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TV Died-Thursday Night

6:00 PM

6:30 PM

7:00 PM

7:30 PM

8:00 PM

Aloysius McBarber--Dramedy
Buffy the Oil Company Baron Slayer--Camp Thriller

8:30 PM

9:00 PM

Ghost Cops--Crime Drama
Wayouts Brothers--Comedy
Star Trek: The Pepsi Generation--Science Fiction

9:30 PM

Will and Grace--Comedy
The tables are turned when Will suddenly realizes he's straight and Grace is gay.
Jamie F-xx--Comedy

10:00 PM

L.A. E/R--Medical Drama
Doctors deal with gritty emergency-room crises and a host of personal problems while running a lucrative private practice in sunny California on the side. The good news: Roger Cross and Peter Benton duke it out after they can't agree on which one is more emotionally repressed but touched by a loved one's health problems. But the bad news: Dr. Carter hits on Dr. Sarah Church -- and spends May sweeps dancing with a midget in the Black Lodge.
Dateline Trek: Voyager--Sci-Fi Newsmagazine Adventure
Dateline boldly goes where no magazine has gone before...aboard the Starship Enterprise as the correspondents Len Cannon, Victoria Corderi, Bob Costas, Ann Curry, Steve Daniels, Dawn Fratangelo, Ed Gordon, David Gregory, Chris Hansen, John Hockenberry, Sara James, Hoda Kotbe, Josh Mankiewicz, Bob McKeown, and Keith Morrison begin work as recruitments for the crew of Captain Kirk, Spock, and Bones in space exploration. They begin interviewing everybody, but Bones McCoy declines saying "Dammit, I'm a doctor, not a journalist!"
The X-Files--Sci-Fi Drama
The agents search for a man who possesses the ability to upsell french fries at fast food restaurants.
Witness!--Crime Drama
Star Drek: Annexed Variation--Science Fiction Space Opera
Ensign Yo wins a prize for becoming the one millionth crew member to say, "You wanted to see me, Captain?"(thanks to John Giudice)

10:30 PM

11:00 PM

11:30 PM

Dick Clark's Rockin' Adam and Eve--Music

12:00 MID

12:30 AM

0:00 AM

0:30 AM

1:00 AM

1:30 AM

2:00 AM

2:30 AM

3:00 AM

3:30 AM

4:00 AM

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