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History of Daytime TV Schedules


Welcome to the History of Weekday Daytime Network Television Schedules

On this section, we include known weekday daytime network schedules for ABC, CBS, and NBC.

We also include special schedules for Pacific Time Zone viewers for the networks where needed since parts of the schedules of ABC, CBS, and NBC on the West coast don't always match the scheduling pattern of the Central time zone.

Only reliable sources are used. WikiPedia is avoided due to too many unresourced facts used in the articles, many of which don't accurately give the ABC Daytime schedule for the Pacific Time Zone between 1974 and 1980 correctly. See ABC Pacific Time Zone Schedules 1974-1980 for more.

Please feel free to contribute to this museum of TV listings past. Send a postcard to the address below.

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History note about the earliest known coast to coast broadcast: On September 4, 1951, President Harry S. Truman’s opening speech before a conference in San Francisco is broadcast across the nation, marking the first time a television program was broadcast from coast to coast. The speech focused on Truman’s acceptance of a treaty that officially ended America’s post-World War II occupation of Japan. Source: President Truman makes first transcontinental television broadcast. This event might have been the first time the then-early-four broadcast networks could beam their programming from the right coast across the nation to the left coast. What is not yet known is when the four broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, Dumont) began regular transmissions of their Pacific Time Zone feeds from possibly Los Angeles, California, that would feed their affiliates in the Pacific Time Zone.

NBC picked up the show "Queen for a Day" for national broadcast from January 2, 1956 to September 2, 1960, and aired it live across the nation (1:30 PST in Los Angeles and 4:30 EST in New York). It may have been possible that Pacific Time zone feeds were already working by then since many NBC shows aired on a different pattern there. What pattern the TV stations in the Pacific time zone used is unknown and is being researched.

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