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Cereal Killers Series 1 (2011)

Sold in sets of three

A Bitemore on Oat Street [2011]
Alien-Bits [2011]
Angry Jacks [2011]
Ape-Guts [2011]
Black Christmas Crunch [2011]
Bloody Bunches of Throats [2011]
Bloody Smacks [2011]
Chainsaw Toast Crunch [2011]
Children of the Corn Flakes [2011]
Chucky Harms [2011]
Clockwork Porridge [2011]
Corn Pufftasm [2011]
Count Shockula [2011]
Creepix [2011]
Crunch Brains [2011]
Death [2011]
Exorcrisp The Cereal [2011]
Eye Pops [2011]
Fiber the 13th [2011]
Frankly Burried [2011]
Fright Loops [2011]
Frosted Freeks [2011]
Ghoulden Grahams [2011]
Gloomy Pebbles [2011]
Golden Curse [2011]
Good Fiends [2011]
Grosslix [2011]
Grudgenola [2011]
Halloweeties [2011]
Haunted Mini-Creeps [2011]
Hellraisin Bran [2011]
Hex [2011]
Hick's Mix [2011]
Homicidal K [2011]
Honey Cut Deleerios [2011]
Honey-Chrome [2011]
Loco Puffs [2011]
Marbits Attacks! [2011]
Night of the Krispies Dead [2011]
Omen O's [2011]
Peanut Blooder Crunch [2011]
Psy-Co-Co Krispies [2011]
Razor Cut Brain [2011]
Reaper's Puffs [2011]
Shredded Feet [2011]
Spooky Crisp [2011]
Tales from the Crisp [2011]
The Phantom of the Oatmeal [2011]
The RingO's [2011]
The Silence of the Grahams [2011]
The Wheatful Dead [2011]
Tix [2011]
Trolltoo [2011]
Village of the Grahamed [2011]
Zomb'a Crunch [2011]

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