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Beverly Hills 90210 Episode Guide season 2

23. "Beach Blanket Brandon"

First Airdate: 7/11/91

Usually, TV series open their seasons around the time that school begins. Not here. School's out in the second-season opener, and for Brandon, it's the beginning of a new job. But it also could be the beginning of the end for Brenda and Dylan. Brenda suspects she may be pregnant, and the results of a home pregnancy test are inconclusive. So she visits a gynecologist-whose good news fails to cheer her up. Being sexually active, she finds, is not all to her liking.

This was Douglas Emerson's final appearrance as a regular. He appearred two more times as a guest in the season.

Karen Lew ... Receptionist
Art Mann ... Himself
Stephen Mendel ... Dr. Strathmore
James Pickens Jr. ... Henry Thomas
Scott Shaw ... Skater
Michael St. Gerard ... Chris Suiter
Debra Sullivan ... Nurse
Joe E. Tata ... Nat Bussichio
David Tiefen ... Potential Lifeguard

24. "The Party Fish"

First Airdate: 7/18/91

At work, Brandon connects with an older co-worker, and with a mover and shaker whose hard-to-refuse offer causes shakiness at home with his dad. Meanwhile at school, Brenda connects with her emotions.

Timothy Blake ... Mrs. Rattinger
Tom Fuccello
Deborah Goodrich ... Sandy
Paul Linke
James Pickens Jr. ... Henry Thomas
James Sloyan ... Jerry Rattinger
Michael St. Gerard ... Chris Suiter

25. "Summer Storm"

First Airdate: 7/25/91

Cindy's mothering instinct upsets Jim and Brenda after she brings injured surfer Dylan to recuperate at the Walshes'. Meanwhile, Kelly's instincts are spiked by a handsome volleyball player.

Arthur Brooks ... Jack McKay
Richard Danielson ... Surfer Bob (as Rick Danielson)
David Gibbs ... Security Guard
Ann Gillespie ... Jackie Taylor
Mary Ingersoll ... Anchorwoman
David Lascher ... Kyle Conners
Nathan Lorch ... Young Dylan
James Pickens Jr. ... Henry Thomas
Michael St. Gerard ... Chris Suiter

26. "Anaconda"

First Airdate: 8/01/91

Brenda burns naturally, but Brandon and friends are in hot water when their after-hours poker game at the beach club is followed by a burglary.

Ash Adams ... Danny Waterman (as Jason Adams)
Kim Delgado ... Second Detective
Kathleen Freeman ... Pawn Shop Clerk
Arva Holt ... Detective Peña
James Pickens Jr. ... Henry Thomas

27. "Play It Again, David"

First Airdate: 8/08/91

Acting as a "big brother," Brandon is asked to keep a secret that needs telling; and Kelly fears a familial connection to David when their parents start dating.

Claudia Bloom ... Woman at Pool
Ann Gillespie ... Jackie Taylor
Lenore Kasdorf ... Suzanne
Neal Kaz ... Bartender
Matthew Laurance ... Mel Silver
Coleby Lombardo ... Felix
Ian Petrella ... Kid
James Pickens Jr. ... Henry Thomas

28. "Pass, Not Pass"

First Airdate: 8/15/91

Andrea finds more drama when the student-teacher relationship goes outside the classroom; Brandon finds the fruit of his summer labor is sour-as in lemon.

Royce D. Applegate ... Simon
Lindsey Brianne ... Lindsey
Lucy Liu ... Courtney
James Pickens Jr. ... Henry Thomas
Michael St. Gerard ... Chris Suiter
Joe E. Tata ... Nat Bussichio

29. "Camping Trip"

First Airdate: 8/29/91

Rain on the kids' Yosemite parade strands the gang of seven next to newlyweds who teach-and learn-some things about love, marriage, divorce and communication.

Peter Marc Jacobson ... Neil (as Peter Marc)
Gina LaMond ... Allison
Earl Theroux ... Customer

30. "Wild Fire"

First Airdate: 9/12/91

Dating others no longer looks good to Brenda when Dylan dates the new girl in school, whose datebook also includes Brandon. Meanwhile, Scott and David find what a difference a summer makes.

Christine Elise ... Emily Valentine
Joe E. Tata ... Nat Bussichio

31. "Ashes to Ashes"

First Airdate: 9/19/91

A new black family in the neighborhood includes a freshman photographer and his older sister, whose boyfriend is roughed up by a security patrol when he tries to visit.

George Alvarez ... Ramon
Susan Brown ... Mrs. Cooper
Eugene Byrd ... Robinson Ashe III
Richard Epcar ... Officer #1
Vivica A. Fox ... Sherice Ashe
Ray Girardin ... West Beverly Security Force Head
Tina Lifford ... Felicity Ashe
Ricardo T. López ... Officer #2 (as Ricardo López)
Richard Roundtree ... Robinson Ashe Jr.
Billy 'Sly' Williams ... Devo Damars

32. "Necessity is a Mother"

First Airdate: 9/26/91

Dylan says the full-time presence of his mother is driving him crazy, and although he doesn't say it's driving him to drink, soon he doesn't have to. Meanwhile, class sucess Donna plays the stock market for real.

Stephanie Beacham ... Iris McKay
Darwyn Carson ... Bank Teller
Craig Hurley ... Bobby Falcone
Jay Arlen Jones ... Bartender
Joe E. Tata ... Nat Bussichio
Nick Toth ... Economics Teacher

33. "Leading from the Heart"

First Airdate: 10/10/91

A mutual attractiion between Kelly and the Walshes' visiting cousin Bobby is complicated more by others' assumptions than by Bobby's wheelchair. Meanwhile, Brenda takes anther driving test.

Phil Buckman ... Surf Dude
Kenny Call ... Man at Riding Stables
Gordon Currie ... Bobby Walsh
Christine Elise ... Emily Valentine
Takayo Fischer ... Driving Tester
Rachael Fisher ... Girl at Party
Gabriel Macht ... Tal Weaver

34. "Down and Out of District in Beverly Hills"

First Airdate: 10/17/91

Brandon's good deed turns into a bad seed for Andrea, as it grows into the possibility of her expulsion from West Beverly. Meanwhile, Steve is unwittingly mined by a gold digger.

Denise Dowse ... Mrs. Yvonne Teasley
Christine Elise ... Emily Valentine
Cynthia Frost ... Evelyn
Norma Janis ... Muriel
Lainie Kazan ... Rose Zuckerman
Stephen Prutting ... Cliff Kramer
Jennifer Runyon ... Christina
Holly Smith ... Ms. Roberts
Joe E. Tata ... Nat Bussichio
Edith Varon ... Norma

35. "Halloween"

First Airdate: 10/31/91

A Halloween party is highlighted by Kelly's bewitching costume-and lowlighted by someone's reaction to it. Meanwhile, other twins give Brandon and Emily a scare; and David and Scott remember the "good old days."

Cliff Dorfman ... Michael Cetta
Christine Elise ... Emily Valentine
Douglas Emerson ... Scott Scanlon
T.J. Evans ... Kid #1
Charles Fleischer ... Costume Store Clerk
Erica Horn ... Kid #2 (as Erica Horne)
Eleni Kelakos ... Officer #1
Bradley Pierce ... Drew (as Bradley Michael Pierce)
Sheila Rosenthal ... Lauren
Vanessa Roth ... Girl
Anthony Starke ... Cowboy
R. Todd Torok ... Officer #2

36. "The Next Fifty Years"

First Airdate: 11/07/91

Donna and David save a party from being a social disaster, but they're powerless against an accident that ends the party-and a life.

Note: This is Douglas Emerson's final appearrance on the series.

Alex Baik ... Student
Denise Dowse ... Mrs. Yvonne Teasley
Christine Elise ... Emily Valentine
Douglas Emerson ... Scott Scanlon
Greg Finley ... Conrad Scanlon
Scott Jaeck ... Mr. Chapman
Matthew Laurance ... Mel Silver
Jenny O'Hara ... Pam Scanlon
Micah Rowe ... Spencer Scanlon
Alisa Scheindlin ... Denise
Joshua Wheeler ... Brian

37. "U4EA"

First Airdate: 11/14/91

Emily leads the gang to an underground club, where she leads Brandon against his will on a journey with financial and emotional costs.

Christine Elise ... Emily Valentine
Avner Garbi ... Man
Ann Gillespie ... Jackie Taylor
Marilyn Pitzer ... Woman
Joe E. Tata ... Nat Bussichio

38. "My Desperate Valentine"

First Airdate: 11/21/91

Hard to do, but it must be done, so Brandon breaks up with Emily, who doesn't take it gracefully. Meanwhile, Brenda and Dylan declare a night be filled with music instead of making out.

Christine Elise ... Emily Valentine
David C. Gallagher ... Another Guy
Andy Hirsch ... John Griffin
Joe E. Tata ... Nat Bussichio

39. "Chuckie's Back"

First Airdate: 12/12/91

Christine Belford ... Samantha Sanders
Andy Hirsch ... John Griffin
Miko Hughes ... Young Chuckie
Scott Jaeck ... Mr. Chapman
Matt Nolan ... Chuck Wilson
Barry Pearl ... Norman
Martha Shaw ... Housekeeper (as Martha A. Shaw)
Joe E. Tata ... Nat Bussichio

40. "A Walsh Family Christmas"

First Airdate: 12/19/91

Cindy longs for Christmas Past in Minnesota, until those with no particular place to go-and others with very particular destinations-find their way to Christmas Eve at the Walsh home, where Brenda's new pal Santa adds a special touch.

Note: this episode originally ran for 90 minutes on Dec 19, 1991. In syndication, it was split into two hour long episodes.

Parley Baer ... Al Brown
Patricia Belcher ... Nun
Christine Belford ... Samantha Sanders
Keene Curtis ... Santa Claus
Lou DiMaggio ... Tree Salesman
Christine Elise ... Emily Valentine
Ellaraino ... Woman at Psychiatric Hospital (as Ella Raino)
Ann Gillespie ... Jackie Taylor
Sheila Kay ... Customer #2
Matthew Laurance ... Mel Silver
Louise-Diana ... Customer #1
Andrew Magarian ... Cop #2
Yvonne Saa ... Girl
Rebecca Staab ... Deidre
Joe E. Tata ... Nat Bussichio
Josh Taylor ... Jack McKay
Joe Torrenueva ... Cab Driver (as Joseph Torrenueva)

41. "Fire and Ice"

First Airdate: 1/09/92

Brandon becomes a pleasant distraction for a figure skater with Olympian goals; backstabbing is included in Brenda's tutoring in retail-sales skills.

Gabrielle Anwar ... Tricia Kinney
Tai Babilonia ... Reporter
Dick Button ... Announcer
Johanna Davis ... Joyce
Randy Gardner ... Assistant Coach
Ronald Guttman ... Mr. Kluklinski
Rebecca Staab ... Deidre
Eddie Zammit ... Sal

42. "A Competitive Edge"

First Airdate: 1/23/92

Brandon trades his reporter's pen for track shoes, until he smells a story he can't-and shouldn't-ignore. And Brenda's minor accident turns major when the woman she bumped claims whiplash.

Michael Cudlitz ... Tony Miller
Kevin Hunter ... Will Perry
Scott Jaeck ... Mr. Chapman
David Lascher ... Kyle Conners
Jim Pirri ... Burke Cahill
Marilyn Rockafellow ... Rosemary Winters

43. "Everybody's Talkin' 'Bout It"

First Airdate: 2/06/92

The condom distribution program at school has many talking, some writing and one most adamant-until there's an unkind comment from an unlikely source.

Katherine Cannon ... Felice Martin
Tim Cunningham ... Bill Sloane
Denise Dowse ... Mrs. Yvonne Teasley
Patricia Forte ... Sporkin
Ann Gillespie ... Jackie Taylor
Dale Harimoto ... Anchorwoman
Andy Hirsch ... John Griffin
Leonard Kelly-Young ... Protester
David A. Kimball ... Mr. Beale
Matthew Laurance ... Mel Silver
Albert Owens ... Reporter
Laura Owens ... Sheila Manners
Chris Pina ... Pula
Peg Shirley ... Board Member #3
Joe E. Tata ... Nat Bussichio

44. "And Baby Makes Five"

First Airdate: 2/13/92

Dylan keeps mum about valentine plans for Brenda, but no one keeps quiet about Kelly's mom and David's dad, each the last to know what's going on with the other.

Trevor Denman ... Race Announcer
Ja'net DuBois ... Arlene
Ann Gillespie ... Jackie Taylor
Stan Jones ... Teller
Matthew Laurance ... Mel Silver
Noodles Levenstein ... Patient
Joe E. Tata ... Nat Bussichio
Billy Vera ... Duke Weatherill

45. "Cardio Funk"

First Airdate: 2/27/92

Separate admirers court attention from Brenda and Dylan, neither of whom is fully forthcoming with that news. And Jim gets hooked on Karaoke.

Bryan Anthony ... Aerobic Teacher
John Densmore ... Ben
Heather McAdam ... Sarah
Patricia Michel ... Female Singer
Gene Moss ... Male Singer
Hank Stratton ... Tim Matthews
Joe E. Tata ... Nat Bussichio
Titus Welliver ... Doug

46. "The Pit and the Pendulum"

First Airdate: 3/19/92

Brenda and Brandon take opposite sides after learning Jim's new client plans a multimillion-dollar development that would absorb the Peach Pit.

Walton Goggins ... Mike Muchin (as Walt Goggins)
Wesley Allen Gullick ... Willie
John Ingle ... Dickson St. Claire
Dennis Parlato ... Art Peters
Joe E. Tata ... Nat Bussichio
Liz Vassey ... Marcie St. Claire

47. "Pony"

First Airdate: 4/02/92

Brenda projects control after facing an armed robber at the Pit, but there's a different woman beneath the surface.

Anthony Finetti ... Hayes
Richard Gant ... Inspector
Robert David Hall ... Teacher
David Kriegel ... Robber
Daniel Edward Mora ... Officer #1
Joe E. Tata ... Nat Bussichio
Lorinne Vozoff ... Psychiatrist

48. "Things To Do on a Rainy Day"

First Airdate: 4/23/92

Donna sees more than she wants to on a pilgrimage to the hotel housing Color Me Badd, while Dylan, Steve and Brandon see less than they want of their in-your-home exotic dancer.

Bryan Abrams ... Himself (as Color Me Badd)
Sam Bauso ... Roadie
Mark Calderon ... Himself (as Color Me Badd)
Katherine Cannon ... Felice Martin
Terry Coleman ... Desk Clerk
Color Me Badd ... Himself
Drew Kinney ... Roadie
Michael Leopard ... Security Guard
Page Mosely ... Freddie Kramer
Michelle Nicastro ... Brandy
Dorit Sauer ... Groupie
Joe E. Tata ... Nat Bussichio
Sam Watters ... Himself (as Color Me Badd)

49. "Mexican Standoff"

First Airdate: 4/30/92

Brenda crosses the border with Dylan, against her folks demands. Kelly finds Dylan's friend Jake eases her new-family fears.

Betty Carvalho ... Rosalita Valsez
Ann Gillespie ... Jackie Taylor
Matthew Laurance ... Mel Silver
Michael Milhoan ... Customs Official
Grant Show ... Jake Hanson
Joe E. Tata ... Nat Bussichio

50. "Wedding Bell Blues"

First Airdate: 5/07/92

Conclusion. Mount Jimbo erupts, banning Dylan from the Walsh home, which is suddenly the site for the wedding of Mel and Jackie. Meanwhile, Kelly mourns the departure of Jake.

Lewis Arquette ... Priest
Ann Gillespie ... Jackie Taylor
Simon Harvey ... Caterer
Doug Kerzner ... Workman
Matthew Laurance ... Mel Silver
Michael Milhoan ... Customs Official
Jennifer Pusheck ... Sherry McGill
Denise Richards ... Robin McGill (as Denise Lee Richards)
Grant Show ... Jake Hanson
Joe E. Tata ... Nat Bussichio

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