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TV Died-Tuesday Night

6:00 PM

6:30 PM

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7:30 PM

8:00 PM

Jesse's JAG--Adventure
Spurned by Diego, Jesse goes on a three-day coke jag, and only a jet-flying Navy lawyer can talk her down from the 12th story ledge. Guest cameo by Jennifer Aniston (see above).
Mad About Raymond--Comedy
Paul and Jamie Buchman finally come to terms with the fact they're no longer hip enough to live in Manhattan. They wind up buying the Long Island house recently abandoned by Frank and Marie Barone and spend most of their time over at Raymond's house, driving him crazy with their constant kvetching. Debra Barone doesn't notice.
Facts of Life: The New Class--Comedy
Buffy the IRS Tax Agent Slayer--Camp Thriller

8:30 PM

Life is Beautiful--Comedy

9:00 PM

The Married Guy--Comedy
Star Trek: Deep Sixed Nine--Science Fiction
Felicity The Cat--Overrated Teen Drama

9:30 PM

The Naked Truth...Again!--Comedy

10:00 PM

48 Hours of Dateline--Newsmagazine
In an effort to call the public's attention to the dangers of aging TV commentators, Dateline producers rig Andy Rooney to explode.
The X-Files--Sci-Fi Drama
Scully believes that the psychotic ramblings of Beavis and Butthead may be the key to solving the mystery behind the popularity of Titantic The Movie.
Dukes of Hazzard 2000--Adventure
Star Drek: Annexed Variation--Science Fiction Space Opera
An omnipotent mischief-maker, known only as "Semicolon", forces the bridge crew to endure his droll standup act for 600 years. John LeDuncie: ";" (thanks to John Giudice)

10:30 PM

11:00 PM

11:30 PM

Dick Clark's Rockin' St. Patricks Day Eve--Music

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