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Entertainment Today in Birthdays and Deaths by Age for October 13

Last Updated 12-01-2021

🎭Melinda Dillon -- is 82 in the year 2021 and 83 in the year 2022; b.10/13/1939
Movie Actress
Misc: AP says b. Oct 13
Movie Titles: A Christmas Story, Harry and the Hendersons, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Magnolia

⛪🎭🎵Paul Simon -- is 80 in the year 2021 and 81 in the year 2022; b.10/13/1941
Hall of Famer, Jewish, Movie Actor, Music Producer, Composer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Pop Singer
Names/Places: b. in Newark, NJ; Carrie Fisher's then Edie Brickell's hubby
Misc: '58 grad, unlikely b.1942; Not b. Nov 5, 8, or 13 according to Paul
Group Names: Simon and Garfunkel, soloist
Song Titles: The Sound of Silence, Homeward Bound, I Am a Rock, A Hazy Shade of Winter, At The Zoo, Mrs. Robinson, The Boxer, Bridge Over Troubled Water, Cecilia, My Little Town, Wonderful World, Wake Up Little Susie (previous titles as Simon and Garfunkel), Mother and Child Reunion, Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard, Kodachrome, Loves Me Like a Rock, 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover, Still Crazy After All These Years, Slip Slidin' Away, Late in the Evening, One Trick Pony, You Can Call Me Al, Graceland, Boy in the Bubble
Album Titles: Sounds of Silence, Parsley-Sage-Rosemary and Thyme, Bookends, Bridge Over Troubled Water, The Concert in Central Park (previous titles as Simon and Garfunkel), Paul Simon, There Goes Rhymin' Simon, Still Crazy After All These Years, Graceland, The Rhythm of the Saints

🎭Christine Jones -- is 75 in the year 2021 and 76 in the year 2022; b.10/13/1946

⛪🎭Demond Wilson -- is 75 in the year 2021 and 76 in the year 2022; b.10/13/1946
Evangelist, TV Actor
Names/Places: b. in Valdosta, GA
TV Shows: Sanford & Son (as Lamont Sanford), Baby I'm Back (as Raymond Ellis), New Odd Couple (as Oscar Madison)
Movie Titles: Full Moon High

🎭🎵John Ford Coley -- is 73 in the year 2021 and 74 in the year 2022; b.10/13/1948
Actor, Songwriter, Guitarist, Pianist, Adult-Pop Singer
Group Names: England Dan and John Ford Coley

🎭John Lone -- is 69 in the year 2021 and 70 in the year 2022; b.10/13/1952
Movie Actor, Hong Kong
Movie Titles: The Last Emperor, War, Shadow, Iceman, Rush Hour 2

💰🎭🏆Beverly Johnson -- is 69 in the year 2021 and 70 in the year 2022; b.10/13/1952
Businessperson, TV/Movie Actress, Model

✍🎭Chris Carter -- is 65 in the year 2021 and 66 in the year 2022; b.10/13/1956
Writer, Producer/Director
TV Shows: The X-Files (creator and writer), Millennium (writer)

🎭🏆🏀Reggie Theus -- is 64 in the year 2021 and 65 in the year 2022; b.10/13/1957
Actor, NBA Player, College Basketball Coach
TV Shows: Hang Time (as Coach Bill Fuller)

🎭Ron Berlinger -- is 63 in the year 2021 and 64 in the year 2022; b.10/13/1958
Actor, Producer/Director
TV Shows: 3rd Rock from the Sun (director), Anything But Love (director), Love and War (director)
Movie Titles: The Dukes of Hazzard (director)

⛪🎭🎵Marie Osmond -- is 62 in the year 2021 and 63 in the year 2022; b.10/13/1959
Mormon, Actress, Variety Show Hostess, Country Singer
Names/Places: b. in Ogden, UT; FN:Olive; Osmond sister
Song Titles: Paper Roses
TV Shows: Andy Williams Show (semireg), Donny & Marie, Marie, Ripley's Believe It or Not, Maybe This Time (as Julia)

🎭T'Keyah "Crystal" Keymah -- is 59 in the year 2021 and 60 in the year 2022; b.10/13/1962 N.S.
TV Shows: In Living Color, Cosby (as Erica Lucas), That's So Raven

✍🎭Hiro Kanagawa -- is 58 in the year 2021 and 59 in the year 2022; b.10/13/1963
Dramatist/Playwright, Actor, Japanese
TV Shows: Heroes Reborn, Caprica, The X Files, iZombie

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✍🎭Tim Conway Jr. -- is 58 in the year 2021 and 59 in the year 2022; b.10/13/1963
Writer, Actor, Radio Talk Show Host

🎭Christopher Judge -- is 57 in the year 2021 and 58 in the year 2022; b.10/13/1964 N.S.
TV Shows: Stargate SG-1 (as Teal'c)
Movie Titles: The Dark Knight Rises

🎭Matt Walsh -- is 57 in the year 2021 and 58 in the year 2022; b.10/13/1964
Actor, Producer
TV Shows: Dog Bites Man, Veep

🎭Reginald Ballard -- is 56 in the year 2021 and 57 in the year 2022; b.10/13/1965 N.S.
Actor, Comedian
TV Shows: Martin, The Bernie Mac Show
Movie Titles: Horrible Bosses, Menace II Society, Thick as Thieves

🎭Kate Walsh -- is 54 in the year 2021 and 55 in the year 2022; b.10/13/1967 N.S.
Actress, Producer
TV Shows: Drew Carey Show (as Nicki Fifer), Grey's Anatomy (as Addison Shepherd), Private Practice (as Dr. Addison Montgomery)
Movie Titles: The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Kicking and Screaming

🎭🎵Tisha Campbell -- is 53 in the year 2021 and 54 in the year 2022; b.10/13/1968
TV/Movie Actress, Producer, Rhythm and Blues Singer
Names/Places: LN:Martin
Misc: not b. in 1970
TV Shows: Martin (as Gina), My Wife and Kids (as Janet "Jay" Marie Kyle)
Movie Titles: Little Shop of Horros, Zack and Miri Make a Porno

🎭Cady McClain -- is 52 in the year 2021 and 53 in the year 2022; b.10/13/1969
Actress, Producer
TV Shows: All My Children (as Dixie Cooney Chandler Martin Lawson Bodine Martin), As the World Turns (as Rosanna Cabot)

🎭Pamela Kay -- is 52 in the year 2021 and 53 in the year 2022; b.10/13/1969
Movie Titles: The Maze Runner, All the King's Men, For One Night

🎭Billy Bush -- is 50 in the year 2021 and 51 in the year 2022; b.10/13/1971
TV Host, Personality

🎭Sacha Baron Cohen -- is 50 in the year 2021 and 51 in the year 2022; b.10/13/1971
Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor, Producer, English
Movie Titles: Borat: Cultural Learning, Madagascar (voice), Bruno, The Dictator, Ali G, The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, The Brothers Grimsby

🎭🏆🏁🏊Summer Elisabeth Sanders -- is 49 in the year 2021 and 50 in the year 2022; b.10/13/1972 N.S.
Hall of Famer, Actress, TV Hostess, Sports Commentator, Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, American

🎭James Kerwin -- is 48 in the year 2021 and 49 in the year 2022; b.10/13/1973
Movie Titles: Yesterday was a Lie

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🎭Jennifer Sky -- is 45 in the year 2021 and 46 in the year 2022; b.10/13/1976
Movie Titles: Shallow Hal

🎭Kiele Sánchez -- is 44 in the year 2021 and 45 in the year 2022; b.10/13/1977
TV Shows: The Glades (as Callie)
Movie Titles: The Purge: Anarchy, A Perfect Getaway

🎭Ben Winston -- is 40 in the year 2021 and 41 in the year 2022; b.10/13/1981 N.S.
Producer, English
TV Shows: The X-Factor UK

✍🎭Katia Winter -- is 38 in the year 2021 and 39 in the year 2022; b.10/13/1983
Writer, Actress, Producer, Swedish
TV Shows: Dexter, Sleepy Hollow (as Katrina Crane)
Movie Titles: Negative, Knight of Cups

🎭Najee De-Tiege -- is 32 in the year 2021 and 33 in the year 2022; b.10/13/1989 N.S.
TV Shows: Power Rangers Super Samurai (as the Blue Ranger)

🎭🎵Diego Domínguez -- is 30 in the year 2021 and 31 in the year 2022; b.10/13/1991 N.S.
Actor, Singer, Spanish
TV Shows: Violetta

🎭Hetti Bywater -- is 27 in the year 2021 and 28 in the year 2022; b.10/13/1994 N.S.
Actress, English
TV Shows: EastEnders (as Lucy Beale)

🎭🎵Noah Crawford -- is 27 in the year 2021 and 28 in the year 2022; b.10/13/1994 N.S.
Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor, Singer
TV Shows: How to Rock

🎭Gail Soltys -- is 21 in the year 2021 and 22 in the year 2022; b.10/13/2000 N.S.
TV Shows: Talia in the Kitchen (as Debbie Fuccinelli)

🎭Caleb McLaughlin -- is 20 in the year 2021 and 21 in the year 2022; b.10/13/2001 N.S.
TV Shows: Stranger Things (as Lucas Sinclair)

🎭Avneet Kaur -- is 20 in the year 2021 and 21 in the year 2022; b.10/13/2001 N.S.
Actress, India

🎭Brian McGovern -- b.10/13/????

🎭Nadia Capone -- b.10/13/????
Actress, Canadian

🎭Lillian "Lillie" Langtry -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/13/1853 d.2/12/1929 (75)
Actress, Vaudevillaness
Names/Places: NN:The Jersey Lily; RN:Emily Charlotte Le Breton

🎨✍🎭Harry Hershfield -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/13/1885 d.12/15/1974 (89)
Comic Strip Cartoonist, Humorist, Cartoon Voice Actor, Panelist
Misc: Raconteur; Abie the Agent
TV Shows: Can You Top This? (panelist)

🎭Douglas Dumbrille -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/13/1889 d.4/2/1974 (84)
Actor, Canadian
TV Shows: China Smith (as Insp. Hobson), The Life of Riley (as Cunningham), New Phil Silvers Show
Movie Titles: Mr. Deed Goes To Town

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🎭Irene Rich -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/13/1897 d.4/22/1988 (90)

🎭Edward Chapman -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/13/1901 d.8/9/1977 (75)
Actor, English

🎭Patsy Moran -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/13/1903 d.12/10/1968 (65)

🎭Wilfred Pickles -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/13/1904 d.3/27/1978 (73)
Actor, English

🎭Yves Allegret -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/13/1907 d.1/31/1987 (79)
Movie Director, French
Misc: d. 1986?

✍🎭Tex McCrary -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/13/1910 d.7/29/2003 (92)
Writer, TV Talk Show Host
Names/Places: FN:John; Jinx Falkenburg's hubby
TV Shows: Tex & Jinx show

🎭Robert Walker Sr. -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/13/1914 d.8/28/1951 (36)
Movie Actor
Names/Places: b. in Salt Lake City, UT; Jennifer Jones' hubby
Misc: some say b. 1913 or 1918; d. Aug 27?

🎭Walter Brooke -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/13/1914 d.8/20/1986 (71)
TV/Movie Actor
TV Shows: One Man's Family, The Green Hornet (as D.A. F.P. Scanlon)
Movie Titles: The Graduate (spoke one word, plastics)

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🎭Cornel Wilde -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/13/1915 d.10/16/1989 (74)
Movie Actor, Movie Producer/Director
Names/Places: b. in New York City
Misc: a leading man in some 50 films; d. Oct 15?

🎭Johnny Stearns -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/13/1916 d.12/1/2001 (85)
Actor, Producer
Names/Places: Mary Kay's hubby

🎭Nipsey Russell -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/13/1917 d.10/2/2005 (87)
Actor, Comedian, Game Show Host, Panelist
Names/Places: b. in Atlanta, GA; NN:The Poet Laureate of Comedy
Misc: AP says b. 1924, not 1920 or 1925 or other years given
TV Shows: Car 54 Where Are You? (as Off. Anderson), Barefoot in the Park, Dean Martin Shows, Masquerade Party (panelist), Match Game (panelist)

🎭Burr Tillstrom -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/13/1917 d.12/6/1985 (68)
Hall of Famer, Puppet Actor
TV Shows: Kukla Fran and Ollie (creator, voice, & soul of all the puppets); That Was the Week That Was

🎭Jane Dulo -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/13/1918 d.5/22/1994 (75)
TV Shows: McHale's Navy (as Nurse Molly Turner), Get Smart (as 99's mom), Medical Center, Sha Na Na, Gimme a Break (as Grandma Mildred Kanisky)

🎭Jack MacGowran -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/13/1918 d.1/30/1973 (54)
Actor, Irish
Names/Places: RN:John Joseph MacGowran
Misc: stage: Samuel Becket; some sources give d. on Jan 31, 1973
Movie Titles: The Exorcist, The Fearless Vampire Killers, Doctor Zhivago, Tom Jones; King Lear, Exorcist

🎭Laraine Day -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/13/1920 d.11/10/2007 (87)
TV/Movie Actress, TV Hostess, Panelist
Names/Places: b. in Roosevelt, UT; a twin; RN:Laraine Johnson

🎭🎵Albert Hague -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/13/1920 d.11/12/2001 (81)
Actor, Composer, German
Misc: Broadway composer
TV Shows: Fame (as Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky)

🎭Bill Thomas -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/13/1921 d.5/30/2000 (78)
Costume Designer

🎭🎵Yves Montand -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/13/1921 d.11/9/1991 (70)
Movie/Stage Actor, Dancer, Singer, French, Italian
Names/Places: b. Italy; RN:Yvo Montand Livi; Simone Signoret's ex-hubby

🎭🎵Alan Scott -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/13/1922 N.S. d.2/5/2021 N.S. (98)
TV Host, Songwriter
TV Shows: Candid Camera (The 'You're on Candid Camera!' theme composer); Spin The Picture (host)

✍🎭Frank D. Gilroy -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/13/1925 N.S. d.9/12/2015 N.S. (89)
Screenwriter, Playwright, Movie Producer/Director
Misc: play:The Subject Was Roses

✍🎭Lenny Bruce -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/13/1925 d.8/3/1966 (40)
Author, Comedian
Names/Places: RN:Leonard Alfred Schneider

🎭William Jordan -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/13/1926 N.S. d.9/6/2018 N.S. (91)
Actor, Comedian, Impressionist
Misc: Imitated Ed Sullivan
TV Shows: Project UFO

✍🎭Bruce Geller -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/13/1930 d.5/21/1976 (45)
Screen/Scriptwriter, TV Producer
TV Shows: Mannix, Mission Impossible

🎭🎵Lilane Montevecchi -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/13/1932 N.S. d.6/29/2018 N.S. (85)
Actress, Dancer, Singer, French, Italian

🎭Jack Colvin -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/13/1934 d.12/1/2005 (71)
TV Shows: The Incredible Hulk (as Jack McGee)

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🎭Jim McMullan -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/13/1936 N.S. d.5/31/2019 N.S. (82)
TV Shows: Ben Casey (as Dr. Terry McDaniel), Chopper One

🎭Cliff Gorman -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/13/1936 d.9/5/2002 (65)
TV/Stage Actor, Jamaican

🎭🏆⛸Judi Meredith -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/13/1936 d.4/30/2014 N.S. (77)
Actress, Figure Skater
TV Shows: Burns & Allen Show

🎭Michael Smuin -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/13/1938 d.4/23/2007 (68)

🎭Pamela Tiffin -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/13/1942 N.S. d.12/4/2020 N.S. (78)

✍🎭Duncan Gibbons -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/13/1952 d.11/3/1993 (41)
Screen/Scriptwriter, Movie Director

🎭Kelly Preston -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/13/1962 N.S. d.7/12/2020 N.S. (57)
TV/Movie Actress
Names/Places: b. in Honolulu; John Travolta's wife
Misc: some say b. Oct 12 or 1963
TV Shows: For Love and Honor
Movie Titles: Twins, Jerry MaGuire, Addicted To Love, Jack Frost, For the Love of the Game, View From The Top

🎭Sir Henry Irving -- Death Anniversary -- b.2/6/1838 d.10/13/1905 (67)
Actor, English
Misc: Hamlet

🎭Ford Sterling -- Death Anniversary -- b.11/3/1882 d.10/13/1939 (56)
Movie Actor, Comedian
Movie Titles: Keystone Kops

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🎭Samuel S. Hinds -- Death Anniversary -- b.4/4/1875 d.10/13/1948 (73)
Movie Actor

🎭Millard Mitchell -- Death Anniversary -- b.8/14/1903 d.10/13/1953 (50)
Actor, Cuban
Movie Titles: 12 O'Clock High, Gunfighter

🎭Maya Deren -- Death Anniversary -- b.4/29/1917 d.10/13/1961 (44)

🎭Zoltan Korda -- Death Anniversary -- b.6/3/1895 d.10/13/1961 (66)
Movie Producer/Director, Hungarian
Movie Titles: Jungle Book, Four Feathers

🎭🎵Clifton Webb -- Death Anniversary -- b.11/19/1891 d.10/13/1966 (74)
Movie/Stage Actor, Dancer, Singer, Gay
Names/Places: b. in Indianapolis, IN; RN:Webb Parmalee Hollenbeck
Misc: some say b. 1893

🎭Bea Benaderet -- Death Anniversary -- b.4/4/1906 d.10/13/1968 (62)
TV/Radio Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress
Names/Places: Jim Bannon's wife, Jack Bannon's mom
TV Shows: Ozzie & Harriet (maid), My Favorite Husband, Burns & Allen (as Blanche Morton), The Flintstones (as Betty Rubble), Peter Loves Mary, The Beverly Hillbillies (as Cousin Pearl Bodine), Petticoat Junction (as Kate Bradley)

📰🎭Ed Sullivan -- Death Anniversary -- b.9/28/1902 d.10/13/1974 (72)
Hall of Famer, Journalist, Columnist, Variety Show Host
Names/Places: MN:Vincent; b. in Manhattan, New York
Misc: The Great Stone Face as the most famous variety show host in the history of TV on his own really big shew, The Ed Sullivan Show (aka The Toast of the Town); had twin bro Daniel who died within a year
TV Shows: Ed Sullivan Show (host)

🎭Jackie Condon -- Death Anniversary -- b.3/25/1918 d.10/13/1977 (59)
Movie Actor
TV Shows: Our Gang (as John)

🎭Clarence Muse -- Death Anniversary -- b.10/7/1889 d.10/13/1979 (90)
Movie Titles: Casablanca, Black Stallion

🎭André Van Gyseghem -- Death Anniversary -- b.8/18/1906 d.10/13/1979 (73)
Actor, English

🎭Nils Asther -- Death Anniversary -- b.1/17/1901 d.10/13/1981 (80)
Movie Actor, Swedish

✍🎭Melvyn Frank -- Death Anniversary -- b.8/13/1913 d.10/13/1988 (75)
Writer, Producer/Director

📰🎭Douglas Edwards -- Death Anniversary -- b.7/14/1917 d.10/13/1990 (73)
Hall of Famer, Newscaster, Journalist, TV Host, Game Show Host, Announcer
Names/Places: b. in Ada, OK
Misc: WWII correspondent
TV Shows: CBS Evening News (anchor #1), Masquerade Party, Armstrong Circle Theater

🎭John Hancock -- Death Anniversary -- b.3/4/1941 d.10/13/1992 (51)
TV/Movie/Stage Actor
Misc: d. Oct 12?
TV Shows: L.A. Law (as judge), Love & War (as Ike Johnson)

🎭Gwen Welles -- Death Anniversary -- b.3/4/1951 d.10/13/1993 (42)
Movie Actress

🎭Beryl Reid -- Death Anniversary -- b.6/17/1920 d.10/13/1996 (76)
Movie/Stage Actress, English

🎭Joyce Compton -- Death Anniversary -- b.1/27/1907 d.10/13/1997 (90)
Movie Actress

🎭Jean Peters -- Death Anniversary -- b.10/15/1926 d.10/13/2000 (73)
Movie Actress
Names/Places: b. in Canton, OH; Howard Hughes' wife
Movie Titles: Viva Zapata!, Apache, Deep Waters

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🎭Dennis Patrick -- Death Anniversary -- b.3/14/1918 d.10/13/2002 (84)
TV Shows: Dallas (as Vaughn Leland), Rituals

🎭Keene Curtis -- Death Anniversary -- b.2/15/1923 d.10/13/2002 (79)
TV/Stage Actor
TV Shows: The Magician (as Max), Amanda's

🎭Daniel Melnick -- Death Anniversary -- b.4/21/1932 d.10/13/2009 (77)
TV Producer
TV Shows: Get Smart

🎭🎵Al Martino -- Death Anniversary -- b.10/7/1927 d.10/13/2009 (82)
Movie Actor, Singer, Pianist
Names/Places: RN:Alfred Cini; b. in Philadelphia, PA

🎭Gary Collins -- Death Anniversary -- b.4/30/1938 d.10/13/2012 (74)
TV/Movie Actor, TV Talk Show Host
Names/Places: b. in Boston, Ma.; Mary Ann Mobley's hubby
TV Shows: The Wackiest Ship in the Army, The Sixth Sense, Born Free, Roots, Hour Magazine, Home

🎭Bruce Hyde -- Death Anniversary -- b.9/14/1941 d.10/13/2015 N.S. (74)
Educator, Actor
TV Shows: Star Trek (as Lt. Kevin Riley)

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