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The Big Datebook for October 14

Last Updated 02-18-2021

🎵Gary Graffman -- is 93 in the year 2021 and 94 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1928
Teacher, Pianist

🎭🏆Jacqueline Beer -- is 89 in the year 2021 and 90 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1932
TV Actress, Beauty Pagent Winner, French
Misc: retired from acting in 1979; 1954 Miss France
TV Shows: 77 Sunser Strip (as Suzanne Fabray)
Movie Titles: Pillow Talk, The Prize, Made in Paris

🏆🥊John "Jack" Lanza -- is 86 in the year 2021 and 87 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1935 N.S.
Hall of Famer, Wrestler
Names/Places: ring name: Blackjack Lanza

🎭Carroll Ballard -- is 84 in the year 2021 and 85 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1937
Director, Cameraperson, Cinematographer
Movie Titles: Duma, Never Cry Wolf, The Black Stallion, Fly Away Home

✍⚖John Wesley Dean III -- is 83 in the year 2021 and 84 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1938 N.S.
Author, Presidential Aide, Attorney
Misc: ex-White House counsel; Watergate figure

🎭🎵Melba Montgomery -- is 83 in the year 2021 and 84 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1938
Actress, Country Singer
Misc: AP says b. 1937

🏆🏌Rocky Thompson -- is 82 in the year 2021 and 83 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1939

🎨⛪Ralph Lauren -- is 82 in the year 2021 and 83 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1939
Fashion Designer, Jewish
Names/Places: RLN:Lipshitz

🎭Pat Finley -- is 81 in the year 2021 and 82 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1940
TV Shows: The Funny Side, From a Bird's Eye View, The Rockford Files, Bob Newhart Show (as Ellen Hartley)

🏆🏌J. C. Snead -- is 81 in the year 2021 and 82 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1940

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🎭🎵Sir Cliff Richard -- is 81 in the year 2021 and 82 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1940
Actor, Composer/Songwriter, Guitarist, Pop Singer, India
Names/Places: RN:Harold Roger Webb
Misc: England superstar with 100 charted U.K. hits and 10 #1 U.K. hits
Song Titles: Living Doll, Move It (with the Drifters), Devil Woman, We Don't Talk Anymore, Dreamin', A Little in Love, Give a Little Bit More

🏆🏈🏁Jerry Glanville -- is 80 in the year 2021 and 81 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1941
Sportscaster, NFL Coach, NFL Player, Auto Racer

🏆🏁🏊🏉Laurie Joseph Lawrence -- is 80 in the year 2021 and 81 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1941 N.S.
Hall of Famer, Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Rugby Player, Australian
Misc: Swimming Coach

🎵🎸Billy Harrison -- is 79 in the year 2021 and 80 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1942
Rock & Roll Bassist
Group Names: Them

🏆🏈Lance Rentzel -- is 78 in the year 2021 and 79 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1943
NFL Runningback

🎭Udo Kier -- is 77 in the year 2021 and 78 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1944
Actor, Director, German
Movie Titles: Blade, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Shadow of the Vampire, Melancholia, Warhol Dracula, Warhol Frankenstein

🎭Lesley Joseph -- is 76 in the year 2021 and 77 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1945 N.S.
Actress, English
TV Shows: Birds of a Feather (as Dorien Green)

🎵Colin Hodgkinson -- is 76 in the year 2021 and 77 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1945
Singer, Bassist, British
Misc: sessioned for Mick Jagger, Whitesnake and other bands

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🎵🎸Justin Hayward -- is 75 in the year 2021 and 76 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1946
Hall of Famer, Songwriter, Bassist, Pianist, Rock & Roll Singer/Guitarist, English
Group Names: The Moody Blues, soloist

🎵🎸Dan McCafferty -- is 75 in the year 2021 and 76 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1946
Songwriter, Hard Rock Singer, Scottish
Group Names: Nazareth

🏆🏈Charlie Joyner -- is 74 in the year 2021 and 75 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1947
Hall of Famer, NFL Coach, NFL Wide Receiver
Misc: 750 receptions for 12,146 yards and 65 TDs; played more seasons receiving than any NFL player
Sports Teams: Houston Oilers (1969-1972), Cincinnati Bengals (1972-1975), San Diego Chargers (player 1976-1986, coach 1987-1991), Buffalo Bills (coach 1992-2000), Kansas City Chiefs (coach 2001-2007), San Diego Chargers (coach 2008-2012)

🎵Marcia Barrett -- is 73 in the year 2021 and 74 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1948
Disco Singer, Jamaican
Group Names: Boney M

🎭Thomas Leopold -- is 72 in the year 2021 and 73 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1949
Actor, Producer
TV Shows: Ted Knight Show, Steve Allen Show (1980), Cheers, Ellen, Caroline in the City, Will and Grace, Hope and Faith

🏆🏒Dave Schultz -- is 72 in the year 2021 and 73 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1949
NHL Coach, NHL Player, Canadian
Names/Places: NN:The Hammer

🏆🏁🚲Sheila Young -- is 71 in the year 2021 and 72 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1950
Auto Racer, Bicyclist, Speed Skater, Olympic Athlete
Names/Places: LN:Ochowicz
Misc: Speed skater-cyclist; first U.S. athlete to win 3 medals at Winter Olympics (1976); won speed skating overall and sprint cycling world titles in 1976.

🏆Jill Taylor -- is 70 in the year 2021 and 71 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1951 N.S.
Model, Playmate
Misc: January 1970

🎵Chris Amoo -- is 69 in the year 2021 and 70 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1952
Music Producer, Songwriter, Singer, English
Group Names: Real Thing

🎭Greg Evigan -- is 68 in the year 2021 and 69 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1953
TV/Stage Actor
Names/Places: b. in South Amboy, NJ
Misc: stage: Jesus Christ Superstar, Grease
TV Shows: BJ & the Bear (as BJ McCoy), My Two Dads (as Joey Harris), P.S.I. Luv U (as Cody), TekWar (as Jake Cardigan), Melrose Place, Pacific Palisades

✍🎭Arleen Sorkin -- is 66 in the year 2021 and 67 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1955 N.S.
Writer, Actress, Variety Show Hostess, Producer
TV Shows: Days of Our Lives (as Calliope Bradford Jones), Duet (as Geneva), Open House (as Geneva), America's Funniest People

🏆🏌Beth Daniel -- is 65 in the year 2021 and 66 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1956
Hall of Famer, Golfer

🎵🎸Thomas Dolby -- is 63 in the year 2021 and 64 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1958
Music Producer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Synthesizer, New Wave Singer, New Wave Keybordist, British, Egyptian
Names/Places: FN:Thomas Morgan Dolby Robertson; Kathleen Beller's hubby
Misc: Master of Computer generated music & videos he directed; NOT an originator of Dolby sound
Song Titles: She Blinded Me With Science, Europa, Hyperactive

🎭Melanie Wilson -- is 60 in the year 2021 and 61 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1961
TV Actress
Names/Places: Meg Brown & Dick's daughter
TV Shows: Perfect Strangers (as Jennifer Lyon)

🎨Isaac Mizrahi -- is 60 in the year 2021 and 61 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1961
Fashion Designer

✍🎭Lori Petty -- is 58 in the year 2021 and 59 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1963
Screen/Scriptwriter, Movie Actress, Movie Director
TV Shows: Orange is the New Black (as Lolly Whitehill)
Movie Titles: Tank Girl, Free Willy, Point Break, A League of Their Own

🏆🏈Keith Byars -- is 58 in the year 2021 and 59 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1963
Football Announcer, NFL Runningback

🎭🏆Jim Rome -- is 57 in the year 2021 and 58 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1964
Radio Talk Show Host, Sports Commentator

🏆⚾Joe Girardi -- is 57 in the year 2021 and 58 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1964
MLB Manager, MLB Coach, MLB Catcher

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🎭Steve Coogan -- is 56 in the year 2021 and 57 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1965
Actor, Movie Actor, Voice Actor, Comedian, Impressionist, English
Movie Titles: Around The World in 80 Days (2004), Night at the Museum, Tropic Thunder, Philomena, Despicable Me 2, Minions, Night at the Museum

🎵Karyn White -- is 56 in the year 2021 and 57 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1965
Rhythm and Blues Singer, Soul Singer, New Jack Swing Singer
Misc: some say b. 1964
Song Titles: Superwoman, Secret Rendezvous, The Way You Love Me, Romantic

🎭Edward Kerr -- is 55 in the year 2021 and 56 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1966
TV Shows: seaQuest DSV (as Lt. James Brody), Pretty Little Liars (as Pastor Ted Wilson), What I Like About You (as Rick)
Movie Titles: Men in Trees

🏆⚾Dave Hajek -- is 54 in the year 2021 and 55 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1967
MLB Player

🏆⚾Pat Kelly -- is 54 in the year 2021 and 55 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1967
MLB Second Baseman
Sports Teams: New York Yankees

🏆🏒Sylvain Lefebvre -- is 54 in the year 2021 and 55 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1967
NHL Coach, NHL Player, Canadian

🏆🏈Gene Williams -- is 53 in the year 2021 and 54 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1968
NFL Guard

🏆⚽Matthew Le Tissier -- is 53 in the year 2021 and 54 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1968
Hall of Famer, Sports Commentator, Soccer Player, English
Misc: Guernsey; attacking midfielder; football television presenter

🏆🏀P. J. Brown -- is 52 in the year 2021 and 53 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1969
NBA Player

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🎭Jon Seda -- is 51 in the year 2021 and 52 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1970
TV Shows: Homicide: Life On The Street, Third Watch (as Matty Caffey), Kevin Hill (as Dame), Chicago P.D. (as Antonio Dawson)
Movie Titles: Bad Boys II, Primal Fear, Twelve Monkeys, 12 Monkeys

🎭Paul Fitzgerald -- is 51 in the year 2021 and 52 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1970
Actor, Director
TV Shows: Younger
Movie Titles: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Forgiven, Arbitrage

🏆🏀Jimmy Jackson -- is 51 in the year 2021 and 52 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1970
NBA Guard

🎵Doug Virden -- is 51 in the year 2021 and 52 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1970
Violinist, Country Musician
Group Names: Sons of the Desert

🏆🏈Derrick Rodgers -- is 50 in the year 2021 and 51 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1971
NFL Linebacker

🏆🏈Frank Wycheck -- is 50 in the year 2021 and 51 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1971
Sports Commentator, NFL Tight End

🏆🏈J. J. Smith -- is 49 in the year 2021 and 50 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1972
NFL Player

🏆🏈Mike Archie -- is 49 in the year 2021 and 50 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1972
NFL Runningback

🏆🏀DeJuan Wheat -- is 48 in the year 2021 and 49 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1973
NBA Player

🎵Dana Glover -- is 47 in the year 2021 and 48 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1974
Songwriter, Singer

🎵Natalie Maines -- is 47 in the year 2021 and 48 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1974 N.S.
Country Singer
Group Names: Dixie Chicks

🎵Shaznay Lewis -- is 46 in the year 2021 and 47 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1975
Songwriter, Rhythm and Blues Singer, English
Names/Places: RN: Tricia Marie Lewis
Group Names: All Saints

🎭Stephen Hill -- is 45 in the year 2021 and 46 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1976 N.S.
TV Shows: Magnum P.I. (2018 version)

🎵Usher -- is 43 in the year 2021 and 44 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1978 N.S.
Rhythm and Blues Singer
Names/Places: RN:Usher Raymond IV

🎭🏆🥊Stacy Keibler -- is 42 in the year 2021 and 43 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1979
Actress, Personality, Dancer, Wrestler, Model
Sports Teams: Baltomore Ravens (former cheerleader)
TV Shows: Dancing with the Stars

🎭Ben Whishaw -- is 41 in the year 2021 and 42 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1980
Actor, English
Movie Titles: Spectre, Cloud Atlas, Skyfall

🎭Sylver Gregory -- is 41 in the year 2021 and 42 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1980
Actress, French
TV Shows: The Sinbad Show, Law and Order, The Royal Family (as Kim Royal)

🎭Jordan Brower -- is 40 in the year 2021 and 41 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1981
TV Shows: Social Studies, Teen Angel (as Jordan Lubell)
Movie Titles: Speedway Junky, The Big Green, Forest Warrior

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🎭Benh Zeitlin -- is 39 in the year 2021 and 40 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1982

🏆⚾🏈Brandon Weeden -- is 38 in the year 2021 and 39 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1983 N.S.
MLB Pitcher, NFL Quarterback
Sports Teams: Oklahoma State, New York Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers, Cleveland Browns

🏆⚽Alex Scott -- is 37 in the year 2021 and 38 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1984 N.S.
Hall of Famer, Soccer Player, English

🏆🏈Justin Forsett -- is 36 in the year 2021 and 37 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1985 N.S.
NFL Runningback
Sports Teams: California Golden Bears, Seattle Seahawks, Baltimore Ravens

🎭Skyler Shaye -- is 35 in the year 2021 and 36 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1986 N.S.
Movie Titles: Bratz: The Movie, Baby Geniuses (series)

🏆🏀Wesley Matthews -- is 35 in the year 2021 and 36 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1986 N.S.
NBA Player
Sports Teams: Utah Jazz, Portland Trail Blazers, Dallas Mavericks

Rachael Ann Weiss -- is 34 in the year 2021 and 35 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1987
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Kathleen Turner & Jay Weiss's daughter

✍🎭Jay Pharoah -- is 34 in the year 2021 and 35 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1987
Comedy Writer, Actor, Comedian
TV Shows: Saturday Night Live
Movie Titles: Ride Aloong, Top Five, Lola Versus

🏆⚾Kole Calhoun -- is 34 in the year 2021 and 35 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1987 N.S.
MLB Right Fielder
Misc: Gold Glove; active as of 2015

🎭Mackenzie Mauzy -- is 33 in the year 2021 and 34 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1988
TV Shows: Forever (as Abigail Morgan)
Movie Titles: Into the Woods, Brother's Keeper

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🎭Max Thieriot -- is 33 in the year 2021 and 34 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1988 N.S.
Actor, Director
TV Shows: Bates Motel (as Dylan Massett), SEAL Team (as Clay Spenser)
Movie Titles: The Pacifier, Jumper, House at the End of the Street, Chloe

🎵Pia Toscano -- is 33 in the year 2021 and 34 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1988 N.S.
Pop Singer
TV Shows: American Idol (finalist)

🎭Owen Joseph Kline -- is 30 in the year 2021 and 31 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1991
Actor, Producer
Names/Places: Phoebe Cates & Kevin's son
Movie Titles: The Squid and The Whale, The Anniversary Party

🏆🏈Jared Goff -- is 27 in the year 2021 and 28 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1994 N.S.
NFL Quarterback

Chelsea Bostwick -- is 25 in the year 2021 and 26 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1996
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Sherri Ellen and Barry's daughter

Henry Owen Stills -- is 25 in the year 2021 and 26 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1996
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Kirsten and Stephen's son

Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon -- is 25 in the year 2021 and 26 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1996
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: aka Lourdes Leon; Madonna and Carlos' daughter; NN:The undisputed baby birth of the century!

Christian Gerald Ford -- is 24 in the year 2021 and 25 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1997
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Juliann and Jack's son, former President's grandson

Maxwell Bradley Garrett -- is 23 in the year 2021 and 24 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1998
Celebrity Son
Names/Places: Jill Diven and Brad's son

🎭Daniel Roche -- is 22 in the year 2021 and 23 in the year 2022; b.10/14/1999 N.S.
Actor, English
TV Shows: Outnumbered

🎭Mekai Curtis -- is 21 in the year 2021 and 22 in the year 2022; b.10/14/2000 N.S.
TV Shows: Kirby Buckets (as Fish)
Movie Titles: "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day"

🎭Rowan Blanchard -- is 20 in the year 2021 and 21 in the year 2022; b.10/14/2001
TV Shows: Girl Meets World (as Riley Matthews)
Movie Titles: The Back-up Plan, Invisible Sister, Spy Kids: All th eTime in the World

Finley Faith Sehorn -- is 18 in the year 2021 and 19 in the year 2022; b.10/14/2003
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Angie Harmon and Jason's daughter

Neve O'Brien -- is 18 in the year 2021 and 19 in the year 2022; b.10/14/2003
Celebrity Daughter
Names/Places: Liza and Conan's daughter

Grover The Muppet -- b.10/14/????
General Fictious Character
TV Shows: Sesame Street

🎨Alesso Baldovinetti -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1425 O.S. d.8/29/1499 O.S. (73)
Artist, Italian
Misc: Was an Italian early Renaissance painter.

👑King James II Of Great Britian -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1633 J-LD d.9/6/1701 J-LD (67) or 9/17/1701 N.S. (67)
Names/Places: Brother of Charles II
Misc: also King James VII of Scotland; reigned 1685-88

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⚛⛪⚖William Penn -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1644 J-LD or 10/24/1644 N.S. d.7/30/1718 (73)
Hall of Famer, Pioneer, Quaker, Colonist, English
Misc: Pennsylvania founder

George Grenville -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1712 d.11/13/1770 (58)
Politician, English
Misc: his policy of taxing the American colonies, initiated by his Revenue Act of 1764 and the Stamp Act of 1765, started the train of events leading to the American Revolution.

🎖⚖Francis Lightfoot Lee -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1734 d.1/11/1797 (62)
Revolutionary, Statesman
Misc: Declaration of Independence signer

👑King Ferdinand VII Of Spain -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1784 N.S. d.9/29/1833 N.S. (48)
King, Spanish
Misc: ruled March 1808-1830

Sir Edward Sabine -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1788 d.6/26/1883 (94)
Astronomer, Explorer, Geophysicist, English
Misc: determined the shape of the Earth and studied the Earth's magnetic field.

Elwood Haynes -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1857 d.4/13/1925 (67)
Misc: built one of the first U.S. autos

🎨Benjamin West Clinedinst -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1859 N.S. d.9/12/1931 N.S. (71)
Artist, Illustrator, Painter, American

🏆🎾Lawrence Doherty -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1872 d.12/29/1910 (38)
Hall of Famer, Tennis Player, English

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🏆Raymond C. Ewry -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1873 d.9/29/1937 (63)
Olympic Athlete, Track and Field
Misc: won 8 gold medals, 1900, 04, & 08 Olympics

Éamon de Valera -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1882 d.8/29/1975 (92)
Head of State, Prime Minister
Misc: Ireland's first Prime minister, active revolutionary, led 1916 Easter Rebellion, founded Fianna Fail Party, took Ireland out of Commonwealth and renamed Eire, born in New York, N.Y.; one of Ireland's most prominent figures in its quest for independence; d. at a nursing home near Dublin

🏆🥊Jack Britton -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1885 N.S. d.3/27/1962 N.S. (76)
Hall of Famer, Boxer

🎵Spencer Williams -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1889 d.7/14/1965 (75)
Composer, Singer, Pianist

🎖⚖🏆🏌Dwight David "Ike" Eisenhower -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1890 N.S. d.3/28/1969 N.S. (78)
Hall of Famer, General, President, Golfer
Names/Places: b. in Denison, TX
Misc: 34th U.S. President (1953-61); WWII 5-star Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Europe; on a $1 coin; in the Golf Hall of Fame

🎭Lillian Gish -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1893 d.2/27/1993 (99)
TV/Movie/Stage Actress, Stuntwoman
Names/Places: b. in Springfield, OH; Dorothy's sister; RN:Lillian de Guiche
Misc: some say b. in 1896
Movie Titles: Birth of a Nation

e. e. cummings -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1894 d.9/3/1962 (67)
Poet, American
Names/Places: b. in Cambridge, Mass.; FN:Edward Estlin
Misc: this is one man who could benefit from capital punishment

⚖💰Maurice Pate -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1894 d.1/19/1965 (70)
Government Official, Businessperson, Humanitarian
Misc: first UNICEF director

🎭Bud Flanagan -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1896 d.10/20/1968 (72)
Comedian, English
Names/Places: RN:Robert Winthrop
Misc: of Flanagan & Allen

🏆⚾Oscar Charleston -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1896 N.S. d.10/5/1954 N.S. (57)
Hall of Famer, Baseball Manager, Baseball Player
Misc: Negro Leagues star
Sports Teams: Indianapolis ABCs (1915-1918), Lincoln Stars (1916), Chicago American Giants (1919), Detroit Stars (1919), Indianapolis ABCs (1920), St. Louis Giants (1921), Indianapolis ABCs (1922-1923), Harrisburg Giants (1924-1927), Hilldale Club (1928-1929), Homestead Grays (1930-1931), Pittsburgh Crawfords (1932-1937), Toledo Crawfords (1939), Indianapolis Crawfords (1940), Philadelphia Stars (1941)

🎵"Red" McKenzie -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1899 d.2/7/1948 (48)
Singer, Blues-Jazz Performer
Misc: played comb-with-tissue-paper with a kazoo-like sound

💰W. Edwards Deming -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1900 d.12/20/1993 (93)
Names/Places: RFN:William
Misc: helped Japan after WWII

🏆🏈Harry Stuhldreher -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1901 d.1/26/1965 (63)
College Football Player
Sports Teams: University of Notre Dame (one of the Four Horsemen)

✍📰Eugene Fodor -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1905 d.2/18/1991 (85)
Author, Publisher, Hungarian
Book Titles: Fodor's travel guides

🎭Russell Thorson -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1906 d.7/6/1982 (75)
TV/Radio Actor
Misc: Radio mysteries
TV Shows: One Man's Family (as Paul Barbour), The Detectives (as Lt. Otto Lindstrom)

🏆🏁🏊Katsuo Takaishi -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1906 N.S. d.4/13/1966 N.S. (59)
Hall of Famer, Swimmer, Olympic Athlete, Japanese
Misc: Swimming Coach; Sports Administrator

🏆Barend Barendse -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1907 d.2/5/1981 (73)

🎭Pert Kelton -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1907 d.10/30/1968 (61)
TV/Movie/Stage Actress
TV Shows: Jackie Gleason Show (the very first Alice in The Honeymooners sketches), Cavalcade of Stars

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⚛🎭🎵Allan Jones -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1907 d.6/27/1992 (84)
Dentist, Movie/Stage Actor, Tenor
Names/Places: b. in Old Forge, PA; Jim & Jack's dad; Irene Hervey's hubby
Misc: some say b. 1908
Song Titles: Donkey Serenade
Movie Titles: A Day at the Races, Showboat

George Harold Brown -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1908 d.12/11/1987 (79)
Misc: electrical engineer who made major contributions to the development of radio and television broadcast antennas.

🏆🏀John Wooden -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1910 d.6/4/2010 (99)
Hall of Famer, College Basketball Player, College Basketball Coach
Names/Places: MN: Robert; NN:The Wizard of Westwood
Misc: college Player of Year at Purdue in 1932; coached UCLA to 10 national titles (1964-65,67-73,75); only member of Basketball Hall of Fame inducted as player and coach. As player: Helms Foundation All-America (Purdue, 1930-32); Helms Foundation Player of the Year (1932); National championship (Purdue, 1932); All-NBL First Team (1938); in the Basketball and College Basketball Halls of Fame
Sports Teams: Purdue (as player, 1929-1932), Indiana State (coach, 1946-1948), UCLA (coach, 1948-1975)

🎖⚖Le Duc Tho -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1911 d.10/13/1990 (78)
Revolutionary, General, Politician, Diplomat, Vietnamese

🏆⚾Harry "The Cat" Brecheen -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1914 d.1/17/2004 (89)
MLB Pitcher

Dr. Charles Everett Koop -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1916 d.2/25/2013 (96)
Government Official
Misc: ex-surgeon gen'l; looks like Dr. Demento

🏆🎾Thelma Long -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1918 d.4/13/2015 N.S. (96)
Hall of Famer, Tennis Player, Australian

🎵Jimmy Liggins -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1922 d.7/18/1983 (60)
Singer/Guitarist, Bandleader
Song Titles: Drunk (his biggest hit)

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🎭Robert Webber -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1924 d.5/17/1989 (64)
TV/Movie Actor
Misc: some say b. in 1928
TV Shows: Moonlighting (as Alex), 79 Park Avenue

🎖Ramón Castro Ruz -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1924 N.S. d.2/23/2016 N.S. (91)
Revolutionary, Celebrity Relative, Cuban
Names/Places: Angel's son, brother of Fidel and Raul

🎵🎷John Graas -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1924 d.4/13/1962 (37)
Jazz Performer
Misc: French hornist

🎵Bill Justis -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1926 d.7/15/1982 (55)
Music Producer, Arranger, Songwriter, Singer, Alto-sax

⛪🎭Sir Roger Moore -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1927 N.S. d.5/23/2017 N.S. (89)
Protestant, TV/Movie Actor, English
Names/Places: b. in London
TV Shows: Ivanhoe, The Alaskans, Maverick (as Cousin Beauregard Maverick), The Saint (as Simon Templar)
Movie Titles: Live and Let Die, The Man with the Golden Gun, The Spy Who Loved Me, Moonraker, For Your Eyes Only, Octopussy, A View to a Kill, Shout at the Devil, North Sea Hijack

🎵Kenny Roberts -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1927 d.4/29/2012 (84)
Yodeler, Country Singer

🎵Robert Parker -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1930 N.S. d.1/19/2020 N.S. (89)
Singer, Saxophonist, Bandleader
Misc: sessioned for Professor Longhair, Joe Tex and Ernie K-Doe
Song Titles: Bare Footin'

🎭Noreen Corcoran -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1943 d.1/15/2016 N.S. (72)
Actress, Dancer
TV Shows: Bachelor Father (as Kelly Gregg)

🏆🏈Bob Kuechenberg -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1947 N.S. d.1/12/2019 N.S. (71)
NFL Guard
Misc: Super Bowl VI, VII, VIII, XVII
Sports Teams: Miami Dolphins

🏆🥊Josip Nikolai Peruzović -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1947 N.S. d.7/29/2018 N.S. (70)
Hall of Famer, Wrestler
Names/Places: ring name: Nikolai Volkoff

🎵Norman Harris -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1947 d.3/20/1987 (39)
Guitarist, Rhythm and Blues Performer
Group Names: the O'Jays

🏆Nikolai Andrianov -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1952 N.S. d.3/21/2011 N.S. (58)
Gymnast, Olympic Athlete, Russian
Misc: Olympic-gold-1972, 76, 80; one of two men to win six individual Olympic gold medals: four gold, two silver, one bronze-1976

🎭Harry Anderson -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1952 N.S. d.4/16/2018 N.S. (65)
Actor, Comedian, Magician/Illusionist
Names/Places: b. in Newport, RI
Misc: some say b. 1949
TV Shows: Night Court (as Judge Harry T. Stone), Dave's World (as Dave Barry)

🎭Elizabeth Sung -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1954 N.S. d.5/22/2018 N.S. (63)
Actress, Movie Director, Hong Kong

🎵🎸A. J. Pero -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1959 d.3/20/2015 (55)
Heavy Metal Drummer
Group Names: Twisted Sister

🎭Trevor Goddard -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1962 d.6/7/2003 (40)
TV Shows: Jag (as Cmdr. Mic Brumby 1998-2001)

🏆🏀Dwayne Schintzius -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1968 d.4/15/2012 N.S. (43)
NBA Player

🎭David Strickland -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1969 d.3/22/1999 (29)
Misc: some say b. 1970
TV Shows: Suddenly Susan (as Todd)

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🎭Rori King -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1970 d.5/10/2015 N.S. (44)
Misc: retired from acting in 1982
TV Shows: Angie (as Melody), Bosom Buddies, I'm a Big Girl Now (as Becky)

George Floyd -- Birth Anniversary -- b.10/14/1973 N.S. d.5/25/2020 N.S. (46)
Misc: George Perry Floyd Jr. was a black American man killed during an arrest after allegedly passing a counterfeit $20 bill in Minneapolis. A white police officer, Derek Chauvin, knelt on Floyd's neck for nearly eight minutes.

🎵Pietro Antonio Cesti -- Death Anniversary -- b.8/5/1623 N.S. d.10/14/1669 N.S. (46)
Composer, Italian
Names/Places: aka Antonio Cesti
Misc: with Francesco Cavalli, was one of the leading Italian composers of the 17th century.

🎖⚖William Hooper -- Death Anniversary -- b.6/17/1742 O.S. or 6/28/1742 N.S. d.10/14/1790 (48)
Revolutionary, Politician, Lawyer
Misc: Declaration of Independence signer; June 17=O.S.; June 28=N.S.

Jean Louis Pons -- Death Anniversary -- b.12/24/1761 N.S. d.10/14/1831 N.S. (69)
Astronomer, French
Misc: the greatest visual comet discoverer of all time.

Josh Billings -- Death Anniversary -- b.4/21/1818 N.S. d.10/14/1885 N.S. (67)
Author, Lecturer, Humorist
Names/Places: aka Henry Wheeler Shaw
Misc: a famous humorist of his time perhaps second only to Mark Twain during the latter half of the 19th century

✍📰Mabel Todd -- Death Anniversary -- b.11/10/1856 d.10/14/1932 (75)
Writer, Editor

🏆🥊"Mysterious" Billy Smith -- Death Anniversary -- b.5/15/1871 d.10/14/1937 (66)
Hall of Famer, Boxer, Canadian

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Heinrich Kayser -- Death Anniversary -- b.3/16/1853 d.10/14/1940 (87)
Physicist, German
Misc: discovered the presence of helium in the Earth's atmosphere; people later discovered how to get a high-pitched voice by inhailing it.; Perhaps that's where "Getting High" originated?

🎖Erwin K. Rommel -- Death Anniversary -- b.11/15/1891 d.10/14/1944 (52)
General, Army Officer, German
Names/Places: NN:The Desert Fox; d. suicide

🎭Fritz Leiber Sr. -- Death Anniversary -- b.1/31/1882 d.10/14/1949 (67)
Actor, German

Sir Dawson Mawson -- Death Anniversary -- b.5/5/1882 d.10/14/1958 (76)
Explorer, Geologist, Australian, British

🎭Errol Flynn -- Death Anniversary -- b.6/20/1909 d.10/14/1959 (50)
Movie Actor, New Zealand
Names/Places: b. in Tasmania
Misc: Swashbuckler & adventurer films
Movie Titles: Captain Blood, Charge of Light Brigade

Irma Von Starkloff Rombauer -- Death Anniversary -- b.10/30/1877 d.10/14/1962 (84)
Book Titles: The Joy of Cooking

Randall Jarrell -- Death Anniversary -- b.5/6/1914 d.10/14/1965 (51)
Author, Novelist, Essayist, Poet

🏆🏈Arnie Herber -- Death Anniversary -- b.4/2/1910 d.10/14/1969 (59)
Hall of Famer, NFL Quarterback
Sports Teams: Green Bay Packers (1930-1940), New York Giants (1944-1945)

🎵🎷Bill McKinney -- Death Anniversary -- b.9/17/1895 N.S. d.10/14/1969 N.S. (74)
Bandleader, Jazz Drummer

🎭🎵Perry Botkin Sr. -- Death Anniversary -- b.7/27/1907 d.10/14/1973 (66)
Actor, Composer, Musician, Guitarist, Bandleader

🎭Dame Edith Evans -- Death Anniversary -- b.2/8/1888 d.10/14/1976 (88)
Movie/Stage Actress, English
Movie Titles: Tom Jones, David Copperfield

🎭🎵"Bing" Crosby -- Death Anniversary -- b.5/3/1903 N.S. d.10/14/1977 N.S. (74)
Hall of Famer, TV/Movie Actor, Variety Show Host, Pop Crooner
Names/Places: RFMN:Harry Lillis; b. in Tacoma, WA; NN:The Old Groaner
Misc: some say b. 1901, 1902, or 1904; E-mail indicated he was born May 3, though Bing said May 2, He had no birth certificate, but a baptismal certificate that was discovered after his death had the correct birthdate of May 3; most popular entertainer of the 1st 1/2 of 20th century; in golf Hall of Fame; celebrity friend of golf who founded his own PGA Tour event and in the Golf Hall of Fame.
TV Shows: Bing Crosby Show (as Bing Crollins), Hollywood Palace

🏆⚽Francis Ryan -- Death Anniversary -- b.1/10/1908 d.10/14/1977 (69)
Hall of Famer, Soccer Player

🎨James Raymond -- Death Anniversary -- b.2/25/1917 d.10/14/1981 (64)
Comic Strip Cartoonist
Book Titles: Blondie

🎭Paul Fix -- Death Anniversary -- b.3/13/1901 d.10/14/1983 (82)
Movie Actor, TV/Movie Actor
TV Shows: The Rifleman (as Marshal Micah Torrance)

🎭Keenan Wynn -- Death Anniversary -- b.7/27/1916 d.10/14/1986 (70)
TV/Movie/Stage Actor
Names/Places: b. in New York City; RN:Francis Xavier Aloysius Keenan-Wynn; Hilda Keenan & Ed's son
TV Shows: Dallas (as Willard "Digger" Barnes 1979-80), Call to Glory
Movie Titles: Dr. Strangelove, The Absent Minded Professor

🏆⚾Vic Raschi -- Death Anniversary -- b.3/28/1919 d.10/14/1988 (69)
MLB Player

🎭Michael Carmine -- Death Anniversary -- b.5/6/1959 d.10/14/1989 (30)
Movie Actor

✍⛪🎵Leonard Bernstein -- Death Anniversary -- b.8/25/1918 d.10/14/1990 (72)
Hall of Famer, Lecturer, Jewish, Conductor/Composer, Arranger, Songwriter, Pianist
Misc: New York Philharmonic Orchestra; West Side Story composer

🏆⚽William "Willie" Waddell -- Death Anniversary -- b.3/7/1921 N.S. d.10/14/1992 N.S. (71)
Hall of Famer, Soccer Player, Scottish

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💰John J. Reynolds -- Death Anniversary -- b.6/19/1923 d.10/14/1993 (70)
Misc: developed Mastercharge card

Edith Pargeter -- Death Anniversary -- b.9/28/1913 N.S. d.10/14/1995 N.S. (82)
Mystery Writer

🎭Laura LaPlante -- Death Anniversary -- b.11/1/1904 d.10/14/1996 (91)

🎨Ferdinand "Ferd" Johnson -- Death Anniversary -- b.12/18/1905 d.10/14/1996 (90)
Comic Strip Cartoonist
Misc: longtime Moon Mullins cartoonist

Dr. David Viscott -- Death Anniversary -- b.5/24/1938 d.10/14/1996 (58)
Misc: worked for KABC radio in Los Angeles

🎭Hy Averback -- Death Anniversary -- b.10/21/1920 d.10/14/1997 (76)
TV/Radio Actor, Producer/Director, Announcer
TV Shows: Tonight, Our Miss Brooks (as Mr. Romero), F Troop (director), M*A*S*H (director), Real McCoys (director)

✍⛪🎵Harold Robbins -- Death Anniversary -- b.5/21/1916 d.10/14/1997 (81)
Novelist, Jewish, Singer
Names/Places: b. in New York City; RN:Francis Rubin Kane
Book Titles: Moneychangers, Carpetbaggers

🎵Frankie Yankovic -- Death Anniversary -- b.7/28/1915 d.10/14/1998 (83)
Hall of Famer, Composer/Songwriter, Accordionist, Pianist, Bandleader
Names/Places: b. in Davis, WV; No relation to Weird Al
Misc: Polka musician; Accordionist in the field's hall of fame, and the first polka musician to win a Grammy

✍⛪📰Cleveland Amory -- Death Anniversary -- b.9/2/1917 d.10/14/1998 (81)
Writer, TV Critic, Protestant, Journalist, Historian
Names/Places: b. in Nahant, Mass.
Misc: Conservatist; TV Guide columnist
Book Titles: The Cat Who Came For Christmas

🎭Richard B. Shull -- Death Anniversary -- b.2/24/1929 d.10/14/1999 (70)
TV Shows: Diana, Holmes & Yoyo (as Det. Alexander Holmes)

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🏆🏒Art Coulter -- Death Anniversary -- b.5/31/1909 d.10/14/2000 (91)
Hall of Famer, NHL Defensive, Canadian
Misc: played 1932-1942
Sports Teams: Chicago Black Hawks, New York Rangers

Bill Green -- Death Anniversary -- b.10/16/1929 d.10/14/2002 (72)

🎵Freddie Fender -- Death Anniversary -- b.6/4/1937 d.10/14/2006 (69)
Songwriter, Guitarist, Adult-Pop Singer, Country Singer
Names/Places: b. in San Benito, TX; RN:Baldemar G. Huerta
Group Names: Texas Tornados, soloist
Song Titles: Before The Next Teardrop Falls, Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

🎭Sigrid Valdis -- Death Anniversary -- b.9/21/1935 d.10/14/2007 (72)
Names/Places: RN:Patricia Annette Olson; Bob Crane's widow
TV Shows: Hogan's Heroes (as Hilda)

🎭Collin Wilcox -- Death Anniversary -- b.2/4/1935 d.10/14/2009 (74)
Movie Actress
Movie Titles: To Kill a Mocking Bird

🎭🏆🥊Captain Lou Albano -- Death Anniversary -- b.7/29/1933 d.10/14/2009 (76)
Hall of Famer, Actor, Wrestler, Wrestling Manager, American, Italian
Misc: Led 13 different tag teams to a record 17 tag team titles. His association with Cyndi Lauper was pivotal in turning professional wrestling into a mainstream phenomenon.

🎭Simon MacCorkindale -- Death Anniversary -- b.2/12/1952 d.10/14/2010 (58)
Actor, English
TV Shows: Manimal, Falcon Crest (as Greg Reardon), I Claudius, Jesus of Nazareth, The Manions of America, Counterstrike
Movie Titles: Jaws 3

🏆⚽Malcolm Allison -- Death Anniversary -- b.9/5/1927 d.10/14/2010 (83)
Hall of Famer, Soccer Player, English
Misc: centre half and manager

✍🎭John Clive -- Death Anniversary -- b.1/6/1933 d.10/14/2012 (79)
Author, Actor, English

Arlen Specter -- Death Anniversary -- b.2/12/1930 d.10/14/2012 (82)

🎵Maxine Powell -- Death Anniversary -- b.5/30/1915 d.10/14/2013 (98)
Music Figure
Names/Places: RLN:Blair; NN:The Miss Manners of Motown
Misc: as the director of the label's in-house finishing school in the 1960s was considered in no small part responsible for its early success.

🎭Elizabeth Peña -- Death Anniversary -- b.9/23/1959 d.10/14/2014 (55)
TV/Movie Actress, Cuban
TV Shows: L.A. Law (as Jinx Baldasseri)
Movie Titles: La Bamba, Down and Out in Beverly Hills, Free Willy 2

🎵Little Jimmy Sizemore -- Death Anniversary -- b.1/29/1928 d.10/14/2014 N.S. (86)
Country Singer

🎭Jean Alexander -- Death Anniversary -- b.10/11/1926 N.S. d.10/14/2016 N.S. (90)
Actress, English
TV Shows: Coronation Street (as Hilda Ogden)

Richard (Purdy) Wilbur -- Death Anniversary -- b.3/1/1921 d.10/14/2017 N.S. (96)
Poet, Translator
Misc: 2nd U.S. Poet Laureate

Harold Bloom -- Death Anniversary -- b.7/11/1930 N.S. d.10/14/2019 N.S. (89)
Writer, Literary Critic, Professor

✍🎵🎸Steve Douglas Cash -- Death Anniversary -- b.5/5/1946 N.S. d.10/14/2019 N.S. (73)
Author, Songwriter, Rock & Roll Singer
Group Names: The Ozark Mountain Daredevils

🏆🏒Danny Grant -- Death Anniversary -- b.2/21/1945 N.S. d.10/14/2019 N.S. (74)
NHL Left Wing, Canadian

🎭Rhonda Fleming -- Death Anniversary -- b.8/10/1923 N.S. d.10/14/2020 N.S. (97)
Movie Actress
Names/Places: b. in Los Angeles; RN:Marilyn Louis
Misc: some say b. 1922
Movie Titles: Gunfight at the O.K. Corral

🏆🏈Fred Dean -- Death Anniversary -- b.2/24/1952 N.S. d.10/14/2020 N.S. (68)
Hall of Famer, NFL Player
Misc: 4x Pro Bowl, 2x All-Pro, 2x Super Bowl champ; in the College and Pro Football Halls of Fame
Sports Teams: Lousiana Tech, San Diego Chargers (1975-1981), San Francisco 49ers (1981-1985)

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Related Events on This Date

In 1905, R.C., “In My Merry Oldsmobile” hits number one on the pop singles chart by Billy Murray.

In 1938, The Silly Symphony film, “Farmyard Symphony” is released.

In 1943, The Radio Corporation of America (which continued to own the NBC Red radio network) completed the sale of the NBC Blue radio network to businessman Edward J. Noble for $8 million; the network was renamed the American Broadcasting Company.

In 1945, The Sunday color comic strip, “Uncle Remus” is first published.

In 1949, The Donald Duck film, “The Greener Yard” is released.

In 1952, “The Red Buttons Show”, TV Variety; debut on CBS.

In 1954, “Flash Gordon” starring Steve Holland began airing on TV

In 1956, “Heckle And Jeckle”, TV Cartoon Show, also '55; debut on CBS.

In 1957, R.C., “Wake Up Little Susie” by The Everly Brothers peaked at number one on the pop singles chart. It was the first of the Everly Brothersʹ four singles to top the charts.

In 1961, On the cover of TV Guide: “Red Skelton”. Other Articles: British TV, Michael Rennie

In 1964, “The Beverly Hillbillies” Part sitcom, part silent movie, “Hedda Hopperʹs Hollywood” features the legendary Hollywood columnist, who convinces Jed Clampett (Buddy Ebsen, below, with Nancy Kulp) to buy a movie studio. She tells Clampett that to make “great pictures” heʹll need “great stars” and takes him to Graumanʹs Chinese Theater. “Somebody has sure gone and messed up this poor manʹs cee-ment,” Jed says. Soon he and Jethro (Max Baer Jr.) are paving over even Mary Pickfordʹs prints. Theyʹre arrested. Hopper springs them, only to climb onto Jedʹs bulldozer herself: “Someday, Hollywood is going to thank me for this!”

In 1965, Gilliganʹs Island episode #41. “The Sweepstakes”. Gilligan has the winning ticket for a South American sweepstakes.

In 1966, TV Guide Listing: 8:30 p.m./ET “Man From U.N.C.L.E.” (NBC): Color. “The Monks of Saint Thomas Affair.” A broken liqueur bottle leads Solo and Illya to an isolated monastery high in the Swiss Alps — where THRUSH is developing a deadly new laser. Solo: Robert Vaughn. Illya: David McCallum. Waverly: Leo G. Carroll.

In 1967, On the cover of TV Guide: “Johnny Carson”. Other Articles: Star Trek Androids, Daktari

In 1967, R.C., “Dandelion” by The Rolling Stones peaked at #14 on the pop singles chart.

In 1967, R.C., “Gimme Little Sign” by Brenton Wood peaked at number nine on the pop singles chart.

In 1967, R.C., “Little Ole Man (Uptight-Everythingʹs Alright)” by Bill Cosby peaked at number four on the pop singles chart; it was a parody of Stevie Wonderʹs “Uptight (Everythingʹs Alright)” song from the year before.

In 1967, R.C., “Purple Haze” by Jimi Hendrix Experience peaked at #65 on the pop singles chart.

In 1971, It was “John and Yoko Day” on “The Dick Cavett Show” on ABC, as the couple promoted Lennonʹs new LP (“Imagine”) and film (“Imagine”) and Yokoʹs book, two films and a fine arts show.

In 1972, R.C., “Ben” by Michael Jackson peaked at number one on the pop singles chart; it was a song about a rat. Pretty scary, huh?

In 1972, R.C., “Everybody Plays The Fool” by The Main Ingredient peaked at number three on the pop singles chart.

In 1972, R.C., “You Wear It Well” by Rod Stewart peaked at #13 on the pop singles chart.

In 1972, What show combines philosophy, Westerns and chop-socky action? Well, Grasshopper, ABCʹs “Kung Fu.” The series stars David Carradine as a pebble-snatching Buddhist monk searching for his long-lost brother as he evades Chinese and American agents.

In 1975, “Happy Days” A top 20 series for eight of its 11 seasons, Happy Days often focused on the brotherly relationship between two '50s stereotypes: Richie Cunningham (Ron Howard, right, with Pat Morita), the clean-cut boy next door, and his idol, Fonzie (Henry Winkler), the coolest motorcycle-riding high school dropout in all of Milwaukee. “Richie Fights Back” finds straight- arrow Richie being tyrannized by a pair of bullies. “Iʹm going to teach you the secret of being tough,” Fonzie assures Richie, who has already tried studying jujitsu with Arnold (Morita). “Of course, with that Howdy Doody face, you can only be so tough.” The secret is nothing earthshaking: Act tough, sound tough, and maybe people will think you are tough. But in the end, it works. Richie stands up to the bullies all by himself. Howdy Doody gets his self-respect back — with a little help from his leather-clad friend.

In 1975, “The Texaco Bob Hope Specials” premiere. The mix includes two-hour extravaganzas around a single topic, such as “Bob Hopeʹs Bicentennial Star Spangled Spectacular on July 4, 1976.”

In 1975, Kissʹ “Rock and Roll All Nite” single is released.

In 1977, During an otherwise boring press conference, Anita Bryant gets a cherry cream pie in the face courtesy of gay activist Thom Higgins. Bryant doesnʹt press charges.

In 1977, “Sanford Arms”, TV Comedy; last aired on NBC. It lasted a month without Sanford and Son there.

In 1977, Crooner Bing Crosby died of a heart attack in Spain at the age of 73. Crosby sold more than 300 million records and was featured in more than 50 movies, including “Going Hollywood,” “Waikiki Wedding,” numerous “Road” pictures with Bob Hope, “Going My Way,” “The Bells of Saint Maryʹs,” “High Society,” “The Country Girl,” “Robin and the seven Hoods” and others. His recording of “White Christmas” topped Billboardʹs pop chart for a combined 14 weeks during three different years, and sold more than 30 million copies.

In 1978, Movie: “Rescue from Gilliganʹs Island”. When a decaying Russian satellite crashes on the island, the Professor uses a key component for a barometer. With that device, he learns that a massive wave is going to swamp the island. In desperation, the castaways lash their huts together into one structure in order to have any chance to ride the disaster out. The wave strikes the island and the hut is swept out to sea. Once there, Gilligan accidents starts a fire trying to cook a meal and nearly burns the floating hut down. Occupied with stopping the fire, the gang fails to notice that the smoke caught the attention of a naval helicopter who summoned a ship to rescue the castaways. In triumph, they return to Hawaii, only to learn that things have changed over the years and they will have trouble fitting in. To further complicate matters, two Russian spies are after that key component that Gilligan now wears as a necklace. At the end the castaways plan a reunion trip back to Gilliganʹs Island, and wouldnʹt you know it, they get stranded again.

In 1978, R.C., “Back In The U.S.A.” by Linda Ronstadt peaked at #16 on the pop singles chart.

In 1978, R.C., “Josie” by Steely Dan peaked at #26 on the pop singles chart. It had nothing to do with the Pussycats.

In 1978, R.C., “Louie Louie” by John Belushi peaked at #89 on the pop singles chart. It was from the movie “Animal House”.

In 1978, R.C., “Love Is In The Air” by John Paul Young peaked at number seven on the pop singles chart.

In 1978, R.C., “Sheʹs Always A Woman” by Billy Joel peaked at #17 on the pop singles chart.

In 1978, TVʹS “SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE” Musical Guests: DEVO

In 1980, “Chipmunk Punk” album by Chipmunks was certified Gold by the RIAA

In 1980, Republican presidential nominee Ronald Reagan promised that, if elected, he would name a woman to the U.S. Supreme Court. (He later nominated Judge Sandra Day OʹConnor of Arizona.)

In 1981, The new president of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak (HOHSʹ-nee moo-BAHʹ-rahk), was sworn in to succeed the assassinated Anwar Sadat. Mubarak pledged loyalty to Sadatʹs policies.

In 1982, “It Takes Two”, TV Comedy, debut on ABC.

In 1986, Tim Kides of West New York, New Jersey, performed 25000 leg raises in 11 hours 57 minutes 15 seconds, to set a world record.

In 1987, Television viewers across the United States were riveted to their TV sets as rescuers tried to extricate 18-month-old Jessica McClure from an abandoned well in the back yard of her home in Midland, Texas; she was brought out alive after being trapped for 58 hours.

In 1988, Mike Tyson countersues Robin Givens for divorce and annulment.

In 1988, “A Fish Called Wanda” starring John Cleese opened in movie theaters in the U.S.A.

In 1988, “The Late Show”, TV Talk Show; last aired on Fox. It was now called the late Late show. That title would be resurreced in 1993 on CBS when it premieres “The Late Show With David Letterman.”

In 1989, R.C., “Bust A Move” by Young M.C. peaked at number seven on the pop singles chart.

In 1989, R.C., “Mixed Emotions” by Rolling Stones peaked at number five on the pop singles chart.

In 1990, Fast Eddy McDonald in Toronto has 21,663 loops in three hours with a yo-yo.

In 1993, The largest lasagna weighed 8,188 pounds and eight ounces, 70 feet by seven feet, in Salinas, California.

In 1994, “Short Short Man” single by 20 Fingers Featuring Gillette was released

In 1995, The new latenight series “Mad TV” debuts on Fox-TV to compete with 20-year-old NBCʹs Saturday Night Live.

In 1996, “Macarena” single by Los Del Rio was certified Multi Platinum 4.00 by the RIAA

In 1998, “Weird Al” Yankovic made a cameo appearrance on “The Drew Carey Show”. Al walked on stage (with mustache and glasses), says “I hope you donʹt mind I brought my accordion!” and then the lead singer guy of a band said “You didnʹt tell us you played accordian..” and that was it. That “Lead Singer Guy” is Joe Walsh. It was estimated that Al was on for 27 seconds.

In 1998, “polka king” Frankie Yankovic died at his home in New Port Richey, Florida, a week after suffering a fall. He was 83. It was a grim coincidence that the non-relative common surmaned “Weird Al” was on Drew Carey that same date.

In 1999, “A Little Bit Of Mambo” album by Lou Bega was certified Platinum by the RIAA

In 2000, “Buzz Lightyear of Star Command” (based on the Toy Story character) began airing on Disneyʹs One Saturday Morning

In 2001, “Off Centre” began airing on The WB

In 2003, Steve Bartmanʹs (no relation to Matt Groeningʹs creation) name will go down in Chicago Cub lore along with those of Leon Durham, Ernie Broglio and Billy Sianis as reasons the Cubbies havenʹt been to the World Series since 1945. Bartman is the unfortunate 26-year-old Cub fan who on that night reached for a foul ball in the eighth inning of Game 6 of the National League Championship Series between the Cubs and Florida Marlins. Cub outfielder Moises Alou appeared set to catch the ball for the second out of the inning before Bartman got his hands on it. The Marlins went on to an eight-run inning, winning the game and then beating the Cubs again in the following nightʹs Game 7 to advance to the World Series. Bartman has been scapegoated throughout Chicago and the nation (even though, two batters later, Cub shortstop Alex Gonzalez committed an error on a likely double-play ball that would have ended the inning with the Cubs up 3-1).

In 2007, Green Bayʹs Brett Favre threw his 278th interception of his career, that moved him past George Blanda for most all-time in NFL history.

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Flowers: calendula, cosmos and hops
Gems: opal & tourmaline
October's name comes from the Latin word for eight, octo.
The Saxons called October Win Monath - time for making wine.
Full Moon: the Hunters' Moon, and the Blood Moon.
Gems: opal and tourmaline.
Flowers: The hops, calendula and cosmo
Meaning: the sentimental meaning of the opal and the tourmaline is for hope, and the calendula is for constancy.
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