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***** Best of Bizarre Volume 1

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***** Best of Bizarre Volume 2

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***** Best of Bizarre Volumes 1 to 10

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Description: for Best of Bizarre Volume 2

"Unpredictable!", "Off the wall!","Truly Bizarre!", " Funniest show on TV!"- just some of the comments culled from the international reviews of the gigantic cult favorite comedy series BIZARRE, starring the multi talented John Byner and featuring the first and most memorable appearances of "the greatest superstar daredevil stuntman in the history of pay cable" - Super Dave Osborne.

John Byner gets a chance to take socially and politically incorrect pot shots at everything from family relationships to the entertainment industry at large to finding the "true source" of every dirty joke ever told. John is a master impersonator and a comedic chemeleon who transforms himself into a wide range of celebrity personas.

Cast members include legendary sketch comedian Billy Van (The Hilarious House Of Frightenstein), Luba Goy(Royal Canadian Air Farce), and Saul Rubinek. While stars include Redd Foxx(Sanford and Son), Pat Morita(Happy Days,The Karate Kid films),and stuntman Dar Rubinson make guest cameos.

This volume features 10 episodes of the sought after Showtime Cable Television's "Adult" version of BIZARRE(never shown in Canada or most U.S. syndication!), hand picked by the series' producers and presented on video for the first time ever. Each hilarious episode features a range of comedy formats-sight gags & pranks, risque comic vignettes and off beat satiral sketches.

Description: for Best of Bizarre Volume 1

10 Zany, uncut & uncensored episodes.
Cast members include sketch comedy genius Billy Van (The Hilarious House Of Frightenstein), Luba Goy (Royal Canadian Air Farce), and Saul Rubinek. While comedians Howie Mandel and Dave Thomas (SCTV), actors Pat Morita (Happy Days, The Karate Kid Films), and Dick Van Dyke and NFL football coach George Allen make Guest appearances.

This is a show that was taped live, and the results often take the performers completely away from the written script into what many insiders consider the first unintentional forays into reality television. All this having been said... there's no simple word that sums up this incredible DVD collection: FUNNY! Oh... and here's the final word for you as you get ready to watch the DVD...ENJOY


Bizarre was a weekly Canadian TV sketch comedy series, airing from 1980 to 1985. The show was hosted by John Byner, and produced by CTV at the CFTO Glen-Warren Studios in suburban Toronto.

The series contained slapstick sketches, monologues, TV parodies, and performances by guest stand-up comics. Byner's interactions with members of the studio audience, or with show producer Bob Einstein (who often came in to halt a sketch midway through), provided an early example of removing the fourth wall. Much of the humour on the show was considered risque during the original run of the series.

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