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The Basic Alphabet

The Basic Alphabet
Hexadecimal HTMLALT+DecimalGlyphDescription
A0065ALatin Capital A
a0097aLatin Lower A
À0192ÀÀ Latin Capital A or AH with grave
à0224àà Latin Lower A or AH with grave
B0066BLatin Capital B
b0098bLatin Lower B
C0067CLatin Capital C
c0099cLatin Lower C
C̃0067 (C)
Latin Capital KEY or C with tilde
c̃0099 (c)
Latin Lower KEY or C with tilde
Ç0199ÇÇ Latin Capital EK or C with cedilla
ç0231çç Latin Lower EK or C with cedilla
Cₕ0067 (C)
CₕLatin Capital CHAY or C with small letter h on right
cₕ0099 (c)
cₕLatin Lower CHAY or C with small letter h on right
D0068DLatin Capital D
d0100dLatin Lower D
E0069ELatin Capital E
e0101eLatin Lower E
É0201ÉÉ Latin Capital EH or E with acute
é0233éé Latin Lower EH or E with acute
F0070FLatin Capital F
f0102fLatin Lower F
G0071GLatin Capital G
g0103gLatin Lower G
G̃0071 (C)
Latin Capital GHEE or G with tilde
g̃0103 (c)
Latin Lower GHEE or G with tilde
H0072HLatin Capital H
h0104hLatin Lower H
I0073ILatin Capital I
i0105iLatin Lower I (naturally has a dot above)
J0074JLatin Capital J
j0106jLatin Lower J
J̃0074 (J)
Latin Capital HAY or J with tilde
j̃0106 (j)
Latin Lower HAY or J with tilde
K0075KLatin Capital K
k0107kLatin Lower K
L0076LLatin Capital L
l0108lLatin Lower L
L̃0076 (L)
Latin Capital YAY or L with tilde
l̃0108 (l)
Latin Lower YAY or L with tilde
M0077MLatin Capital M
m0109mLatin Lower M
N0078NLatin Capital N
n0110nLatin Lower N
Ñ0209ÑÑ Latin Capital EÑE or N with tilde
ñ0241ññ Latin Lower EÑE or N with tilde
O0079OLatin Capital O
o0111oLatin Lower O
P0080PLatin Capital P
p0112pLatin Lower P
Q0081QLatin Capital Q
q0113qLatin Lower Q
R0082RLatin Capital R
r0114rLatin Lower R
R̃0082 (R)
Latin Capital RAY or R with tilde
r̃0114 (r)
Latin Lower RAY or R with tilde
S0083SLatin Capital S
s0115sLatin Lower S
Sₕ0083 (C)
SₕLatin Capital SHAY or S with small letter h on right
sₕ0115 (c)
sₕLatin Lower SHAY or S with small letter h on right
T0084TLatin Capital T
t0116tLatin Lower T
U0085ULatin Capital U
u0117uLatin Lower U
V0086VLatin Capital V
v0118vLatin Lower V
W0087WLatin Capital W
w0119wLatin Lower W
W̃0087 (W)
Latin Capital WAY or W with tilde
w̃0119 (w)
Latin Lower WAY or W with tilde
X0088XLatin Capital X
x0120xLatin Lower X
Y0089YLatin Capital Y
y0121yLatin Lower Y
Z0090ZLatin Capital Z
z0122zLatin Lower Z
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