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Hall of Fame Today in Birthdays and Deaths by Age for November 28

Last Updated 01-01-2022

💰🎵Berry Gordy Jr. -- is 93 in the year 2022 and 94 in the year 2023; b.11/28/1929
Hall of Famer, Businessperson, Executive, Music Producer, Songwriter
Names/Places: b. in Detroit
Misc: Motown Records founder

🏆🏈Paul Warfield -- is 80 in the year 2022 and 81 in the year 2023; b.11/28/1942
Hall of Famer, NFL Wide Receiver
Misc: NFL/WFL Brown and Dolphin caught 427 passes for 8565 yards, 85 TDs, 8 Pro Bowls, 13 years; Super Bowl: VI, VII, VIII
Sports Teams: Cleveland Browns (1964-1969), Miami Dolphins (1970-1974) Memphis Southmen (WFL 1975), Cleveland Browns (1976-1977)

🎵Randy Newman -- is 79 in the year 2022 and 80 in the year 2023; b.11/28/1943
Hall of Famer, Composer/Songwriter, Pianist, Pop Singer
Names/Places: b. in Los Angeles; RFN:Randolph
Misc: one of the most misunderstood satirists in music
Song Titles: Short People, I Love LA, Political Science

🏆🏁🏊Katherine "Kathy" Ellis -- is 76 in the year 2022 and 77 in the year 2023; b.11/28/1946 N.S.
Hall of Famer, Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, American

🏆🏈Vern Den Herder -- is 74 in the year 2022 and 75 in the year 2023; b.11/28/1948
Hall of Famer, NFL Defensive End, College Football Player
Misc: Super Bowl: VI, VII, VIII, XVII; in the College Football Hall of Fame
Sports Teams: Central College-Iowa, Miami Dolphins

🏆🏁🏊Hans-Joachim Fassnacht -- is 72 in the year 2022 and 73 in the year 2023; b.11/28/1950 N.S.
Hall of Famer, Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, German

🎵🎸Matt Cameron -- is 60 in the year 2022 and 61 in the year 2023; b.11/28/1962
Hall of Famer, Rock & Roll Drummer
Group Names: Pearl Jam, Soundgarden

🏆🏁🏊Cecil Patrick Healy -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/28/1881 N.S. d.8/29/1918 N.S. (36)
Hall of Famer, Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Australian

🏆🏌Henry Picard -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/28/1907 d.4/30/1997 (89)
Hall of Famer, Golfer

🏆🎳Earl Johnson -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/28/1928 d.6/23/2006 (77)
Hall of Famer, Bowler

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🏆🏈🥊Ernest "Ernie" Ladd -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/28/1938 N.S. d.3/10/2007 N.S. (68)
Hall of Famer, NFL Player, Wrestler
Names/Places: NN:The Big Cat
Misc: San Diego Chargers Hall of Fame
Sports Teams: San Diego Chargers (AFL 1961-1965), Houston Oilers (AFL 1966-1967), Kansas City Chiefs (AFL 1967-1968)

🏆🏈🥊Ernie Ladd -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/28/1938 N.S. d.3/10/2007 N.S. (68)
Hall of Famer, Football Player, Wrestler
Names/Places: NN: The Big Cat
Misc: in the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame

🏆🥊Bobby Chacon -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/28/1951 d.9/7/2016 N.S. (64)
Hall of Famer, Boxer

✍📰⚖Washington Irving -- Death Anniversary -- b.4/3/1783 d.11/28/1859 (76)
Hall of Famer, Author, Essayist, Historian, Biographer, Attorney/Lawyer, American
Names/Places: b. in New York City
Book Titles: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Rip Van Winkle

⚛🏆🏀Dr. James Naismith -- Death Anniversary -- b.11/6/1861 d.11/28/1939 (78)
Hall of Famer, Inventor, Physician, Teacher, Basketball Coach, Canadian
Misc: Invented basketball in 1891
Sports Teams: University of Kansas (1898-1907)

⚖🏆🎾Dwight Filley Davis -- Death Anniversary -- b.7/5/1879 d.11/28/1945 (66)
Hall of Famer, Presidential Aide, Tennis Player
Misc: Secretary of War under President Coolidge; donated tennis's Davis Cup

🏆🥊Len Harvey -- Death Anniversary -- b.7/11/1907 d.11/28/1976 (69)
Hall of Famer, Boxer, English

🏆⚽Shamus O'Brien -- Death Anniversary -- b.11/29/1907 d.11/28/1981 (73)
Hall of Famer, Soccer Player, Scottish

🏆🏈Ricky Lynn Bell -- Death Anniversary -- b.4/8/1955 N.S. d.11/28/1984 N.S. (29)
Hall of Famer, NFL Runningback
Misc: in the College Football Hall of Fame
Sports Teams: University of Southern California, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1977-1981), San Diego Chargers (1982)

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🏆🏈Johnny McNally -- Death Anniversary -- b.11/27/1903 d.11/28/1985 (82)
Hall of Famer, NFL Halfback
Names/Places: a.k.a. Johnny Blood
Misc: early NFL Green Bay halfback
Sports Teams: Milwaukee Badgers (player 1925-1926), Duluth Eskimos (player 1926-1927), Pottsville Maroons (player 1928), Green Bay Packers (player 1929-1933), Pittsburgh Pirates (player 1934), Green Bay Packers (player 1935-1936), Pittsburgh Pirates (player 1937-1938), Buffalo Tigers (player 1941), Pittsburgh Pirates (coach 1937-1939), Kenosha Cardinals (coach 1940-1941), Saint John's (MN) (coach 1950-1952)

🏆🎳Barney Spinella -- Death Anniversary -- b.2/1/1893 d.11/28/1991 (98)
Hall of Famer, Bowler
Names/Places: NN:Jumping Jack

🏆🎾Don McNeill -- Death Anniversary -- b.4/30/1918 d.11/28/1996 (78)
Hall of Famer, Tennis Player

💰🎵Joseph Bihari -- Death Anniversary -- b.5/30/1925 d.11/28/2013 (88)
Hall of Famer, Businessperson, Music Figure
Misc: co-founder of Modern Records

🎭Grant Tinker -- Death Anniversary -- b.1/11/1926 N.S. d.11/28/2016 N.S. (90)
Hall of Famer, TV Executive, TV Producer
Names/Places: Mary Tyler Moore's hubby (1962-1981)
Misc: some say b. in 1925; MTM president, NBC chairman 1981-86
TV Shows: WKRP in Cincinnatti, Hill Street Blues, St. Elsewhere, Lou Grant, Rhoda, Bob Newhart Show, Mary Tyler Moore (show)

🏆🏈John McKissick -- Death Anniversary -- b.9/25/1926 N.S. d.11/28/2019 N.S. (93)
Hall of Famer, High School Football Coach
Misc: In 2012, he became the first American football coach in history (high school, college, or professional) to win 600 career games; in the National High School Hall of Fame.
Sports Teams: Summerville High School

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