care What You Want To See
KTOAD (WC) The WC Network - Real Junk For Real People
KITTY (BBN) Meow Broadcasting Source
KFPVC (IND) Free Per View Movie Channel
KNACS (WOLF) Not Another Crummy Station
KLWCW (UPB) You Pee Broadcasting Network
KPXUR (IND) Channel Serving Nobody In Particular
KTLMD (TLM) Spanish Language Programming
KPSBN (PSB) Public Supported Free Network
KTIBS (IND) The Stupid Station That Is B.S.
KWYED (IND) Another Channel Not Worth Watching
KNASC (IND) Not Another Stupid Channel
KPAYC (PAY) Pay Movie Channel
KTWON (IND) Just To Program Stuff
KFNNN (IND) Financial Screws Network
KPACC (IND) Local Public Access Channel
KWAYN (IND) The Weird Al Yankovic Channel
KAPSS (PSB) Another Public Service Station
KDRDN (IND) Yet Another Demented Channel
KRTON (IND) Junk Cartoons
KSPFE (IND) Stuff Passing For Entertainment
KCRAP (IND) Crap All The Time
KTVSN (IND) 24-Hour Sports On a Real TV Station
KWGED (IND) Dramas and Other Boring Stuff
KXGWR (IND) Talk and Other Matters
KFMLY (IND) All Family Sitcom Channel
KZXQJ (IND) Real TV You Wouldn't Believe
KJKLM (IND) Flintstone Channel
KSHOP (IND) Informercials Just to Pay The Bills
KROCK (IND) Rock Videos and Stuff
KHIGH (IND) The Highest Channel That Stinks


F! Foul Language TV
NT Nobody's Talking
BMC Bad Movie Classics
CAN Car Alarm Network
HSLC Home Shop Lifting Channel
MFC Manson Family Channel
DRS Dressing Room Surveillance Camera Network
EAS Etch-a-Sketch Channel
FPN Furby Prayer Network
DSN Dyslexic Spelling Network
IHC Inaccurate History Channel
EDIS EuroDisney Channel
SLC Slow Learning Channel
EPNS Entertainment Programming Network of Sports
VH-8 Videos with Veggie Drinks
AEIOU A and E and I and O and U Network...and sometimes Y
PPS Pay-Per-Second
MTVD MTV Dinner Channel
SCRT Small Claims Court TV
TTNT Tina Turner Broadcasting TV
SICK Sickelodeon
PCT Prime Cut Ticket
OPN Obscene Puppet Network
AMCR All My Children Reruns
DISCO The Disco Channel
MSNBCNMOUSE Too Many News Channels Merged into One and Hosted by Mousketeers
BRP Burpo
TRN The Redneck Network
CRY Crying Central
IL Indoor Life
GAL Gal Vision
BW BayWatch 24/7
CBN Cable Booze Network
PCC Police Chase Channel
PUX Hockey Pucks Network
AX Murders Weapon Shopping Network
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