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Fast Food Fish Reviews (Finally getting updated for 2017)

These tests were paid for by me and none of the sandwiches were paid for by anybody. These fish sandwiches named above are what you will get when you buy them at the restaurants. Your taste may vary.

Carl's Jr. Red Hook Beer-Battered Fish Sandwich (revised April 17, 2017)

Price: $3.59. Special price: two for $5

Pros: Cod fillet, light tartar sauce, lettuce was not shredded, tomato, and no cheese.

Bonus: available in a low carb version with extra lettuce substituted for buns

Cons: no onion, no pickle. Update breading of the patty is very heavy.

Fish fillet is moist, juicy, and not greasy. Portion is medium size in width and length with plenty of flavor. Update The fish patty, however, upon closer inspection, was discovered to be about 40 percent fish and 60 percent breading. I measured the thickness of the patty after cutting it in half and measured the fish meat itself with just 1/4 inch in thickness and the surrounding bread batter for a total of 3/8 inch in thickness. Upon discovery of this disturbing fact, I have reduced the grade of Carls Jr.'s from an A- to a C. Hey Carl's Jr., what's the deal with 1/4 inch thick fish meat patties that are mostly bread. Yucch. I'll go somewhere else or make my own fish sandwiches without the breading.
Grade C.
Here is the actual patty measured with a ruler. The patty is about 1/2 inch thick but has just 1/4 inch thick fish meat. Meat patties should have 1/2 inch thick meat. This bread isn't going to fill people up. What's the deal with thinly sliced meats?

Long John Silvers' Fish Sandwich (April 14, 2017)

Image? You don't want to see what it looks like.

Price: who cares?

Pros: Nothing.

Cons: No tartar sauce, heavily breaded, severe greasy flavor, no lettuce, no tomato, no onion, no pickle. Bun is bland. No low carb option.

I tossed the buns out. I removed the greasy breading from around the fish. The fish was a bit greasy.

In short, it is the worst fish sandwich that can possibly be made!. If Long John Silvers' intended to never reach higher than the septic tank in quality, they succeeded.

Grade F-.
Sidenote: Even McDonald's Filet O'Fish sandwich is more decent than this load of crap!

Arby's Crispy Fish Sandwich (Mar 9, 2017)

Price: $3.99. Two for $5.

Pros: Prescence of tartar sauce, lettuce (though shredded), flavored bun, no cheese.

Cons: Heavy tartar sauce, no pickle, no onion, no tomato. Low-carb version could be available but not advertised with any signs. Lettuce was shredded.

Not much better than most of the other fast food fish sandwiches reviewed. At least the bun had flavor and was light compared to that of Jack's, which was heavy and Wendy's, which was bland.

Grade C.

Rally's (or Checkers in some areas) Deep Sea Double Fish Sandwich (Mar 5, 2017)

Price: $4.99.

Pros: Moderate tartar sauce, lettuce (though shredded). Two fish fillets, both juicy and not overbreaded. Sesame-seeded bun.

Cons: No tomato, no pickle, no onion, prescence of cheese. Low-carb version could be available but not advertised with any signs. Lettuce was shredded.

This is the only place I can get a double fish sandwich among all of the fast food restaurants. Rally's used to be all over San Diego county in the 1990s, but this one in El Cajon is one of the remaining few still in the area. The buns were firm though too much bread for my taste. Replacing the cheese with a tomato, pickle and onion would have added flavor that would taste closer to that of a double hamburger, only with fish.

Nutrition Facts: Calories: 570. Calories from Fat: 290, replacing the cheese would have lowered it down. Total fat: 33 grams, again replace the cheese with a less fat trimming. Saturated fat: 9 grams (a bit high). Sodium: 980mg, too high. Total carbs: 52 grams (replace the buns with lettuce to lower the carbs). Protein: 17 grams (might be too much for one meal for some people). Sugars: 8 grams. Would have beaten Carl's Jr's single fish burger if it weren't for these nutrition facts.

An idea: buy one Double Fish Sandwich, split it in half for a lunch for two, and add your own vegetable trimmings to boost the flavor.

Grade B.

Burger King Big Fish Sandwich (Mar 4, 2017)

Price: $4.39. Was $3.19 when I reviewed it in 2011. Promo is two for $5 at some locations.

Pros: Moderate tartar sauce, lettuce (though shredded), pickle, no cheese. Fillet is juicy and not overbreaded. Egg flavored bun.

Cons: No tomato, no onion. Low-carb version could be available but not advertised with any signs. Lettuce was shredded.

The egg flavored bun added some taste, but again, this is Burger King. Make it a Fish Whopper by adding the same trimmings you add for the Whopper. Tomatoes and onions would be great on it. I would give it an A if it had those, and an A+ if it had all those wrapped in lettuce instead of served in a bun.

Grade B.

Wendy's North Pacific Cod (Mar 3, 2017)

Price: $3.69.

Pros: Moderate tartar sauce, lettuce was not shredded, pickle, no cheese, fillet inside is a bit on the dry side due to over cooking.

Cons: Bun was soggy and bland; I threw it away. Fillet could be moister. No tomato, fillet is over breaded, no onion. Low-carb version could be available but not advertised with any signs.

Overall, just another mass produced uninspiring fish sandwich.

Grade C+.

Jack in the Box Fish Filet (Mar 1, 2017)

Price: $2.99.

Pros: Moderate tartar sauce, lettuce (though shredded), fish filet is moist, crisp, and not greasy, and no cheese.

Cons: Bun is bland and dry, no tomato, lettuce is shredded, no onion, no pickle. Low-carb version could be available but not advertised with any signs.

Overall, it's a bland and boring sandwich.

Grade C.

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