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Comparison Characters

A listing of Comparison Character Entities
Hexadecimal HTMLALT+DecimalGlyphDescription
&#x003C;0060<&lt; Less-than sign
&#x003D;0061=Equal sign
&#x003E;0062>&gt; Greater-than sign
&#x2245;8773&cong; approximately equal to
&#x2246;8774approximately but not actually equal to
&#x2247;8775neither approximately nor actually equal to
&#x2248;8776&asymp; almost equal to = asymptotic to
&#x2249;8777not almost equal to
&#x224A;8778almost equal or equal to
&#x224B;8779triple tilde
&#x224C;8780all equal to
&#x2260;8800&ne; not equal to
&#x2261;8801&equiv; identical to
&#x2264;8804&le; less-than or equal to
&#x2265;8805&ge; greater-than or equal to
&#x226E;8814not less than
&#x226F;8815not greater than
&#x2270;8816neither less than nor equal to
&#x2271;8817neither greater than nor equal to
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