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Hall of Fame Today in Birthdays and Deaths by Age for October 28

Last Updated 04-13-2024

🏆Jim Beatty -- is 90 in the year 2024 and 91 in the year 2025; b.10/28/1934
Hall of Famer, Track and Field
Misc: ran first sub 4-minute indoor mile

🏆🏀Leonard R. "Lenny" Wilkens -- is 87 in the year 2024 and 88 in the year 2025; b.10/28/1937 N.S.
Hall of Famer, NBA Coach, NBA Player, Olympic Athlete
Misc: He was called 'Lefty' as star passing and scoring guard player. Had two Hall Of Fame careers, one as player, one as coach; 7,211 career assists, 5,030 rebounds, 17,772 points; MVP of 1960 NIT as Providence guard; MVP of 1971 All-Star Game; coached Seattle to NBA title in 1979; Coach of Year in 1994 with Atlanta; 9x NBA All-Star, SuperSonics #19 retired
Sports Teams: St. Louis Hawks (1960-1968), Seattle SuperSonics (1968-1972), Cleveland Cavaliers (1972-1974), Portland Trail Blazers (1974-1975), Seattle SuperSonics (coach 1969-1972), Portland Trail Blazers (coach 1974-1976), Seattle SuperSonics (coach 1977-1985), Cleveland Cavaliers (coach 1986-1993), Atlanta Hawks (coach 1993-2000), Toronto Raptors (coach 2000-2003), New York Knicks (coach 2004-2005)

✍🎭Susan Harris -- is 84 in the year 2024 and 85 in the year 2025; b.10/28/1940
Hall of Famer, Writer (m), TV Producer (m)
TV Shows: Empty Nest, Nurses, The Golden Palace, Hail to the Chief, It Takes Two, I'm a Big Girl Now, Soap, Benson, Golden Girls

🎭🏆Caitlyn Jenner -- is 75 in the year 2024 and 76 in the year 2025; b.10/28/1949 N.S.
Hall of Famer, Actress, Sportscaster, Olympic Athlete, Track and Field
Names/Places: formerly Bruce Jenner, a male; b. in Mt. Kisco, NY; NN:W.
Misc: as Bruce, won a Decathlon gold medal in '76 Olympics

🏆⚽John (Soccer) McGovern -- is 75 in the year 2024 and 76 in the year 2025; b.10/28/1949 N.S.
Hall of Famer, Soccer Midfielder, Soccer Manager, Scottish

🏆⛸Paul Wylie -- is 60 in the year 2024 and 61 in the year 2025; b.10/28/1964
Hall of Famer, Figure Skater, Olympic Athlete

🏆🏈Steve Atwater -- is 58 in the year 2024 and 59 in the year 2025; b.10/28/1966 N.S.
Hall of Famer, NFL Safety
Misc: 2x Super Bowl champ, 8x Pro Bowl
Sports Teams: Denver Broncos (1989-1998), New York Jets

🏆🏈Terrell Davis -- is 52 in the year 2024 and 53 in the year 2025; b.10/28/1972
Hall of Famer, NFL Runningback, College Football Player
Misc: 2x Super Bowl champ, Super Bowl XXXII MVP, 3x Pro Bowl
Sports Teams: Denver Broncos (1995-2011)

🏆⚽Arthur Wharton -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/28/1865 d.12/13/1930 (65)
Hall of Famer, Soccer Player

🏆🏌Peggy Kirk Bell -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/28/1921 N.S. d.11/23/2016 N.S. (95)
Hall of Famer, Golfer, American

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🏆🏀Aleksandar Nikolić -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/28/1924 N.S. d.3/12/2000 N.S. (75)
Hall of Famer, Basketball Coach, Basketball Player, Serbian
Names/Places: NN: The Father of Yugoslav Basketball

⚖🏆⚾Bowie Kent Kuhn -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/28/1926 d.3/15/2007 (80)
Hall of Famer, Lawyer (m), MLB Executive
Names/Places: Jim Bowie's descendant
Misc: the 5th MLB Commissioner 1969-83

🏆⚽Lawrie Reilly -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/28/1928 d.7/22/2013 (84)
Hall of Famer, Soccer Player, Scottish

🎵Charlie Daniels -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/28/1936 N.S. d.7/6/2020 N.S. (83)
Hall of Famer, Songwriter, Fiddler, Country Singer/Guitarist
Group Names: Charlie Daniels Band
Song Titles: Robot Romp, Uneasy Rider, The Devil Went Down to Georgia, Mississippi, In America, The Legend of Wooley Swamp, Still in Saigon, Drinkin' My Baby Goodbye, Uneasy Rider '88, Simple Man, This Ain't No Rag It's a Flag

🏆🥊John Carmel Heenan -- Death Anniversary -- b.5/2/1834 d.10/28/1873 (39)
Hall of Famer, Boxer
Misc: bareknuckle boxer

🏆🥊Marcel Cerdan -- Death Anniversary -- b.7/22/1916 d.10/28/1949 (33)
Hall of Famer, Boxer, French

🏆🏒Bruce Stuart -- Death Anniversary -- b.11/30/1881 d.10/28/1961 (79)
Hall of Famer, NHL Forward, Canadian
Misc: NHL Rover; played 1899-1911
Sports Teams: Quebec Bulldogs, Ottawa Senators, Montreal Wanderers, Portage Lakes Hockey Club, Pittsburgh Professionals, Pittsburgh Victorias

🏆🏒William George "Billy" McGimsie -- Death Anniversary -- b.6/7/1880 N.S. d.10/28/1968 N.S. (88)
Hall of Famer, NHL Center, Canadian
Sports Teams: Kenora Thistles (possibly 1901-1907)

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⚛🎭🏆🥊Georges Carpentier -- Death Anniversary -- b.1/12/1894 d.10/28/1975 (81)
Hall of Famer, Pilot, Actor, Boxer, French
Names/Places: PRON: Car-pont-yay
Misc: a world light-heavyweight champion (1920-22) and a European champion at four weight classes

🏆🥊Jimmy McLarnin -- Death Anniversary -- b.12/17/1905 d.10/28/2004 (98)
Hall of Famer, Boxer, Canadian, Irish
Misc: a member of Canada's Sports Hall of Fame and the International Boxing Hall of Fame

🏆Robert William Patrick "Bob" Broeg -- Death Anniversary -- b.3/18/1918 N.S. d.10/28/2005 N.S. (87)
Hall of Famer, Sports Writer
Sports Teams: St. Louis Cardinals (coverage)

🏆🏀Red Auerbach -- Death Anniversary -- b.9/20/1917 d.10/28/2006 (89)
Hall of Famer, NBA Executive, NBA Coach
Names/Places: RN:Arnold Jacob Auerbach
Misc: the winningest coach in NBA history; won 1,037 times (including playoffs) in 20 years; as coach-GM, led Boston to 9 NBA titles, including 8 in a row (1959-66); NBA Coach of the Year award named after him; retired as Celtics' coach in 1966 and as GM in '84; club president.
Sports Teams: Washington Capitols (1946-1950), Tri-Cities Blackhawks (1949-1950), Boston Celtics (1950-1966 coach and president)

🎭🎵Porter Wagoner -- Death Anniversary -- b.8/12/1927 N.S. d.10/28/2007 N.S. (80)
Hall of Famer, Variety Show Host, Songwriter, Country Singer
Names/Places: b. in West Plains, MO
Misc: some say b. 1930 or '32; discovered Dolly Parton
Group Names: The Wagonmasters, soloist
Song Titles: Misery Loves Company, The Carroll County Accident, The Cold Hard Facts of Life
TV Shows: The Porter Wagoner Show (1960-80), Ozark Jubilee

🏆🏈Vince Dooley -- Death Anniversary -- b.9/4/1932 N.S. d.10/28/2022 N.S. (90)
Hall of Famer, College Football Coach

🎵Jerry Lee Lewis -- Death Anniversary -- b.9/29/1935 N.S. d.10/28/2022 N.S. (87)
Hall of Famer, Composer, Pianist, Country Singer
Names/Places: b. in Ferriday, LA; cousin to Mickey Gilley & Jimmy Swaggart; wed 6x's
Song Titles: Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On, Great Balls Of Fire, Breathless

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