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TV Died Articles: The Police Chase Channel

As posted in the USENET newsgroup la.general

From: "Big Daddy"
Subject: Police Chase Channel - New LA Superstation - Diet 9 News
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 23:30:37 -0800

Diet 9 News Release

Diet 9 News, the one-calorie newscast, has announced the Police Chase Channel....

Due to the four police pursuits we have watched in Los Angeles this past week, three in the last 24 hours (one semi, two five tons and a pickup truck/minivan combo), Diet 9 News will devote all of its resources to covering police chases, as it happens.

Diet 9 Team Coverage means that we will pull off of beach house damage stories, live remotes from the Federal Roybal building, or the latest Ginbsberg News Conference. We will cover the chase, "From Dispatch to Impound, to all of Southern California...."

Diet 9 viewers will be allowed priority service to call LAPD Dispatch, claiming they saw the suspect with a gun, to give officers advice (shoot the tires out) in which dispatchers will dutifully relay information to overhead air units.

Diet 9 anchors, such as P Harvey, will proclaim intimate knowledge of police chase procedures, and will correctly, misidentify all agency logos and frustrate all scanner enthusiasts (who can tell an agency from the numbers on top a police vehicle, as well as the number of antennas)

The Diet 9 Newschat will also allow viewers to send emails directly to pursuing officers MDT's, and created live chat sessions with incident supervisors. Diet 9 anchors are also pursuing a Live Vote section, to answer real-time if officers should employ spike-strips, fishtailing or blocking traffic manuevers, active vs. passive pursuits, and allow team coverage participants to rate the chase on technical and artistic merit, compared to others covered that week.

Diet 9 News is an equal opportunity, team-coverage, employer. You don't need any knowledge, just a good head shot.

The closed captioning of this news release was sponsored by The New Club, recommended by law enforcement the world over....


Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 22:50:25 -0800
From: "Michael B. Stone"

The LA Police Chase Channel would be a great idea for many reasons...

-- You could view a local TV newscast (if you really wanted to) without the whole newscast being pre-empted.

-- You might find some in-depth coverage, like answers to the questions which are never answered such as: What happens to car-chase perps in the courts? Last I heard the cross-town carjacker had $100,000 (IMHO low) bail.

From: hercwad@aol.com (Herc Wad)
Date: 13 Feb 1998 17:13:05 GMT

Here are some ideas on what to have on this new channel:

---A play-by-play and colorman during the actual chase.

---Instead of being treated to just a bird's eye view from a helicopter, co-op with CHP to mount "chase cams" with live feed on cruisers to see the pursuit from a driver's perspective.

---A corollary to the first suggestion: the telestrator.

---Have a panel discussion of cops and ex-pursuit perps to review the week's past police chases and say what they would/wouldn't have done.

---Make money by selling prime footage to other stations, so advertising wouldn't be necessary.

---Make it a cable station available nationwide, so we could see what people do in other parts of the country.

SoCalTIP, Southern California's Comprehensive Transportation Information Page: http://socaltip.lerctr.org

From: "Ken M."
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 20:01:05 -0500

What a terrific way to increase crime in your area! Now all the losers will go out a hi-jack a car, so they might be the next "STAR" of the police chase channel.



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