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Entertainment Today in Birthdays and Deaths by Age for November 6

Last Updated 11-10-2020

🎭Ted Hartley -- is 96 in the year 2020 and 97 in the year 2021; b.11/6/1924
Actor, Producer
Misc: some sources give b. 1935 or 1936
Movie Titles: High Plains Drifter, Barefoot in the Park, Race to Witch Mountain, A Late Quartet

🎭June Squibb -- is 91 in the year 2020 and 92 in the year 2021; b.11/6/1929 N.S.
Movie Titles: About Schmidt, Scent of a Woman, Meet Joe Black, Nebraska

🎭🎵🎸P. J. Proby -- is 82 in the year 2020 and 83 in the year 2021; b.11/6/1938
Hall of Famer, Actor, Songwriter, Tenor, Pop Singer, Rockabilly Singer
Names/Places: RN:James Marcus Smith

🎭Gregory Abels -- is 79 in the year 2020 and 80 in the year 2021; b.11/6/1941

⛪🎭Sally Field -- is 74 in the year 2020 and 75 in the year 2021; b.11/6/1946
Protestant, TV/Movie Actress
Names/Places: b. in Pasadena, CA; RLN:Mahoney; Alan Greisman's wife
TV Shows: Gidget (as Francine Gidget Lawrence 1965-66), The Flying Nun (as Sister Bertrille), Alias Smith & Jones (as Clementine Hale), Girl With Something Extra (as Sally), ER (as Maggie Wyczenski)
Movie Titles: Sybil, Norma Rae, Absence of Malice, Places in the Heart, Smokey & the Bandit, Steel Magnolias, Soapdish, Mrs. Doubtfire, Eye For An Eye

🎭🎵Judi Rolin -- is 74 in the year 2020 and 75 in the year 2021; b.11/6/1946
Actress, Singer

🎭Franchelle Stewart Dorn -- is 71 in the year 2020 and 72 in the year 2021; b.11/6/1949

🎭Stephen Bogart -- is 71 in the year 2020 and 72 in the year 2021; b.11/6/1949
Actor, Producer
Names/Places: Lauren Bacall & Humphrey's son
Movie Titles: Bogart: The Untold Story, Humphrey Bogart: You Must Remember This, This Last Lonely Place

✍🎭Ernest Thompson -- is 70 in the year 2020 and 71 in the year 2021; b.11/6/1950
Author, Screen/Scriptwriter, TV/Movie Actor, Director
TV Shows: Westside Medica, Sierra
Movie Titles: On Golden Pond, The West Side Waltz, 1969

🎭Nigel Havers -- is 69 in the year 2020 and 70 in the year 2021; b.11/6/1951 N.S.
Actor, English
TV Shows: Don't Wait Up (as Tom Latimer), Coronation Street
Movie Titles: Chariots of Fire

📰🎭Maria Owings Shriver -- is 65 in the year 2020 and 66 in the year 2021; b.11/6/1955
Newscaster, Correspondent, Journalist, TV Hostess, TV Talk Show Hostess
Names/Places: b. in Chicago, IL; Sgt. & Eunice Kennedy Shriver's daughter, JFK's niece, Arnold Schwarzenegger's wife
TV Shows: Sunday Today, Expose

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🎭🎵Lori Singer -- is 63 in the year 2020 and 64 in the year 2021; b.11/6/1957
Actress, Cellist
Names/Places: a twin; Corpus Christi, TX
Misc: some say b. 1961 or 1962
TV Shows: Fame (as Julie Miller), VR.5 (as Sydney Bloom)
Movie Titles: Footloose

🎭🏆Teri Peterson -- is 61 in the year 2020 and 62 in the year 2021; b.11/6/1959
Actress, Model, Playmate
Misc: July 1980

🎭Lance Kerwin -- is 60 in the year 2020 and 61 in the year 2021; b.11/6/1960
Misc: retired from acting in 1995
TV Shows: James at 15/16 (as James Hunter), Family Holvak
Movie Titles: Salem's Lot, Enemy Mine, Outbreak

🎭Angela Summers -- is 56 in the year 2020 and 57 in the year 2021; b.11/6/1964
XXX-rated actress, Dancer

✍🎭Brad Grunberg -- is 56 in the year 2020 and 57 in the year 2021; b.11/6/1964
Screenwriter, Actor
Movie Titles: Eagle Eye, Spider-Man (2002), The Men Who Stare at Goats, Austin Powers in Goldmember

🎭🎵🎸Corey Glover -- is 56 in the year 2020 and 57 in the year 2021; b.11/6/1964
Actor, Guitarist, Alternative Rock Singer
Group Names: Galactic, Living Colour

🎭Peter DeLuise -- is 54 in the year 2020 and 55 in the year 2021; b.11/6/1966
Actor, Producer/Director
Names/Places: Dom's son
TV Shows: Stargate SG-1, 21 Jump Street (as Doug Penhall), seaQuest DSV (as janitor Dagwood)

🎭Lisa Fuller -- is 54 in the year 2020 and 55 in the year 2021; b.11/6/1966
TV Shows: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Freshman Dorm
Movie Titles: The Monster Squad (1987), Teen Witch (1989), Earth Girls are Easy (1988)

🎭🎮Kae Araki -- is 54 in the year 2020 and 55 in the year 2021; b.11/6/1966
Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress, Video Game Voice Actress, Japanese
TV Shows: Before Green Gables, Sailor Moon
Movie Titles: Sailor Moon S The Movie, Sailor Moon Super S The Movie
Video Games: Capcon (series), Digimon Adventure, Cross Edge

🎭Kelly Rutherford -- is 52 in the year 2020 and 53 in the year 2021; b.11/6/1968
TV Shows: E-Ring, The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. (as Dixie Cousins), Melrose Place (as Megan Lewis), Gossip Girl (as Lily van der Woodsen)
Movie Titles: Scream 3

🎭Ethan Hawke -- is 50 in the year 2020 and 51 in the year 2021; b.11/6/1970
TV/Movie/Stage Actor
Movie Titles: Dead Poets Society, Reality Bites, Great Expectations, Snow Falling on Cedars, Taking Lives, Before Sunset, Assault on Precinct 13, Before The Devil Knows You're Dead

🎭Jason Gardiner -- is 49 in the year 2020 and 50 in the year 2021; b.11/6/1971 N.S.
Stage Producer, Choreographer, Austrian

🎭Thandie Newton -- is 48 in the year 2020 and 49 in the year 2021; b.11/6/1972
Actress, English
TV Shows: Rogue, Beloved, Westworld
Movie Titles: The Pursuit of Happyness, 2012 (2009), The Chronicles of Riddick, Crash, Mission: Impossible II

🎭🏆Rebecca Romijn-Stamos -- is 48 in the year 2020 and 49 in the year 2021; b.11/6/1972
Actress, TV Hostess, Model
Names/Places: LN:Stamos
TV Shows: MTV's House of Style
Movie Titles: X2: X-Men United, Godsend, X-Men: The Last Stand

🎭Susan Downey -- is 47 in the year 2020 and 48 in the year 2021; b.11/6/1973 N.S.
Movie Producer
Names/Places: RN: Susan Nicole Levin
Movie Titles: Iron Man 2, Sherlock Holmes, The Book of Eli, Mortal Kombat (series)

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🎭Zoe McLellan -- is 46 in the year 2020 and 47 in the year 2021; b.11/6/1974
TV Shows: JAG (as Jennifer Coates), NCIS: New Orleans (as Meredith Brody), Dirty Sexy Money
Movie Titles: Dungeons and Dragons, Mr. Holland's Opus

🎭Susan Calman -- is 46 in the year 2020 and 47 in the year 2021; b.11/6/1974 N.S.
Comedienne, Scottish

🎭💻Wiley Wiggins -- is 44 in the year 2020 and 45 in the year 2021; b.11/6/1976
Actor, Internet Website Blogger
Movie Titles: Dazed and Confused, Waking Life, The Faculty, Computer Chess

🎭Nicole Dubuc -- is 42 in the year 2020 and 43 in the year 2021; b.11/6/1978
Actress, Producer
TV Shows: Major Dad (as Robin Cooper McGillis), Transformers: Rescue Bots (writer), Miles from Tomorrowland (writer)

🎨🎭💻🎵Taryn Manning -- is 42 in the year 2020 and 43 in the year 2021; b.11/6/1978
Fashion Designer, Actress, Internet Video Actress, Songwriter, Singer/Guitarist
Group Names: Boomkat
TV Shows: Orange is the New Black

🎭🎮Ben Hogestyn -- is 39 in the year 2020 and 40 in the year 2021; b.11/6/1981
Actor, Video Game Voice Actor
Names/Places: Drake's stepson
Video Games: L.A. Noire

🎭Caroline Wilde -- is 37 in the year 2020 and 38 in the year 2021; b.11/6/1983
Misc: retired from acting in 1995

🎭Patina Miller -- is 36 in the year 2020 and 37 in the year 2021; b.11/6/1984
TV Shows: Madam Secretary (as Daisy Grant)
Movie Titles: The Hunger Games (series)

🎭Katie Leclere -- is 34 in the year 2020 and 35 in the year 2021; b.11/6/1986 N.S.
Actress, Producer
TV Shows: Switched at Birth
Movie Titles: Flying By

🎭Barrett Weed -- is 32 in the year 2020 and 33 in the year 2021; b.11/6/1988 N.S.
Stage Actress

🎭Emma Stone -- is 32 in the year 2020 and 33 in the year 2021; b.11/6/1988
Actress, Producer
TV Shows: Zombieland
Movie Titles: The Help, Easy A, Birdman, The Amazing Spider-Man (series)

🎭Shaina Magdayao -- is 31 in the year 2020 and 32 in the year 2021; b.11/6/1989 N.S.
Movie Actress, Phillipean

🎭Mercedes Kastner -- is 31 in the year 2020 and 32 in the year 2021; b.11/6/1989
Misc: retired from acting in 2000
TV Shows: Beverly Hills 90210 (as Erin Silver)
Movie Titles: Liar Liar, Timepiece

🎭🏆Pierson Fodé -- is 30 in the year 2020 and 31 in the year 2021; b.11/6/1990 N.S.
Actor, Model
Movie Titles: Indigenous

🎭Bowen Yang -- is 30 in the year 2020 and 31 in the year 2021; b.11/6/1990 N.S.
TV Shows: Saturday Night Live

🎭Hannah McCloud -- is 17 in the year 2020 and 18 in the year 2021; b.11/6/2003 N.S.

🎨🎭Michele Maika -- b.11/6/????
Fashion Designer, Actress
TV Shows: NYPD Blue (as Nadine DeMarco)
Movie Titles: The Dictator, Demolition University, Tammy and the T-Rex, 3 Strikes

🎭Ole Olsen -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/6/1892 d.1/26/1963 (70)
Movie Actor, Comedian, Vaudevillan
Names/Places: RFN:John Sigvard
Misc: of the Olsen & (Chic) Johnson popular knockabout comedy vaudeville Team; Bway smash:Hellzapoppin

🎭Francis Lederer -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/6/1899 d.5/25/2000 (100)
Movie Actor, Czech

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🎭🎵Juanita Hall -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/6/1901 d.2/28/1968 (66)
TV/Movie/Stage Actress, Singer
Movie Titles: South Pacific, Flower Drum Song, Enemies: A Love Story, Not Fade Away

🎭Gordon Westcott -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/6/1903 d.10/31/1935 (31)
Movie Actor

🎭June Marlowe -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/6/1903 d.3/10/1984 (80)
Movie Actress
Names/Places: RN:Gisella Goetten
Movie Titles: Our Gang (as teacher Miss Crabtree)

🎨🎭Stephen Bosustow -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/6/1911 d.7/4/1981 (69)
Animator, Movie Producer, Cartoon Producer, Canadian
Misc: founed United Productions of America

🎭Jonathan Harris -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/6/1914 d.11/3/2002 (87)
TV Shows: The Third Man (as Bradford Webster), Bill Dana Show (as Mr. Phillips), Lost in Space (as Dr. Zachary Smith)

🎭Ronnie Brody -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/6/1918 d.5/8/1991 (72)
Actor, British
Misc: d. May 9?

🎭Dorothy Meyer -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/6/1924 d.9/24/1987 (62)

✍⛪🎭Mike Nichols -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/6/1931 d.11/19/2014 (83)
Writer, Jewish, Actor, Comedian, Movie Producer/Director, Stage Director, German
Names/Places: b. in Berlin; RN:Michael Igor Peschkowsky; Diane Sawyer's hubby
Misc: of Nichols & (Elaine) May 1960s comedy duo
Movie Titles: The Graduate (director), Catch 22 (director), Biloxi Blues (director)

🎭Edward Yang -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/6/1947 d.6/29/2007 N.S. (59)
Filmmaker, Director, Chinese

🎭🎵🎸Glenn Frey -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/6/1948 d.1/18/2016 N.S. (67)
Hall of Famer, Actor, Music Producer, Songwriter, Classic Rock Singer, Rock & Roll Guitarist
Names/Places: b. in Detroit, MI
Group Names: The Eagles (through 1980), soloist
Song Titles: Take It Easy, Witchy Woman, Best of My Love, One of These Nights, Lyin' Eyes, Take It To The Limit, New Kid in Town, Hotel California, Life in the Fast Lane, Heartache tonight, The Long Run, I Can't Tell You Why (previous titles as lead of The Eagles), The One You Love, Sexy Girl, The Heat is On, Smuggler's Blues (which inspired a Miami Vice episode), You Belong to the City, True Love
Album Titles: Eagles, Desperado, On The Border, One of These Nights, Hotel California, The Long Run (previous titles as lead of The Eagles), No Fun Aloud, The Allnighter
TV Shows: South of Sunset (TV bomb)

🎭Brad Davis -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/6/1949 d.9/8/1991 (41)
TV/Movie/Stage Actor
TV Shows: Roots, Chiefs
Movie Titles: Midnight Express, Chariots of Fire

✍🎭John Falsey -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/6/1951 N.S. d.1/3/2019 N.S. (67)
Screenwriter, TV Producer
TV Shows: St. Elsewhere (creator), I'll Fly Away (creator), Northern Exposure (creator), Amazing Stories (writer), A Year in the Life (writer), The White Shadow (production staff)

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🎭Mario Wallenda -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/6/1956 d.3/5/1993 (36)
Entertainment Figure
Names/Places: Karl's grandson
Misc: High wire artist

🎭Rebecca Schaeffer -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/6/1967 d.7/18/1989 (21)
TV Shows: My Sister Sam (as Patti Russell)

🎭Samuel Phelps -- Death Anniversary -- b.2/13/1804 d.11/6/1878 (74)
Actor, English

🎭W. J. Lemoyne -- Death Anniversary -- b.4/29/1831 d.11/6/1905 (74)
Stage Actor

🎭🎵R. P. Weston -- Death Anniversary -- b.??/??/1878 d.11/6/1936
Comedian, Songwriter, British
Misc: comic songs

🎭Sir Johnston Forbes-Robertson -- Death Anniversary -- b.1/16/1853 d.11/6/1937 (84)
Stage Actor, English
Misc: greatest Hamlet of his time

🎭Paul Kelly -- Death Anniversary -- b.8/9/1899 d.11/6/1956 (57)
TV/Movie/Stage Actor

📰🎭🎵🎷Clarence I Williams -- Death Anniversary -- b.10/8/1898 d.11/6/1965 (67)
Publisher, Director, Arranger, Composer, Singer, Pianist, Bandleader, Jazz Musician
Misc: some say 1893

🎭Murray Roman -- Death Anniversary -- b.3/8/1929 N.S. d.11/6/1973 N.S. (44)

✍🎭🏆🏁🏊Annette Kellermann -- Death Anniversary -- b.7/6/1887 N.S. d.11/6/1975 N.S. (88)
Hall of Famer, Writer, Movie Actress, Vaudevillaness, Swimmer, Australian
Names/Places: NN: The Million Dollar Mermaid

🎭Flora Campbell -- Death Anniversary -- b.8/1/1911 d.11/6/1978 (67)
TV Shows: Faraway Hill (TV's first Soap Opera)

🎭Lou Gilbert -- Death Anniversary -- b.8/1/1909 d.11/6/1978 (69)
Names/Places: RLN:Gitlitz

🎭Mary Michael -- Death Anniversary -- b.??/??/1903 d.11/6/1980 (77)

🎭Joel Crothers -- Death Anniversary -- b.1/28/1941 d.11/6/1985 (44)
Soap Actor
TV Shows: Edge Of Night, Dark Shadows, Santa Barbara

🎭John Hubbard -- Death Anniversary -- b.4/14/1923 d.11/6/1988 (74)
Movie Actor

🎭Gene Tierney -- Death Anniversary -- b.11/19/1920 d.11/6/1991 (70)
Movie Actress
Names/Places: b. in Brooklyn; Oleg Cassini's ex-wife
Misc: 1940s-50s Hollywood lovely; d. 11-7?
Movie Titles: Scruples

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🎭Mark Rosenberg -- Death Anniversary -- b.10/22/1948 d.11/6/1992 (44)
Movie Producer

🎭Aneta Corsaut -- Death Anniversary -- b.11/3/1933 d.11/6/1995 (62)
TV Shows: Gertrude Berg, Andy Griffith Show (as Helen Crump), House Calls (as Head Nurse Bradley)

🎭Bobo Lewis -- Death Anniversary -- b.5/14/1926 d.11/6/1998 (72)

🎭Robert Lang -- Death Anniversary -- b.9/24/1934 d.11/6/2004 (70)
Actor, English

✍🎭Hal Kanter -- Death Anniversary -- b.12/18/1918 d.11/6/2011 (92)
Comedy Writer, TV Producer/Director, Movie Producer/Director

🎨✍🎭Clive Dunn -- Death Anniversary -- b.1/9/1920 d.11/6/2012 (92)
Artist, Author, Actor, Comedian, English

🎭Carole Mathews -- Death Anniversary -- b.9/13/1920 d.11/6/2014 N.S. (94)
TV Shows: The Californians

📰🎭Ken Spears -- Death Anniversary -- b.3/12/1938 N.S. d.11/6/2020 N.S. (82)
Editor, Cartoon Producer
Names/Places: RN: Charles Kenneth Spears
Misc: co-founded Ruby-Spears Productions with Joe Ruby
TV Shows: Scooby-Doo (co-creator), Jabberjaw (co-creator), "Dynomutt, Dog Wonder" (co-creator), Plastic Man (co-producer), Saturday Supercade (co-producer), Mister T (co-creator), Alvin and the Chipmunks (co-creator)

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