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Episode Guide - Season 2

Ep 1: Shoot a Crooked Arrow - The Archer, a medieval crook modeled after Robin Hood, steals from Bruce Wayne to give to the poor Gothamites. When Batman and Robin try to stop him, appreciative Gotham citizens get in their way.
Ep 2: Walk the Straight and Narrow - The Archer interferes with the Wayne Foundation's plan to help poor Gothamites. Alfred, disguised as Batman, Robin and Bruce discover the real money has been switched with the Archer's fake cash.
Ep 3: Hot Off the Griddle - After Catwoman opens a school for cat-burglars, the Dynamic Duo uses a fake story to draw her out, only to realize the story's writer was in league with her.
Ep 4: The Cat and the Fiddle - Catwoman attempts to steal priceless violins, but an undercover Robin interferes.
Ep 5: The Minstrel's Shakedown - The Minstrel, a medieval lute-playing electronics genius, holds the computerized stock quotations ransom until each exchange member pays him. Batman and Robin try to save the stock market before it crashes.
Ep 6: Barbecued Batman? - The Minstrel continues his plan, using a hidden bug to trick Batman and Robin.
Ep 7: The Spell of Tut - When King Tut's minions steal a string of amber beads, Batman and Robin discover a plan to make an ancient potion that controls human will.
Ep 8: Tut's Case is Shut - Batman and Robin discover a King Tut mole in police headquarters. What's more, Chief O'Hara consumes Tut's ancient potion.
Ep 9: The Greatest Mother of Them All - Gangstress Ma Parker and her fiendish brood rob the audience at the Gotham's Ladies Auxiliary's Mother of the Year Awards Ceremony.
Ep 10: Ma Parker - Ma Parker turns the prison into a criminal headquarters, recruiting the convicts Batman and Robin send to jail.
Ep 11: The Clock King's Crazy Crimes - The Clock King robs Gotham elite at the Harry Hummert Jewelry Shop, and later traps Batman and Robin inside a giant hourglass.
Ep 12: The Clock King Gets Crowned - The Clock King's caper winds up at the Wayne Manor when Dick Grayson's aunt buys a tampered clock for Bruce Wayne.
Ep 13: An Egg Grows in Gotham - In an attempt to take over Gotham City, Egghead negotiates with a Mohican chief, who owns and leases the city's land to Gotham's government.
Ep 14: The Yegg Foes in Gotham - Egghead, now in possession of Gotham City, fires all city officials, banishes the Dynamic Duo and declares open season for the criminal underworld.
Ep 15: The Devil's Fingers - World-famous concert pianist Chandell plans to dispose of Bruce Wayne and Richard Grayson and then marry Aunt Harriet Cooper, soon-to-be heir to the Wayne fortune.
Ep 16: The Dead Ringers - The Dynamic Duo form a trap for Fingers by faking their own death and waiting until his henchmen strike back.
Ep 17: Hizzoner the Penguin - After several heroic feats, the Penguin campaigns to be the Mayor of Gotham City. Batman realizes the only way to stop him is to run for mayor himself.
Ep 18: Dizonner the Penguin - When a televised debate between Batman and the Penguin is interrupted by a jewel heist, the Dynamic Duo and the Penguin race to claim victory over the crooks.
Ep 19: Green Ice - Mr. Freeze returns for revenge against Batman and Robin, turning a Miss Galaxy Beauty Pageant contestant into his frozen bride and turning Gotham against the Dynamic Duo by implicating them in a bribe.
Ep 20: Deep Freeze - Mr Freeze continues to taint the Dynamic Duo's reputation and threatens to turn Gotham City to ice.
Ep 21: The Impractical Joker - The Joker steals the Jeweled Key Of Kaincardine with the aid of his new invention, a mysterious little spark-spewing box that renders the Dynamic Duo helpless.
Ep 22: The Joker's Provokers - Batman saves Robin from a wax machine and confronts the Joker and his new time machine.
Ep 23: Marsha, Queen of Diamonds - Marsha, Queen of Diamonds, turns Chief O'Hara and Commissioner Gordon into her love slaves and lures Batman and Robin into a trap.
Ep 24: Marsha's Scheme of Diamonds - Alfred arrives just in time to stop a wedding between a drugged Batman and Marsha, Queen of Diamonds.
Ep 25: Come Back, Shame - Cowboy Shame plans to build a super-powered truck, which will outrace anything, even the Batmobile.
Ep 26: It's the Way You Play the Game - After escaping Shame's deadly trap, the Dynamic Duo searches for Shame at Laughing Leo's used car lot.
Ep 27: The Penguin's Nest - The Penguin opens an exclusive restaurant, the Penguin's Nest, and creates a catalog of Gotham's richest signatures to use in a forging scheme.
Ep 28: The Bird's Last Jest - The Penguin attempts to botch his self-defense at his trial so he'll be sent to prison, where he hopes to complete his forgery scheme.
Ep 29: The Cat's Meow - Using her Voice-Eraser, Catwoman plans to steal the voices of British rock singers staying at the Wayne Manor.
Ep 30: The Bat's Kow Tow - Catwoman, having used her Voice-Eraser, holds British rock singers' voices for ransom.
Ep 31: The Puzzles Are Coming - The Dynamic Duo learns Puzzler and his gang plan to strip Knab and his guests of all their jewels at the christening of the Retsoor, the multibillionaire's supersonic plane.
Ep 32: The Duo Is Slumming - Robin deactivates the Puzzler's hot-air balloon while Batman goes after the criminal.
Ep 33: The Sandman Cometh - Catwoman teams with the Sandman to lure a rich insomniac.
Ep 34: The Catwoman Goeth - Batman races to save Robin, stop the Sandman from marrying a millionaire and find his missing Batmobile. Meanwhile, the Sandman plans to double-cross Catwoman.
Ep 35: The Contaminated Cowl - The Mad Hatter goes on a crime spree, stealing hats of Gotham's citizens. Batman and Robin work to predict the scene of his next crime.
Ep 36: The Mad Hatter Runs Afoul - The Mad Hatter is given carte blanche when Gotham believes Batman and Robin are dead.
Ep 37: The Zodiac Crimes - After the Joker steals a rare map, Batman and Robin deduce that he is plotting to commit 12 crimes based loosely on astrological signs of the zodiac.
Ep 38: The Joker's Hard Times - The Dynamic Duo arrive at police headquarters in time to chase down the Joker, who continues his zodiac crimes.
Ep 39: The Penguin Declines - Continuing his zodiac crime spree, the Joker turns the entire Gotham City water supply into Joker Jelly and then demands $10 million to change it back! Meanwhile, the Penguin, claiming he has reformed, convinces a woman to remove his criminal record from Batman's Batcomputer.
Ep 40: That Darn Catwoman - Robin is drugged and turned into Catwoman's pawn, helping her steal money from Wayne Manor. As the police draw near, she threatens to kill the Boy Wonder, leaving Batman to act on his own.
Ep 41: Scat! Darn Catwoman - With no other options, Batman joins Catwoman's gang. Pretending to be under her spell, Batman sets a trap for her and saves Robin in the meantime.
Ep 42: Penguin Is a Girl's Best Friend - After spoiling the filming of the Penguin's new movie, Batman and Robin are forced to appear in the film. Then when Batman tries to spoil a nude milk bath scene with Marsha, the Queen of Diamonds, the Penguin arranges a steamy love scene between them.
Ep 43: Penguin Sets a Trend - The Dynamic Duo confront the Penguin, who uses movie props to inhibit them.
Ep 44: Penguin's Disastrous End - Batman and Robin go after Marsha, Aunt Hilda and the Penguin as they tamper with a gold vault.
Ep 45: Batman's Anniversary - During a surprise anniversary party for the Dynamic Duo and the Gotham Police, the Riddler uses a ruse to steal a golden calf filled with charity money.
Ep 46: A Riddling Controversy - The Riddler captures an exiled South American dictator and leaves another puzzle for the Dynamic Duo.
Ep 47: The Joker's Last Laugh - The Joker switches real money for counterfeit in the Gotham City Bank. As Batman and Robin investigate, they unwittingly reveal the location of the Batcave to Joker's henchwoman.
Ep 48: The Joker's Epitaph - Alfred, dressed as Batman, comes to Robin's rescue. Meanwhile, the Joker steals a signed document making him the Bank Vice President and forces Bruce Wayne to marry his henchwoman.
Ep 49: Catwoman Goes to College - Catwoman has a new parole officer: Bruce Wayne. Meanwhile, she plots to create a Batsuit of her own.
Ep 50: Batman Displays His Knowledge - Catwoman and her men have managed to steal the rare Batagonian Cat's Eye Opals but are unable to sell them, as the jeweler thinks they are jinxed.
Ep 51: A Piece of the Action - The Green Hornet and Kato are confronted by an evil foreman running a counterfeit rare-stamp operation. The Dynamic Duo get involved, too.
Ep 52: Batman's Satisfaction - Batman and Robin come to the aid of the Green Hornet and Kato, who try to pick up the trail of the escaped stamp counterfeiters.
Ep 53: King Tut's Coup - King Tut reappears and kidnaps the daughter of a wealthy tycoon, who will appear as Cleopatra (and as Bruce Wayne's date) at an Egyptian-themed costume ball. Batman and Robin learn of Tut's return.
Ep 54: Batman's Waterloo - King Tut holds a wealthy tycoon's daughter hostage and uses Batman to deliver the money.
Ep 55: Black Widow Strikes Again - The Black Widow successfully robs several banks using a brain short-circuiter. Batman and Robin deduce she's robbing in alphabetical order.
Ep 56: Caught in the Spider's Den - The Black Widow short circuits Batman's batbrain and controls him with her remote! Robin, fortunately, is not susceptible to the device's effects, but he quickly finds himself tied up.
Ep 57: Pop Goes the Joker - The Joker and a local artist team up after an act of spray paint vandalism. Batman and Robin await the Joker's next criminal move.
Ep 58: Flop Goes the Joker - The Joker continues his artistic acts conning a woman into giving him access to antique valuables. Meanwhile, Batman saves Robin from grinding gears.
Ep 59: Ice Spy - Mr. Freeze plans to freeze Gotham using a scientist's instant ice formula. Bruce Wayne investigates an ice-skating star who he believes is helping.
Ep 60: The Duo Defy - Mr. Freeze obtains the instant ice formula and builds an Ice-Ray to freeze the entire country! To prove his word, he ices down various parts of Gotham.

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