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Control Characters

A listing of Non-Printing Character Entities (note: most won't print!)
Hexadecimal HTMLALT+DecimalGlyphDescriptionAbbv.
�0000Null characterNUL
0001Start of HeadingSOH
0002Start of TextSTX
0003End-of-text characterETX
0004End-of-transmission characterEOT
0005Enquiry characterENQ
0006Acknowledge characterACK
0007Bell characterBEL
	0009 &ht; Horizontal tabHT

0010 &lf; Line feedLF
0011 Vertical tabVT
0012 Form feedFF

0013 &cr; Carriage returnCR
0014Shift OutSO
0015Shift InSI
0016Data Link EscapeDLE
0017Device Control 1DC1
0018Device Control 2DC2
0019Device Control 3DC3
0020Device Control 4DC4
0021Negative-acknowledge characterNAK
0022Synchronous IdleSYN
0023End of Transmission BlockETB
0024Cancel characterCAN
0025End of MediumEM
0026Substitute characterSUB
0027Escape characterESC
0028File SeparatorFS
0029Group SeparatorGS
0030Record SeparatorRS
0031Unit SeparatorUS
€0128Padding CharacterPAD
0129High Octet PresetHOP
‚0130Break Permitted HereBPH
ƒ0131ƒNo Break HereNBH
…0133Next LineNEL
†0134Start of Selected AreaSSA
‡0135End of Selected AreaESA
ˆ0136ˆCharacter Tabulation SetHTS
‰0137Character Tabulation with JustificationHTJ
Š0138ŠLine Tabulation SetVTS
‹0139Partial Line ForwardPLD
Œ0140ŒPartial Line BackwardPLU
0141Reverse Line FeedRI
Ž0142ŽSingle-Shift TwoSS2
0143Single-Shift ThreeSS3
0144Device Control StringDCS
‘0145Private Use 1PU1
’0146Private Use 2PU2
“0147Set Transmit StateSTS
”0148Cancel characterCCH
•0149Message WaitingMW
–0150Start of Protected AreaSPA
—0151End of Protected AreaEPA
˜0152˜Start of StringSOS
™0153Single Graphic Character IntroducerSGCI
š0154šSingle Character Intro IntroducerSCI
›0155Control Sequence IntroducerCSI
œ0156œString TerminatorST
0157Operating System CommandOSC
ž0158žPrivate MessagePM
Ÿ0159ŸApplication Program CommandAPC
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