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Volume Measurements

So how many ounces are in pints, quarts, gallons, etc. How many cups can fit in a pint. We have the answers.

1 gallon holds 4 quarts, 8 pints, 16 cups, 32 gills, 128 fluid ounces, 256 tablespoons, 768 teaspoons or 46,080 drops.

2 quarts hold 4 pints, 8 cups, 16 gills, 64 fluid ounces, 128 tablespoons, 384 teaspoons or 23,040 drops.

1 quart holds 2 pints, 4 cups, 8 gills, 32 fluid ounces, 64 tablespoons, 192 teaspoons or 11,520 drops.

1 pint holds 2 cups, 4 gills, 16 fluid ounces, 32 tablespoons, 96 teaspoons or 5,760 drops.

1 cup holds 2 gills, 8 fluid ounces, 16 tablespoons, 48 teaspoons or 2,880 drops.

1 gill holds 4 fluid ounces, 8 tablespoons, 24 teaspoons or 1,440 drops.

2 fluid ounces hold 4 tablespoons, 12 teaspoons or 720 drops.

1 fluid ounce holds 2 tablespoons, 6 teaspoons or 360 drops.

1 tablespoon holds 3 teaspoons or 180 drops.

1 teaspoon holds 60 drops.

Now, let's reverse it. A smaller unit is what fraction of a bigger unit?

2 quarts is 1/2 gallon.

1 quart is 1/4 gallon.

1 pint is 1/2 a quart or 1/8 gallon.

1 cup is 1/2 a pint, 1/4 a quart or 1/16 gallon.

1 gill (4 fluid ounces) holds 1/2 cup, 1/4 a pint, 1/8 a quart or 1/32 gallon.

2 fluid ounces hold 1/2 gill, 1/4 cup, 1/8 a pint, 1/16 a quart or 1/64 gallon.

1 fluid ounce is 1/4 gill, 1/8 a cup, 1/16 a pint, 1/32 a quart or 1/128 gallon.

1 tablespoon is 1/2 fluid ounce, 1/8 gill, 1/16 a cup, 1/32 a pint, 1/64 a quart or 1/256 gallon.

1 teaspoon is 1/3 tablespoon, 1/6 fluid ounce, 1/24 gill, 1/48 a cup, 1/96 a pint, 1/192 a quart or 1/768 gallon.

1 drop is 1/60 teaspoon, 1/180 tablespoon, 1/360 fluid ounce, 1/1,440 gill, 1/2,880 a cup, 1/5,760 a pint, 1/11,520 quart or 1/46,080 gallon.

For those who dare to go further up!

1 peck holds 2 gallons, 8 quarts, 16 pints, 32 cups, 256 fluid ounces, 512 tablespoons, 1,536 teaspoons or 92,160 drops.

2 pecks (a kenning, an obsolete unit) hold 4 gallons, 16 quarts, 32 pints, 64 cups, 512 fluid ounces, 1,024 tablespoons, 3,072 teaspoons or 184,320 drops.

1 bushel holds 4 pecks, 8 gallons, 32 quarts, 64 pints, 128 cups, 1,024 fluid ounces, 2,048 tablespoons, 6,144 teaspoons or 368,640 drops.

For Metric Fans

one litre is approximately 33.8140226 American fluid ounces.

one litre is approximately 35.195079 imperial fluid ounces.

one American fluid ounce is approximately 1.04084 imperial fluid ounces. An imperial fluid ounce is smaller than an American fluid ounce.

one litre is equal to one cubic decimetre, 1,000 cubic centimetres (10cm to the power of three), or one/one thousandth of a cubic metre. One thousand litres, or one kilolitre, is equal to one cubic metre.

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