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The 21 Factory Card Game

A 21!

Jack of Hearts, Four of Clubs:, and Seven of Diamonds:
🂻 🃔 🃇

A 21!

King of Diamonds, Eight of Spades, and Three of Diamonds:
🃎 🂨 🃃

A 21 for 52-Card Decks!

Ace of Spades:

A 21!

Queen of Spades, Seven of Hearts, and Four of Diamonds:
🂭 🂷 🃄

A 21!

Jack of Spades, Four of Hearts, and Seven of Clubs:
🂫 🂴 🃗

A 21!

Ten of Spades, Two of Diamonds, and Nine of Clubs:
🂪 🃂 🃙

A 21!

Six of Spades, Five of Clubs, and Queen of Clubs:
🂦 🃕 🃝

A 21!

Eight of Clubs, Jack of Diamonds, and Three of Spades:
🃘 🃋 🂣

A 21 for 56-Card Decks!

Knight of Spades and Ace of Hearts:
🂬 🂱

So What Is The 21 Factory?

As you can see, players produce unlimited hands of card combinations totalling 21. As players draw and trade cards, they place cards into piles that would total 21. They must use a Ten or a Face Card plus a combination of number cards totalling 11 to make a 21.

As you can see above, Aces count as 21 if you're using a 52-Card Deck, or 11 if you're using a 56-Card Deck due to the addition of a Knight Card.

Please click the links below to read more about the game.

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