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Hall of Fame Today in Birthdays and Deaths by Age for December 17

Last Updated 06-02-2023

🏆⛸Colleen O'Connor -- is 72 in the year 2023 and 73 in the year 2024; b.12/17/1951
Hall of Famer, Figure Skater, Ice Dancer

🎵🎸Mike Mills -- is 65 in the year 2023 and 66 in the year 2024; b.12/17/1958
Hall of Famer, Rock & Roll Bassist
Group Names: R.E.M.

🏆🥊Chuck Liddell -- is 54 in the year 2023 and 55 in the year 2024; b.12/17/1969 N.S.
Hall of Famer, Mixed Martial Arts
Names/Places: NN: The Iceman
Misc: in the UFC Hall of Fame

Joseph Henry -- Birth Anniversary -- b.12/17/1797 d.5/13/1878 (80)
Hall of Famer, Inventor, Physicist
Misc: pioneer of electromagnetism

✍📰John Greenleaf Whittier -- Birth Anniversary -- b.12/17/1807 d.9/7/1892 (84)
Hall of Famer, Essayist, Poet, Journalist, Abolitionist
Misc: influential Quaker poet and ardent advocate for the abolition of slavery.

🏆⚾🏈🏀Justin McCarthy "Sam" Barry -- Birth Anniversary -- b.12/17/1892 N.S. d.9/23/1950 N.S. (57)
Hall of Famer, College Baseball Coach, College Football Coach, College Basketball Coach
Misc: in the College Basketball and Basketball Halls of Fame
Sports Teams: Knox College (football 1918-1921, basketball 1918-1922, baseball 1923-1924), Iowa (football 1922-1928, basketball 1922-1929, baseball 1923-1924), USC (football 1929-1941, 1945-1950, basketball 1929-1941, 1945-1950, baseball 1930-1942, 1946-1950)

🏆🎾Gerald Patterson -- Birth Anniversary -- b.12/17/1895 d.6/13/1967 (71)
Hall of Famer, Tennis Player

🏆🥊Jimmy McLarnin -- Birth Anniversary -- b.12/17/1905 d.10/28/2004 (98)
Hall of Famer, Boxer, Canadian, Irish
Misc: a member of Canada's Sports Hall of Fame and the International Boxing Hall of Fame

🏆⚽Ray Wilson -- Birth Anniversary -- b.12/17/1934 N.S. d.5/15/2018 N.S. (83)
Hall of Famer, Soccer Player, English
Misc: MBE; left back

🎵Eddie Kendrick -- Birth Anniversary -- b.12/17/1939 N.S. d.10/5/1992 N.S. (52)
Hall of Famer, Songwriter, Rhythm and Blues Singer
Names/Places: RN:Edward James Kendrick
Misc: d. Oct 5?
Group Names: Temptations (lead singer), soloist
Song Titles: My Girl, Get Ready, Ain't Too Proud To Beg, Beauty Is Only Skin Deep, I Know I'm Losing You, All I Need, You're My Everything, I Wish It Would Rain, Cloud Nine, I'm Gonna Make You Love Me (with Diana Ross and the Supremes), I Can't Get Next To You, Ball of Confusion, Just My Imagination, Papa Was a Rollin' Stone, Masterpiece (all previous as lead of The Temptations), Keep On Truckin' Part 1, Boogie Down, Shoeshine Boy

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🎵Paul Butterfield -- Birth Anniversary -- b.12/17/1942 d.5/4/1987 (44)
Hall of Famer, Songwriter, Singer, Flutist, Harmonicaist, Synthesizer, Bandleader
Group Names: Paul Butterfield Blues Band (lead)

🏆🏒Frederick McLaughlin -- Death Anniversary -- b.6/27/1877 d.12/17/1944 (67)
Hall of Famer, NHL Owner
Sports Teams: Chicago Blackhawks (founder of a multi-time Stanley Cup winner)

🎵Hound Dog Taylor -- Death Anniversary -- b.4/12/1917 d.12/17/1975 (58)
Hall of Famer, Songwriter, Pianist, Blues Singer/Guitarist

🏆🏌Richard S. Tufts -- Death Anniversary -- b.3/16/1896 N.S. d.12/17/1980 N.S. (84)
Hall of Famer, Golfer
Misc: USGA prez

🎵"Big" Joe Williams -- Death Anniversary -- b.10/16/1903 N.S. d.12/17/1982 N.S. (79)
Hall of Famer, Singer/Guitarist, Accordionist, Harmonicaist, Blues Performer

🏆🏀Hank Luisetti -- Death Anniversary -- b.6/16/1916 d.12/17/2002 (86)
Hall of Famer, College Basketball Player
Names/Places: RN:Angelo-Giuseppi Luisetti
Misc: revolutionized the game with the first use of a one-handed shot. 3 Pacific Coast Conference championships (Stanford, 1936-38); National championship (Stanford, 1937); Helm's Foundation Player of the Year (1937-38); 2-time All-America (1937-38)
Sports Teams: Stanford University (1935-1938)

🏆🏈Otto Everett Graham -- Death Anniversary -- b.12/6/1921 d.12/17/2003 (82)
Hall of Famer, NFL Coach, NFL Quarterback, College Football Coach, College Football Player
Misc: Football QB and basketball All-America at Northwestern; in pro ball, led Cleveland Browns to 7 league titles in 10 years, winning 4 AAFC championships (1946-50) and 3 NFL (1950,54-55); 5-time All-Pro; 2-time NFL MVP (1953,55).
Sports Teams: Cleveland Browns (player 1946-1955), NCAA Coast Guard (coach 1959-1965), Washington Redskins (coach 1966-1968), NCAA Coast Guard (coach 1974-1975)

🎭🎵Timmie Rogers -- Death Anniversary -- b.7/4/1914 d.12/17/2006 N.S. (92)
Hall of Famer, Actor, Comedian, Vaudevillan, Songwriter, Singer, Bandleader
Names/Places: NN: The Jackie Robinson of Comedy
Misc: catchphrase: Oh Yeah!; he was one of the first Black comedians allowed to directly address a white audience when he worked; appeared on many national television shows of the 1960s and 1970s; in the National Comedy Hall of Fame
TV Shows: Uptown Jubilee (1949 on CBS), The Jackie Gleason Show (recurring)

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🎵Denis Payton -- Death Anniversary -- b.8/11/1943 d.12/17/2006 (63)
Hall of Famer, Tenor-sax, British
Group Names: Dave Clark Five

🏆🏈"Slingin'" Sammy Baugh -- Death Anniversary -- b.3/17/1914 N.S. d.12/17/2008 N.S. (94)
Hall of Famer, NFL Coach, NFL Quarterback
Misc: held numerous records after 16 pro seasons; QB-DB-P; led Washington to NFL titles in 1937 (his rookie year) and '42; led league in passing 6 times, punting 4 times and interceptions once; record 85 yard punt
Sports Teams: Washington Redskins (player 1937-1952), Hardin-Simmons (coach 1955-1959), New York Titans (coach 1960-1961), Houston Oilers (coach 1964)

🏆⚾Walt Dropo -- Death Anniversary -- b.1/30/1923 d.12/17/2010 (87)
Hall of Famer, MLB First Baseman
Sports Teams: Boston Red Sox (1949-1952), Detroit Tigers (1952-1954), Chicago White Sox (1955-1958), Cincinnati Redlegs (1958-1959), Baltimore Orioles (1959-1961)

🏆🏁Bob Glidden -- Death Anniversary -- b.8/18/1944 d.12/17/2017 N.S. (73)
Hall of Famer, Auto Racer, Drag Racer
Misc: NHRA pro stock car drag racing champion

🏆🏈John Hayden Fry -- Death Anniversary -- b.2/28/1929 N.S. d.12/17/2019 N.S. (90)
Hall of Famer, College Football Coach, College Football Player
Sports Teams: Southern Methodist University, North Texas State University, University of Iowa (all as coach)

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