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The David Tanny Social App Network

As you can see, Facebook is making you see less of my posts and Twitter has gone right wing wacko, censoring posts. You know where to find me in case these two websites upchuck and die. Download the apps and search for me under the names listed.


Tribel--davidtanny2023 is an upstart social network. Find me doing most of my posts there!

MeWe--davidtanny isn't used much and was a promising alternative to Facebook!

Mastodon--davidtanny is where George Takei is found, and was touted as an alternative to Twitter!

Spoutible--davidtanny2023 is yet another Twitter clone.

Tumblr--davidtanny isn't used much. Might post more often soon.

Linked in--davidtanny is a professional social network. Not much goofing around there!

Instagram--davidtanny2021 is mostly a pictures site.

Threads--davidtanny2021 is mostly a text site.

Facebook--dtadams2022 is my friends page on Facebook. I use it mainly for the groups and pages.

Facebook--davidtanny is my family page on Facebook. I don't post much there.

Twitter--davesfunstuff is there just for the heck of it.

"David Tanny" is no longer on Twitter/X

You won't find me on TikTok, Google Plus, Geocities, Angelfire, Xoom, Acme City, Fortune City, Inside The Web, Reddit, Whatsapp, Compuserve, Delphi, AOL, Prodigy, The Globe, ICQ, Hotmail, DFSXRadio, CTSNet, Friendster, Myspace, Earthlink, Juno, Napster, Netscape, or even Mosiac.

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Mixcloud--dtadams2022 is where you can listen to The ISGD Independent Music Podcast and other shows.

The ISGD on Tribel isn't easy to find, but search "The ISGD Music Podcast" to find it!



MeWe-"The ISGD"

The Ed Zingity Shew Group on Facebook

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Twitter--daniellakw2023 had a gender change and is now Daniella Kaye Williams after coming out in 2023 as a pangender.

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