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Unicode Country Flag Codes

combine two of these to make one country flag

See how these look in your web browser of your computer, tablet or phone. Not all characters will display everywhere as not all operating systems and browsers support the newer codes that came you recently.

None of these work on my Windows 8.1 phone. On my Windows 10 computer, none will display in the Opera, Chrome, Edge or Firefox browsers.

The folowing work on my Android phone:

CNx1f1e8 + x1f1f3 = 🇨🇳China
DEx1f1e9 + x1f1ea = 🇩🇪Germany
ESx1f1ea + x1f1f8 = 🇪🇸Spain
FRx1f1eb + x1f1f7 = 🇫🇷France
GBx1f1ec + x1f1e7 = 🇬🇧United Kingdom
ITx1f1ee + x1f1f9 = 🇮🇹Italy
JPx1f1ef + x1f1f5 = 🇯🇵Japan
KRx1f1f0 + x1f1f7 = 🇰🇷South Korea
RUx1f1f7 + x1f1fa = 🇷🇺Russia
USx1f1fa + x1f1f8 = 🇺🇸United States of America


x1f1e6 - 🇦x1f1e7 - 🇧
x1f1e8 - 🇨x1f1e9 - 🇩
x1f1ea - 🇪x1f1eb - 🇫
x1f1ec - 🇬x1f1ed - 🇭
x1f1ee - 🇮x1f1ef - 🇯
x1f1f0 - 🇰x1f1f1 - 🇱
x1f1f2 - 🇲x1f1f3 - 🇳
x1f1f4 - 🇴x1f1f5 - 🇵
x1f1f6 - 🇶x1f1f7 - 🇷
x1f1f8 - 🇸x1f1f9 - 🇹
x1f1fa - 🇺x1f1fb - 🇻
x1f1fc - 🇼x1f1fd - 🇽
x1f1fe - 🇾x1f1ff - 🇿
Unicode Country Flag Codes Main Page 1f1e6-1f1e7 1f1e8-1f1e9 1f1ea-1f1eb 1f1ec-1f1ed 1f1ee-1f1ef 1f1f0-1f1f1 1f1f2-1f1f3 1f1f4-1f1f5 1f1f6-1f1f7 1f1f8-1f1f9 1f1fa-1f1fb 1f1fc-1f1fd 1f1fe-1f1ff
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