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Please note that the author of this website has retired from updating this website but will maintain the contents for some time, correcting some of the errors and redesigning the layouts whenever a need for it calls.

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Eight is Enough (dvd)

From Amazon

Susan Richardson Publishes a New Book (note: all books are sold out as of 2019)

Really Loose Mother Goose

Sarah posted this on Facebook on April 7, 2016:

My mom's book came out!!!

It is absolutely adorable!!! She did all of the illustrations herself, and the nursery rhymes she wrote are super cute, quirky and witty (just like her:) I'm so proud

If you would like a SIGNED copy, you can send $13 via PayPal to


She will also throw in an 8x10 from Eight is Enough if you request one!

100% of the proceeds will be donated to LA Animal Rescue website laar.org

Eight is Enough Season 5

Eight is Enough Season 5

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Eight is Enough Season 4 (August 13, 2013)

Eight is Enough Season 4

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Eight is Enough Season 3 (June 20, 2013)

Eight is Enough Season 3

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Eight is Enough The Second Season 2 Part 1 (November 21, 2012)

Eight is Enough Season 2 Part 1

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Eight is Enough The Second Season 2 Part 2 (November 21, 2012)

Eight is Enough Season 2 Part 2

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Editor: be forewarned. It's a DVD-R on demand, it's not a manufactured DVD. It may not play on DVD burners and DVD drives in computers. This is not a criticism, but this is something that you should be aware of. This is why I haven't posted this on my site until now. A DVD-R? Come on! Do better than that!

The second half of Eight is Enough’s sophomore season sees Abby fully ensconced as the new lady of clan Bradford, while the crew carries on after their stolen Christmas (see Eight is Enough: The Complete Second Season Part One). The new year brings with it a host of new challenges and comedy as Nicholas sees a UFO, the kids engage in some risky business while the parents are away, Tommy buys a term paper, and Tom finds himself a faux Dear Abby for his paper. But when Abby suffers a horrible head injury, the whole family must come together to share some special memories to make sure the family’s newest member makes it through the night. And keep your eyes peeled for Partridge Danny Bonaduce among the Bradford’s guests in this 3-Disc, 12-Episode Collection.

This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media. Amazon.com's standard return policy will apply.

This product is expected to play back in DVD Video "play only" devices, and may not play in other DVD devices, including recorders and PC drives.

Eight is Enough Season 1 Now Available (April 17, 2012)

Eight is Enough Season 1

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The Heartwarming Classic Tv Series About A Tight-Knit Family With Eight Children Makes Its Highly-Anticipated Debut On Dvd

From Warner Home Video

DVD Features All Nine Season One Episodes in a Two-Disc Collector's Set

BURBANK, CA (January 10, 2012) - The Bradfords, one of television's best known and most loved families, are back for the first time to entertain viewers with their touching and memorable escapades on Warner Home Video's (WHV) DVD release of Eight Is Enough: The Complete First Season. Making its much-anticipated DVD debut on April 17, 2012, after long-standing requests from fans, Eight Is Enough is the top-rated classic television series that chronicles the lives of columnist Tom Bradford (Dick Van Patten), his wife and their eight children. Eight Is Enough: The Complete First Season will be comprised of all nine episodes from the show's first season on two discs. The DVD set will retail for $24.98 SRP.

Eight Is Enough is the enormously successful series that focuses on the Bradford family, an endearing clan of eight children and their parents who reside in suburban Sacramento, California. Tom, the patriarch of the family, is a newspaper columnist for the Sacramento Register, and their mother, Joan (Diana Hyland), is a busy homemaker. Their large household, which is always run with a lot of love and humor, is the source of their endless sometimes comic, sometimes dramatic exploits.

The Bradford kids vary in ages and personalities. Each one couldn't be more different than the next. The youngest, Nicholas (Adam Rich), is an adorable and precocious eight-year-old. Tommy (Willie Aames) is a charming and handsome teenager with rock-star looks. Fifteen-year-old Elizabeth (Connie Needham) is a graceful beauty with enviable long locks. Next is Nancy (Dianne Kay), a sweet, sunny blonde. Susan (Susan Richardson) is the athletic one. Joanie (Laurie Walters) is an aspiring actress. Mary (Lani O'Grady), the oldest Bradford girl, is a pre-med student. Last but not least is heartthrob David (Grant Goodeve), the eldest of the kids, who no longer lives at home but is deeply entwined in the lives of his siblings.

Eight Is Enough premiered on ABC in 1977 and became an instant hit with viewers. The top-rated show was based on a book by the same title, written by Thomas Braden, a syndicated newspaper columnist who also had eight children. The series pilot, included in this release, featured Star Wars star Mark Hamill in the role of eldest brother David, with Kimberly Beck as Nancy and Chris English in the role of Tommy. Eight Is Enough aired for five successful seasons.

"Eight Is Enough resonated with so many viewers because it offered something for everyone. With such a wide-ranging cast, there was always at least one character for everyone to relate to," said Rosemary Markson, WHV Vice President, TV and Special Interest Marketing. She added, "It was a show that shared a lot of humor but would also tackle some very serious subjects. It touched the hearts of viewers with its unforgettable storylines and talented actors. Family dynamics can be complicated, especially with eight kids, but no matter how chaotic things got in the Bradford household, this is the family so many of us wish we had grown up in. Eight Is Enough: The Complete First Season is a must-have for anyone who appreciates great TV."

DVD Bonus Material:

Cast Reunion Special

About Warner Home Video:
With operations in 90 international territories, Warner Home Video, a division of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Inc., commands the largest home entertainment distribution infrastructure in the global video marketplace. Warner Home Video's film library is the largest of any studio, offering top quality new and vintage titles from the repertoires of Warner Bros. Pictures, Turner Entertainment, Castle Rock Entertainment, HBO Video and New Line Cinema.

About Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group:
Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group brings together Warner Bros. Entertainment's home video, digital distribution, interactive entertainment/videogames, direct-to-DVD production, technical operations and anti-piracy businesses in order to maximize current and next-generation distribution scenarios. WBHEG is responsible for the global distribution of content through DVD, electronic sell-through and VOD, and delivery of theatrical content to wireless and online channels, and is also a significant worldwide publisher for both internal and third party videogame titles.

Streaming Eight is Enough Episodes - Season 2 (November 13, 2012)

"Eight Is Enough: Season 2 - Yes Nicholas, There Is a Santa, Part 2"
The Bradfords celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.
View This Episode on Amazon

"Eight Is Enough: Season 2 - Yes Nicholas, There Is a Santa, Part 1"
The Bradfords try to bolster their spirits for the holidays, since it's the first Christmas they'll be celebrating without Joan.
View This Episode on Amazon

Streaming Eight is Enough Episodes - Season 1 (November 13, 2011)

1. Never Try Eating Nectarines as Juice May Dispense (Pilot)
Tom learns the importance of family relationships when David moves out.
View This Episode on Amazon

2. Schussboomer
Mary brings home a pregnant friend, Matilda, whose attitudes towards marriage upset Tom. She learns the joys of parenthood, and paternal Tom helps deliver the baby.
View This Episode on Amazon

3. Pieces of Eight
Tom becomes the editor-in-chief at his newspaper, but he quickly runs into trouble when the printers go on strike. The whole family pitches in to help earn extra money.
View This Episode on Amazon

4. Women, Ducks and the Domino Theory
Things get a little tense around the Bradford home when Tommy is stood up and neither David nor Tom want to go on their annual duck hunt.
View This Episode on Amazon

5. Turnabout
David learns about life at a party the family hosts to celebrate Doctor Maxwell's 25th anniversary -- when David's date and Maxwell don't get along.
View This Episode on Amazon

6. Quarantine
Togetherness can be really funny when the whole Bradford household is quarantined, including Nancy's blind date, after Mary's boyfriend comes down with a mysterious ailment.
View This Episode on Amazon

7. V is for Vivian
Tom's sister arrives for a visit and disrupts the Bradford household when she encourages the kids to pursue their dreams and goals.
View This Episode on Amazon

8. Hit and Run
Joanie has a fender-bender with a real estate developer who is already upset with the Bradford's column opposing his project. Meanwhile, Elizabeth goes from three prom dates to none when they all show up at the same time.
View This Episode on Amazon

9. The Gipper Caper
Tom's dentist challenges the family to a touch football game.
View This Episode on Amazon

A Dedication

This website is dedicated to the memory of Thomas Braden, a real-life father of eight children and the inspiration of the TV show Eight is Enough.

Welcome to the Unofficial Eight is Enough Website, established in July of 1997.

***** Chocolate for a Young Woman's Soul : Life-Changing Stories About Growing Wise and Growing Strong
by Kay Allenbaugh (Editor) / Paperback / Published Aug 2000

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One of Sarah Richardson's stories is featured!

***** TV Moms : An Illustrated Guide (2000)
by Ray Richmond / Paperback / Published 5-00

Read reviews, description, details, and more!

Moms including Betty Buckley are featured!

***** TV Weddings: An Illustrated Guide (1999)
by Marisa Keller, Mike Mashon / Paperback / Published 4-9-99

Read reviews, description, details, and more!

Thanks to Walter V. Helfer for the alert. Five of the cast members are even on the cover!

Awards: Links2Go: November 9, 1998.

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