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French Characters

A listing of French Language Character Entities
Hexadecimal HTMLALT+DecimalGlyphDescription
À0192ÀÀ Latin Capital A with grave
à0224àà Latin Lower A with grave
Â0194ÂÂ Latin Capital A with circumflex
â0226ââ Latin Lower A with circumflex
Æ0198ÆÆ Latin Capital ASH or AE Ligature
æ0230ææ Latin Lower ASH or AE Ligature
Ç0199ÇÇ Latin Capital C with cedilla
ç0231çç Latin Lower C with cedilla
È0200ÈÈ Latin Capital E with grave
è0232èè Latin Lower E with grave
É0201ÉÉ Latin Capital EH or E with acute
é0233éé Latin Lower EH or E with acute
Ê0202ÊÊ Latin Capital E with circumflex
ê0234êê Latin Lower E with circumflex
Ë0203ËË Latin Capital E with diaeresis
ë0235ëë Latin Lower E with diaeresis
Î0206ÎÎ Latin Capital I with circumflex
î0238îî Latin Lower I with circumflex
Ï0207ÏÏ Latin Capital I with diaeresis
ï0239ïï Latin Lower I with diaeresis
&#140 is non-standard! use Πinstead!
Œ0338ŒŒ Latin Capital ETHEL or Ligature OE
&#156 is non-standard! use œ instead!
œ0339œœ Latin Small ETHEL or Ligature OE
Ô0212ÔÔ Latin Capital O with circumflex
ô0244ôô Latin Lower O with circumflex
Ù0217ÙÙ Latin Capital U with grave
ù0249ùù Latin Lower U with grave
Û0219ÛÛ Latin Capital U with circumflex
û0251ûû Latin Lower U with circumflex
Ü0220ÜÜ Latin Capital U with diaeresis
ü0252üü Latin Lower U with diaeresis
«0171«« Left-pointing double angle quotation mark or left pointing guillemet
»0187»» Right-pointing double angle quotation mark or right pointing guillemet
&#128 is non-standard! use € instead!
€8364€ Euro sign
₣8355French Franc

For French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, etc., see http://www.starr.net/is/type/altnum.htm

For most other langauges, see http://www.typeit.org

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