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Easter Celebrity Birthdays

Celebrities Born on Easter 1940-1999

Over the past centuries, Easter has been celebrated on various dates of the calendar depending on use of the Gregorian (after 1582) or Julian calendars that determine the range of Catholic Easter dates (for Gregorian) or Orthodox Easter dates (for Julian).

Up through the year 1582, Easter was celebrated using the Julian calendar. When the Gregorian calendar went into effect in October of that year, the first Easter using the Gregorian calendar (Catholic) was moved ahead to be closer to the actual start of the Spring (or Fall in the Southern hemisphere) season instead of waiting until what is now early April on the Greogiran dates that correspond to the Julian calendar.

For this page, we'll use the Gregorian Easter dates.

Each year, Easter falls on a different date, as it is a floating holiday. There are people born on an Easter Sunday, or course, in a given year.

A few notable celebrities were born on an Easter Sunday, which makes them Easter babies, and theoritically celebrate their birthdays twice: one on the actual date they were born, and the other on an Easter Sunday.

What follows is not an exhaustive list of celebrites born on an Easter Sunday. This is done by hand and is not a computerized list, so excuse me if there are some inaccuracies in this short list. Not all Easter dates below have a known celebrity birthday as I type this on Easter Sunday in 2019.

All are extracted from my sister website Mega Birth Chronology with celebrity birthdays in chronological order.

One day I'll write a computer program that will find the celebrities born on dates earlier than 1940, but this will have to do for now.

24th March 1940

Count Fleet

13th April 1941

Richard Williamson

5th April 1942

Allan Clarke, Peter Greenaway, Anita Pallenberg

25th April 1943

Tony Christie, Pierre Akendengué

9th April 1944

Emil Stucchio, Gene Parsons

1st April 1945

Heather Young

21st April 1946

none that I know of

6th April 1947

John Ratzenberger ("Cheers"), Tony Connor

28th March 1948

Sam Lacey, Dianne Wiest, Elvera Roussel, Janice Lynde, Gerry House, John Evans, Milan Williams

17th April 1949

Paul Thomas, Monroe Eley, Carol Willis

9th April 1950

Nathan Cook

25th March 1951

Maizie Williams, Janice Raymond, Tomomi "Jumbo" Tsuruta, Bob Pelander

13th April 1952

Sam Bush

5th April 1953

Andy MacPhail

18th April 1954

Kim Stone

10th April 1955

none that I know of

1st April 1956

none that I know of

21st April 1957

Jesse Orosco

6th April 1958

Dianne Brill

29th March 1959

none that I know of

17th April 1960

none that I know of

2nd April 1961

Christopher Meloni, Buddy Jewell, Karen Jane Woodward

22nd April 1962

Russ Morman

14th April 1963

Meg Mallon, Cynthia Cooper, John Bell

29th March 1964

Elle MacPherson, Jill Goodacre, Catherine Cortez Masto

18th April 1965

Diana Villegas, Sylvia Villegas, Vicky Villegas

10th April 1966

Neil Smith

26th March 1967

none that I know of

14th April 1968

Jesse Levis, Anthony Michael Hall

6th April 1969

Patrika Darbo, Andy Harmon, Brian (Basketball) Williams, Bret Boone, Ari Meyers, Paul Rudd

29th March 1970

none that I know of

11th April 1971

Vicellous Shannon

2nd April 1972

none that I know of

22nd April 1973

Christopher Sanders, Scott Fields, Christopher Sabat

14th April 1974

Da Brat

30th March 1975

Brian Zonn -- b.3/20/1975 or 3/30/1975? Bahar Soomekh, Toby Gowin, Tim Hawkins

18th April 1976

Kevin Rankin, Sean Maguire, Melissa Joan Hart ("Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Clarissa Explains It All, Melissa and Joey, No Good Nick")

10th April 1977

none that I know of

26th March 1978

Stephen Williams IV, Pablo Schreiber

15th April 1979

Luke Evans, Cassandra Lynn, Cooper Barnes

6th April 1980

Matthew Thomas Carey

19th April 1981

Catalina Sandino Moreno, Troy Polamalu, Hayden Christensen ("Star Wars movies")

11th April 1982

none that I know of

3rd April 1983

none that I know of

22nd April 1984

Michelle Ryan

7th April 1985

Rachael Duncan, Ben McKee

30th March 1986

Sergio Ramos, Tessa Ferrer

19th April 1987

Joe Hart, Courtland Mead, Maria Sharapova

3rd April 1988

Tim Krul, Kam Chancellor

26th March 1989

Von Miller

15th April 1990

Emma Watson ("Harry Potter films")

31st March 1991

none that I know of

19th April 1992

none that I know of

11th April 1993

Marcus Johns

3rd April 1994

none that I know of

16th April 1995

Samantha Char Seger, Poppy Lee Friar

7th April 1996

none that I know of

30th March 1997

none that I know of

12th April 1998

none that I know of

4th April 1999

Ava Emmanuelle Bellows
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