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Davesfunstuff Music!

Dave's Fun Stuff Music has just been redesigned for 2014! Here's some of the music artists you can find there:

The Allman Brothers Band
The Animals
Gene Autry
The Beach Boys
The Beatles
Chuck Berry
Blood, Sweat and Tears
David Bowie
Jackson Browne
James Brown
The Byrds
The Cars
Johnny Cash
Ray Charles
Eric Clapton
The Coasters
Phil Collins
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Bo Diddley
Doobie Brothers
The Doors
Fats Domino
The Drifters
Duran Duran
The Everly Brothers
Fleetwood Mac
J. Geils Band
Grateful Dead
Guns N Roses
Bill Haley and The Comets
Hall and Oates
George Harrison
Jimi Hendrix
Buddy Holly
Billy Idol
The Jacksons
Jan and Dean
Jefferson Airplane
Joan Jett and The Blackhearts
Billy Joel
Elton John
Kingston Trio
The Kinks
Kool and The Gang
Led Zeppelin
John Lennon
Huey Lewis and the News
Little Richard
Living Colour
Bob Marley and The Wailers
Paul McCartney
Roger Miller
Steve Miller Band
The Monkees
Oingo Boingo
Ray Parker Jr.
Pearl Jam
Tom Petty
Pink Floyd
Robert Plant
The Platters
The Police
Elvis Presley
Smokey Robinson
The Rolling Stones
Bob Seger
Paul Simon
Rick Springfield
Bruce Springsteen
Ringo Starr
Rod Stewart
Stray Cats
The Strokes
The Supremes
Talking Heads
The Temptations
Tina Turner
Van Halen
Stevie Ray Vaughan
The White Stripes
The Who
Edgar Winter
Steve Winwood
Stevie Wonder
ZZ Top

For over 300 music artists, please visit Dave's Fun Stuff Music.

DFS Pages!

The Del: Dave's Entertainment Library

Dave's TV Show Library

Celebrity Ladies

DFS Actors - search for some actors or scroll through a list of some of my favorite movie actors.

Dave's Video Arcade - play some video games.

Books and Random - some lists of books by subject.

DFS Comedy - Comedy videos, books, and albums of greats such as Marx Brothers, Rodney Carrington, Jeff Foxworthy, Weird Al Yankovic, George Carlin, and many more.

HD Radio - the store returns after a three-month break.

DFS Amazon Store - the DFS store on DFS is relaunched.

Toon TV - animated television shows.

Songs Search - search for your favorite songs and music artists.

Dave's Video Search - search for DVDs and video on demand features.

Today in History/Celebrity Birthdays

Today in History - the subdomain.

Davesfunstuff DVD includes the History Chronology containing hundreds of events on a day in history, with over 4,000 events spanning 366 days.

Today in History Info is information about the books and audio CDs related to today in history and celebrity birthdays.

Billboard Albums is a collection of albums put out by Billboard Magazine

Basic Today in History is a list of celebrities born on a day in history, as well as up to 27 events in this abbreviated version. The DFS Today in History CD has hundreds of events for each day.

Dementia Today in History is the same thing as above, except that it includes only dementia celebrities and events in history, plus, This Dave in History.

Today in Rock History is a feature from the now defunct Arrow 93 radio station in Los Angeles.

This Dave in History is what happened with David Letterman's late night shows on a date.

Holiday Almanacs has been online since 1996 and includes the holidays for each day of the year. It also includes suntimes for several major U.S. cities.
Holiday Almanacs 2013,
Holiday Almanacs 2014,
Holiday Almanacs 2015

World Suntime Almanacs is totally redesigned. Now with over 2,600 cities worldwide! Each of the pages are divided into sections for the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia, and other regions and states.

Mega Celebrity Birthdays a2z has been online since 1996. It has over 50,000 celebrity birthdays online.
Mega Birth Chronology,
Mega Death Chronology

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