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Entertainment Today in Birthdays and Deaths by Age for June 23

Last Updated 06-13-2022

🎭Ted Shackelford -- is 76 in the year 2022 and 77 in the year 2023; b.6/23/1946
TV Actor
Names/Places: b. in Oklahoma City
TV Shows: Dallas (as Gary Ewing), Knots Landing (as Gary Ewing), Savannah (as Charles Alexander), Space Precinct (as Lieutenant Patrick Brogan)

🎭Bryan Brown -- is 75 in the year 2022 and 76 in the year 2023; b.6/23/1947
TV/Movie Actor, Producer, Australian
Misc: some say b. 1948 or 1950
TV Shows: The Thorn Birds (TV mini-series)
Movie Titles: Cocktail, Australia, Along Came Polly, Gorillas In The Mist

🎭James Masters -- is 73 in the year 2022 and 74 in the year 2023; b.6/23/1949

🎭Sally Geeson -- is 72 in the year 2022 and 73 in the year 2023; b.6/23/1950
Actress, English
TV Shows: Bless This House (as Sally Abbott)

🎭Jim Metzler -- is 71 in the year 2022 and 72 in the year 2023; b.6/23/1951
Actor, Producer
TV Shows: North & South
Movie Titles: L.A. Confidential, One Fals eMove, Tex, "A Gun, A Car, A Blonde"

✍🎭Maggie Greenwald -- is 67 in the year 2022 and 68 in the year 2023; b.6/23/1955 N.S.
Screenwriter, Director

🎭🎵Glenn Danzig -- is 67 in the year 2022 and 68 in the year 2023; b.6/23/1955
Actor, Director, Songwriter, Singer, Musician

🎭Randy Jackson -- is 66 in the year 2022 and 67 in the year 2023; b.6/23/1956
TV Shows: American Idol (judge)

🎭Frances McDormand -- is 65 in the year 2022 and 66 in the year 2023; b.6/23/1957
Movie Actress, Producer
Movie Titles: Mississippi Burning, Wonder Boys, Almost Famous, City By The Sea, Fargo, Friends With Money, Burn After Recording

🎭🎵Lee John -- is 65 in the year 2022 and 66 in the year 2023; b.6/23/1957
Actor, Singer, English

🎭Karin Gustafson -- is 63 in the year 2022 and 64 in the year 2023; b.6/23/1959
Movie Titles: Taps

🎭Paul La Greca -- is 60 in the year 2022 and 61 in the year 2023; b.6/23/1962
Misc: Casting Director
Movie Titles: Big Trouble, Student Confidential, Daniel, Airwolf (TV movie)

🎭Mark DeCarlo -- is 60 in the year 2022 and 61 in the year 2023; b.6/23/1962
Actor, Comedian, Game Show Host
Misc: Studs; travel and foodie expert

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🎭Trent Bushey -- is 58 in the year 2022 and 59 in the year 2023; b.6/23/1964

✍🎭Joss Whedon -- is 58 in the year 2022 and 59 in the year 2023; b.6/23/1964 N.S.
Screenwriter, Producer/Director
TV Shows: Firefly, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Dollhouse, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Movie Titles: Toy Story, The Avengers (series)

🎭Mitch Longley -- is 57 in the year 2022 and 58 in the year 2023; b.6/23/1965
TV Shows: Las Vegas (as Mitch)
Movie Titles: The Santa Con

🎭Janis George -- is 56 in the year 2022 and 57 in the year 2023; b.6/23/1966
Names/Places: Wally's widow

🎭Nikki Shane -- is 55 in the year 2022 and 56 in the year 2023; b.6/23/1967
XXX-rated actress

🎭🎮Terri Ivens -- is 55 in the year 2022 and 56 in the year 2023; b.6/23/1967
Actress, Producer, Video Game Voice Actress
TV Shows: The Bay (as Orchid)
Movie Titles: Untold, Marked For Death
Video Games: Grim Fandango: Remastered

🎭🏆Laurie Jo Wood -- is 55 in the year 2022 and 56 in the year 2023; b.6/23/1967
Actress, Model, Playmate
Misc: March 1989

🎭Corey Holcomb -- is 54 in the year 2022 and 55 in the year 2023; b.6/23/1968 N.S.
Actor, Comedian, Cartoon Voice Actor
TV Shows: Wild n' Out, The Cleveland Show (as Robert Tubbs), Black Jesus (as Boonie)

🎭Zen Gesner -- is 52 in the year 2022 and 53 in the year 2023; b.6/23/1970
Actor, Producer
TV Shows: The Adventures of Sinbad (star)
Movie Titles: Dumb and Dumber, Shallow Hal

🎭Selma Blair -- is 50 in the year 2022 and 51 in the year 2023; b.6/23/1972
Album Titles: The Diary of Anne Frank
TV Shows: Kath and Kim (as Kim Day), "Zoe, Duncan, Jack and Jane" (as Zoe Bean), Anger Management (as Kate Wales)
Movie Titles: The Sweetest Thing, Columbus Circle, Legally Blonde, Hellboy (series), Cruel Intentions

🎭Joel Edgerton -- is 48 in the year 2022 and 49 in the year 2023; b.6/23/1974 N.S.
Actor, Australian
TV Shows: Big Sky (as Pierce)
Movie Titles: Black Mass, The Gift, Warrior, Exodus: Gods and Kings, Loving, The Great Gatsby, Star Wars (series episodes II and III), Kinky Boots, The Thing, Animal Kingdom, The Odd Life of Timothy Green

🎭Jeffrey Carlson -- is 47 in the year 2022 and 48 in the year 2023; b.6/23/1975
Movie Titles: Hitch, The Killing Floor

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🎭Emmanuelle Vaugier -- is 46 in the year 2022 and 47 in the year 2023; b.6/23/1976
Actress, Producer, Canadian
TV Shows: Two and a Half Men (as Mia), Lost Girl, Mistresses
Movie Titles: Saw II, 40 Days and 40 Nights, Secondhand Lions

🎭Melissa Rauch -- is 42 in the year 2022 and 43 in the year 2023; b.6/23/1980
Misc: stage: The Miss Education of Jenna Bush
TV Shows: True Blood (occasional), Big Bang Theory (as Bernadette Rostenkowski)
Movie Titles: Dirty Sexy Money, Ice Age: Collision Course, "I Love You, Man", Are You Here, The Bronze

🎭Wesley Barker -- is 38 in the year 2022 and 39 in the year 2023; b.6/23/1984
Misc: Visual Effects
TV Shows: Big Bad Beetleborgs (as Drew McCormick / Blue Stinger Beetleborg, also on Beetleborgs Metallix)
Movie Titles: Guardians of the Galaxy (visual effects), The Amazing Spider-Man (visual effects), The Wolverine (visual effects)

🎭🎵🎸Duffy -- is 38 in the year 2022 and 39 in the year 2023; b.6/23/1984 N.S.
Actress, Rock & Roll Singer
Names/Places: RN: Aimee Anne Duffy

🎭Tanmay Bhat -- is 35 in the year 2022 and 36 in the year 2023; b.6/23/1987 N.S.

🎭Travis Bacon -- is 33 in the year 2022 and 34 in the year 2023; b.6/23/1989
Names/Places: Kyra & Kevin's son
Movie Titles: Loverboy

🎭Louisa Connolly-Burnham -- is 30 in the year 2022 and 31 in the year 2023; b.6/23/1992 N.S.
Actress, English
TV Shows: House of Anubis, Wolfblood

🎭Nadine Mulkerrin -- is 29 in the year 2022 and 30 in the year 2023; b.6/23/1993 N.S.
Actress, English
TV Shows: Hollyoaks (as Cleo McQueen), In With the Flynns (as Chloe)
Movie Titles: Inbred

🎭Connor Jessup -- is 28 in the year 2022 and 29 in the year 2023; b.6/23/1994 N.S.
Actor, Canadian
TV Shows: The Saddle Club (as Simon Atherton), Falling Skies (as Ben Mason)
Movie Titles: Blackbird

🎭Fanny Elssler -- Birth Anniversary -- b.6/23/1810 d.11/27/1884 (74)
Ballerina, Austrian

🎭Jacob Tiedtke -- Birth Anniversary -- b.6/23/1875 d.6/30/1960 (85)

🎭Werner Krauss -- Birth Anniversary -- b.6/23/1884 d.10/20/1959 (75)
Actor, German

🎭Lee Moran -- Birth Anniversary -- b.6/23/1888 d.4/24/1961 (72)

🎭Don McBride -- Birth Anniversary -- b.6/23/1889 d.6/21/1957 (67)
TV Actor
TV Shows: My Friend Irma (as Mr. Clyde)

🎭Edmund Cobb -- Birth Anniversary -- b.6/23/1892 d.8/15/1974 (82)
Movie Actor

🎭Louis Seigner -- Birth Anniversary -- b.6/23/1903 N.S. d.1/20/1991 N.S. (87)
Actor, French

🎭Lima Barreto -- Birth Anniversary -- b.6/23/1906 d.11/23/1982 (76)
Entertainment Figure

🎭Harry Wiere -- Birth Anniversary -- b.6/23/1906 d.1/15/1992 (85)
Misc: of The Wiere Bros, a knockabout comedy team

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🎭Maurice Dallimore -- Birth Anniversary -- b.6/23/1912 d.2/20/1973 (60)
Actor, English

✍🎭Molly Harris -- Birth Anniversary -- b.6/23/1913 d.10/3/1995 (82)
Writer, Actress

🎭Dennis Price -- Birth Anniversary -- b.6/23/1915 d.10/6/1973 (58)
Actor, English

🎭Irene Worth -- Birth Anniversary -- b.6/23/1916 d.3/10/2002 (85)
Stage Actress

🎭Norman Rose -- Birth Anniversary -- b.6/23/1917 d.11/12/2004 (87)
Actor, Voice Actor
Misc: was also a voice-over actor whose skill and talent earned him the industry moniker "the voice of God"; also the voice in "Deteriorata"

✍🎭Walter Shenson -- Birth Anniversary -- b.6/23/1919 d.10/17/2000 (81)
Writer, Producer, Director
Movie Titles: A Hard Day's Night (producer), Help! (producer), The Mouse That Roared (producer)

🎭🏆Tedi Thurman -- Birth Anniversary -- b.6/23/1923 d.9/17/2012 (89)
Actress, Model

🎭Larry Blyden -- Birth Anniversary -- b.6/23/1925 d.6/6/1975 (49)
Actor, Game Show Host
Names/Places: RN:Ivan Lawrence Blieden
TV Shows: Joe & Mabel (as Joe), To Tell The Truth, Personality, What's My Line

🎭Bob Fosse -- Birth Anniversary -- b.6/23/1927 d.9/23/1987 (60)
Actor, Producer, Movie Director, Stage Director, Choreographer, Dancer
Names/Places: b. in Chicago; RN:Robert Louis
Misc: Broadway & movie leader, directed Roy Scheider playing him in "All That Jazz"

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🎭Leigh Snowden -- Birth Anniversary -- b.6/23/1929 d.5/16/1982 (52)

🎭🎵Dave King -- Birth Anniversary -- b.6/23/1929 d.4/15/2002 (72)
Actor, Comedian, Singer, English

🎭Gerald Parkes -- Birth Anniversary -- b.6/23/1936 d.10/19/2014 (78)
Actor, Canadian, Irish

🎭🎵Adam Faith -- Birth Anniversary -- b.6/23/1940 d.3/8/2003 (62)
TV/Movie/Stage Actor, Music Producer, Pop Singer, English
Names/Places: RN:Terence Nelhams
Misc: Manager

🎭William S. Hart -- Death Anniversary -- b.12/6/1864 d.6/23/1946 (81)
Movie/Stage Actor, Producer/Director
Misc: silent Westerns (Wild Bill Hickok, Tumbleweeds)

🎭Mary Boland -- Death Anniversary -- b.1/28/1880 d.6/23/1965 (85)
Movie/Stage Actress, Comedienne

🎭Stanley Andrews -- Death Anniversary -- b.8/28/1891 d.6/23/1969 (77)
TV/Radio Actor, TV Host
TV Shows: Death Valley Days (Old Ranger the host)

🎭Fay Holden -- Death Anniversary -- b.9/26/1894 d.6/23/1973 (78)
Movie Actress, English

🎭Walter "Dare" Wahl -- Death Anniversary -- b.5/11/1896 N.S. d.6/23/1974 N.S. (78)

🎭William Hansen -- Death Anniversary -- b.3/2/1911 d.6/23/1975 (64)

🎭Kim Winona -- Death Anniversary -- b.10/10/1930 d.6/23/1978 (47)
Misc: Sioux indian

🎭John Laurie -- Death Anniversary -- b.3/25/1897 d.6/23/1980 (83)
Movie Actor, Scottish
Movie Titles: 39 Steps, Jericho

🎭Frank Pagano -- Death Anniversary -- b.5/13/1897 d.6/23/1992 (95)
Movie Actor, Italian
Misc: Eisenhower jacket designer

🎭🎵Fred Robbins -- Death Anniversary -- b.9/28/1919 d.6/23/1992 (72)
Game Show Host, Variety Show Host, Radio Disc Jock
Names/Places: NN:The Spectacular Vernacular
TV Shows: Coke Time with Eddie Fisher (host)

🎭Rosina Lawrence -- Death Anniversary -- b.12/30/1912 d.6/23/1997 (84)
Movie Actress
Movie Titles: Our Gang, The Little Rascals

🎭Betty Shabazz -- Death Anniversary -- b.5/28/1934 N.S. d.6/23/1997 N.S. (63)
Educator, TV Talk Show Hostess
Names/Places: RN: Betty Dean Sanders; Malcolm X's widow

🎭Corinne Calvet -- Death Anniversary -- b.4/30/1926 d.6/23/2001 (75)
Movie Actress, French
Names/Places: RN:Corinne Dibos; wed 5x's
Misc: b. 1925?

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🎭Aaron Spelling -- Death Anniversary -- b.4/22/1928 d.6/23/2006 (78)
Hall of Famer, TV Actor, TV Producer
Names/Places: b. in Dallas; Carolyn Jones', then Candy's hubby, Tori's father
Misc: produced 2600+ hours of TV shows!; AP says b. 1923
TV Shows: Zane Grey Theatre, June Allyson Show, Playhouse 90, Dick Powell, Johnny Ringo, Lloyd Bridges, Burke's Law, Honeywest, Smothers Brothers, Guns of Will Sonnett, Mod Squad, Rookies, Charlie's Angels, Family, Fantasy Island, Friends, Hart to Hart, Hotel, Johnny Ringo, Lloyd Bridges, Love Boat, Mod Squad, Rookies, S.W.A.T., Starsky & Hutch, Vega$, Dynasty, T.J. Hooker, Strike Force, Matt Houston, Colbys, Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place, Savannah, Malibu Shores

✍⛪🎭Ed McMahon -- Death Anniversary -- b.3/6/1923 d.6/23/2009 (86)
Author, Roman Catholic, Movie Actor, Game Show Host, Variety Show Host, Announcer
Names/Places: b. in Detroit; Alyce Ferrell then Victoria Valentine's ex-hubby
Misc: WWII pilot; a big top clown, American Family Publisher's money giveawayman; Budweiser spokesman; still owes D.T. $10 million
Song Titles: Here's Johnny ("Weird Al" Yankovic immortalized him in that song)
TV Shows: The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (as sidekick and announcer), Whodunit?, Star Search, TV Bloopers & Practical Jokes (co-star with Dick Clark), Snap Judgement, Concentration, The Tom Show (as Charlie Dickerson)

🎭Peter Falk -- Death Anniversary -- b.9/16/1927 d.6/23/2011 (83)
Soap Actor, TV/Movie Actor
Names/Places: b. in New York City
TV Shows: Trials of O'Brien (as attorney Daniel J. O'Brien), Love of Life, Columbo (as Lt. Columbo)
Movie Titles: Cheap Detective, The In-Laws, Murder by Death, The Princess Bride, The Thing About My Folks

✍🎭Gary David Goldberg -- Death Anniversary -- b.6/25/1944 d.6/23/2013 (68)
Writer, Producer/Director

🎭Dick Van Patten -- Death Anniversary -- b.12/9/1928 d.6/23/2015 (86)
TV/Movie Actor, Commercial Actor
Names/Places: b. in Richmond Hill, N.Y.
Misc: Nature Balance dog Food maker
Song Titles: Smells Like Nirvana (cameo in the "Weird Al" Yankovic video)
TV Shows: Mama (as Nels), The Partners, The New Dick Van Dyke Show (as Max Mathias), When Things Were Rotten (as Friar Tuck), Eight is Enough (as Tom Bradford), WIOU (as Floyd Graham)

🎭🎵Magali Noel -- Death Anniversary -- b.6/27/1932 d.6/23/2015 (82)
Actress, Singer, French, Turkey

🎭Stuart Nisbet -- Death Anniversary -- b.1/17/1934 N.S. d.6/23/2016 N.S. (82)
TV Shows: Dragnet, The Virginian, Bonanza, Dennis the Menace, Little House on the Prairie, L.A. Law, The Dukes of Hazzard, The Golden Girls
Movie Titles: The Graduate, Earthquake, Oh God, The Fabulous Baker Boys, Lucky Lady, Casino

🎭Stephanie Niznik -- Death Anniversary -- b.5/20/1967 N.S. d.6/23/2019 N.S. (52)

🎭Jackie Lane -- Death Anniversary -- b.7/10/1947 N.S. d.6/23/2021 N.S. (73)
Actress, English
Misc: retired from acting in 1966
TV Shows: Doctor Who (as Dodo)

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